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Take a look back at the crazy 7 game Eastern Conference Finals & how The Miami HEAT advanced to the 2012 NBA Finals with our MUST-SEE ECF Mini-Movie!
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i admit that the paul pierce is able to get a shot off anyone in the nba anywhere in the court. but at least the heat are a team
Congarts to MIAMI HEAT for winning the eastern conference championship.!!!!
screw miami. cant believe celtics lost.
Whoa,, Screw the Celtics. Miami will go all the way
i hate Miami but im pretty sure their gonna kill Oklahoma in the finals. and no no, the Celtics are awesome. Rondo dominated this season.
No the Celtics sucked all year, but Miami wil go all the way. Celtics didn't stand a chance
yeah the Celtics as a team didnt do great this year because all of their trades sucked. but Rondo did good as a player. and yeah even though i hate miami they crushed the celtics
It takes a real person to say something like that about their team. I now respect your decision about liking th celtics.
Your welcome. But it doesn't it was easy to say/type
Yeah, the Miami Heat were supposed to 'crush' the Celtics but took them 7 games to do it.
OKC won't stand a chance against Miami. Miami will go all the way for the win
LET GO Heat #1 fan here do or Die Heat ROCKS go get first win babyyyyy !!!
Sad to see the end of a celtics dynasty with rondo,pierce,garnett,Allen hopefully the big 3 can retire together and thr Celtics build a strong young team around rondo to destroy the heat next time
I called this game as well, heat won on Celtics Home floor and take it back home to win it and Send the Celtics back home with their head hung low
Yeah, now all the Miami fans are coming out to say how much they like Miami and how much they hate other teams
celtics were going to lose anyway
SERIOUSLY but i cant believe they lost game 5
miami better win the championship this year
yeah that may be true lets see if miami goes up 3-1 or thunder tie it at 2-2
Well we'll see, but i think Miami will go all the way
yeah im going to watch game 4 today
miami wooped them 104 to 98 they won it seriously its imposible for the thunder now  miami is 3-1
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