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The Miami HEAT take a 3-2 lead over the Indiana Pacers with their 115-83 win.
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I'm glad The Heat were able to play so well, but I'm disappointed with all the flagrant fouls from both teams. There's no place for them in the NBA
lebron is a disgrace how many rings does he have? thats right 0 hes just a pussy ass bitch
a yo don`t do lebron like that
lebron can suck a dick.
he has no ships its all about the ships baby like at mj hes got many rings thats hes the best and you would do lebron you pussy ass faggot
shut up that y he get more money than u nd he will dunk on u
i know and shut up you pussy ass bitch read a book everyone knows lebron
Some say he is the best player in the world. But that can be debated!
lol so hows everyone x
lebron sucks hes a shity basketball player that cant win a ship
hey bro don't say that your not playing and u can do shit ....he will win it no thought about it .......
he hasnt so far so you cant say he will
don't worry just stay put
Pacers are going to upset the heat . :)

they dont have a closer lebron isnt clutch
the heats beasted it up last night wade and lebron go hard!!!
LeBron y Wade en un recital...
want see okc vs miami at final
LeBron vs Durant, Wade vs westbrook, Harden vs Bosh ¿en una final? ¡de locos! Espectacular
i find that more likely, definitely. Its sortof poetic justice that after getting let go of the lakers, derek fisher and his teammates ended up guarding them, and beating them.
Heat will never be champs against the mighty teams of the west. Lebron prepare to cry again.
Don't be a sore looser and Granger SUCKS!!!! Besides who has the MVP!! Common sense man.
Afraid of the truth? You can suck lbj for winning the mvp but your mediocre heat will stand no chance against the west. Lucky for them to pass the celts.lolz
+Francis Mahoney Bro stop the hate on Lebron and get a life...Kobe is the best scorer in the last few years but all around (PPG, APG, RPG, STEALS, BLOCKS) hands down to Lebron..he can play every position, score 30 pts w/out been selfish and shut down ur best player ok
Dude I said Go Heat D WADE LBJ all day.
Miami will win, and lebron will also get his first title
Who r u there? But Lebanon James is actually good
noooo he got the power game but dawey is the brain i respect lebron
all yall heat fans can eat a dick! Its all bout the lakers! Lebum james is nunin but a pussy ass niqqa. My grandma could play better then him. 
Lebron...My Playa♥ Lol Miami is 100% CHAMPIONS!
Lebron is a dirty player...he can stay with the flop team!!!
y'all can have him--we have the current NBA rookie of the year here in Cleveland
now Boston has a 3-2 lead, since Heat dont have BOSH
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