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Introducing.... the BROOKLYN NETS.
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seriously? what is this 1954?
instead of introducing new basketball teams how about a plan to use some of your annual revenue to help your country... just a thought...
Cool, Can't wait to see a Brooklyn/San Antonio game in the future.
Someone finally took over the role of team with a crummy logo from the Thunder. :P
New logo doesn't matter. Nets will always play second fiddle to the Knicks. New York loves our Knickerbockers. Do not see this move benefiting Nets much.
sorry but those have no colors and they suck
I'm imaging an arena full of Williamsburg hipsters- it will be the quietest fan base in NBA history as the crowd crosses their arms and stare, too cool to "wave." The Brooklyn play-by-play announcer will be full of snark, interluding snide remarks with quotes from Zizek, Sartre, and Marx. The mascot will have a faux-hawk with rat-tail and will get jeered by the crowd as it rides it's fixie around the basket ball court.
Im not sure if they rmreally serious
oh ok john thats actually funny they shoulda stayed in new jersey
what do you mean? It's a new beginning... why stay somewhere when you're having such bad luck in jersey... make a change! for the better.
FUGLY... As bad as the team performs... Oh well perfect match..
I hope that the Team will be better than the Logo!
they'll get better with the territory I think.
I don't like their team colors. The other ones were better!
boring like the spurs
They should just change the name to Brooklyn Ballers
that's kind of weak, 2k13 is going to be off the chain though!
WTF who the hell would wanna be tranded to the brooklyn nets it would be the most unknown team in the NBA
i hate it that looks so GAY!
just wait until next year! The jerseys should be dope though.
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