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The MIAMI HEAT went into Boston facing elimination & LeBron James dominated from start to finish to force a Game 7 with the Celtics Saturday night.

Top 5 Plays from ECF Game 6: - Complete Domination:
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Ark Kar
ЛеБрон лучший в мире!
Ark Kar
LeBron #1 the best
that night he was shotting like crazy, but i still hate him
+LeBron James proved why he is the best basketball player in the world last night!
wow i don't get basketball..... but yipee
Lebron needs to win it all to receive the accolades he truly deserves. 
Even it is not my favorite team, I liked Celtics. However I wish to see a final Heat vs Thunder. (Se antoja una final Heat vs Thunder) LeBron James vs Kevin Durant
Теперь и в финале не за кого болеть(((
LeBron deserve  to win and get a ring.
It is going to take that from James or Wade from here on out to have a shot at the finals and also for a chance to beat the Thunder. 
30 points in the first half tied for the most first half points in NBA history and scores 15 in the second half James I like your look and timmi you suck
He can shoot - but he's still a DB.
So which pig is coming to the OKC'S slaughter house?
I wish I knew him well enough to call him a DB. You're lucky
Time for the new breed to take over. Boston and San Antonia has had their run. Lord knows I would have not watched the Finals if San Antonio made it. So glad they took an "L". This finals goes to Lebron once they past Boston tomorrow night. Which will happen.
the heat is my favorite team spurs are my second
Lebron is a beast good game last night 45 points, unbelievable
idk man if what we saw last night happens again i will have to say OKC vs Heat
LeBron stepped up, thats what big players do. 
Keskar i totally agree, he saw elimination dead in the face and he kicked to the curb to stay alive for game 7, and i hope its OKC vs. Heat
nba wanna more live fee ,so goes to game 7
Heat need to redeem themselves from last years loss but this could be the year James gets his first NBA championship
sorry guys but the heat are going to take this series 
Everyone said that #LeBronJames couldn't hold a candle to #MichaelJordan. Last night he showed the world what he can do. #Goheat #LeBronJamesMVP
And thats how you take care of haters!
I would prefer the Celtics over Miami  look forward to game 7 and the Celtics winning the East title 
Go Heat all the way! And LeBron-Wat a B0$$
James was good last night. But Miami needs him to be good every night to win though.
Pretty impressive. See how hre handles game 7.
i don't care who wins this series, i just want the Thunder to win the playoffs, and i have guessed since the first game that they will!!
LeBron James went ham yesterday and if he would play like that consistently he would be the straight up beast everyone knows he is. (Even though most of us won't admit it. Me included. ) Honestly I don't think he will... He don't have the heart to sadly....
I guess maybe he was motivated
Wade is a huge disappointment , an overblown baby Elephant 
Boston going to win next game
James has good and bad streaks, I just wish that it won't go to his head so that he could play that way again.
N Smith
I got a question what is the sport like i care
+Mike. Montoya no he will probably fold under pressure and D.Wade will have to step up and win it for them. Personally I don't care who wins because I'm a Lakers fan. And kinda want OKC to win.
lebons class he even supports lfc
Ahhh hoping Boston will beat them in Game 7!
NBA forgot about the game and is all about money, poor little thing. They want to put a mediocre in the finals after a little season...
Lebron was super but he would not have scored that many points if the Celtics defense weren't that bad. It's a pity because Rondo was so good in the first half..he was completely let down by the defenders....
lebron was off the hook last night. pierce and allen need to step up in game 7. rondo needs to limit turnovers, and garnett needs to be agressive on offense and defense. We need to double team Lebron at all times. lets make this heat "team" win without one player scoring 50 everynight. 
First time Lebron did something MJ-like.  Took over a game and could not miss a shot for 40 mins. Kobe never ever had a game like that in the Championship rounds.
Now everybody says lebron & the heat are going to the finals 2days ago they were done haha I never doubted my alltime favorite player LBJ
Poor Celtics....I guess that crap about doubling Wade and not allow LeBron to get to the basket was a very dumb idea! If your gonna keep doing that, well why not take outside open jump shots!!!
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+Aaron Stigger I beg to differ. As the single most dominant player in the world, hes bound to have a following of haters like yourself. #heatnation #mvp
I did like the way the Celtics fans cheered for their team till the end tho. #truefans :/
i love the celtics but lebron killed it last night, he was unstoppable :-( lets c what happens in game 7
i would like lebron if he didnt just leave cleavland 
LeBron James, the king without a crown, that never was.
That would be a good Match up Between Kevin Durant, West Brook vs. James And Wade.
Hey HEAT FANS im still here ride or die ;LET DoTHIS !! YES WE CAN 
I guess all that rest he got in the 4th quarter of game 5 paid off.
Great game ,hopefully the rest of the team will be inspired enough to play with for the rest of the championship,,,
King wit crown rite stick round cumin 2 store near u b on Look out !!!!
i have to admit those were some good shot but to tell the truth i still do not like him
Lebron is a punk, I hope his efforts fall short like always. 
Never doubted LBJ even when EVERYBODY doubted lebron & the heat
Lebron and heat hopefully go to the finals 
James is the one of the best the world have ever see
I'd like to see Lebron finally get his ring...but since that means beating the Celtics...I'm going with a "hell no" #nottodaybitch  
As for the Rick Reilly article...this paragraphe from him epitomises the stupidity of his argument(s).

"But I think the reason you hate LeBron James the most is that he just doesn't seem to suffer his failures as much as you'd like him to."
-- Well Rick, he "suffered" his failures enough for a) the Decision b) the Hall of Fame performance in Game 6

"You want him to brood like Kobe after losses,"
-- Lebron was the brooder who once left the court after defeat, refusing to shake hands

" glare like Jordan when things don't go his way, scream at teammates like Tom Brady when they're behind."
-- Funny, this is exactly what he's done in 2012, showcasing leadership

The majority of Lebron haters can be explained the same way you have Kobe Haters, Tebow haters - most of the fans of these players are insufferable and try to put their idols above reproach.
arjay u
let's just enjoy the game of basketball and may the best team win.  afterall at this point it is a 1 game series.  both teams have proved they can win on the opponents' home court so it should be a good game... better than game 6.  lebron was on fire, celtics were on ice.
Lebron needs to be humbled! It does a person good!!
Look guys I hated him too, and I'm a pure celtics fan but you gotta respect the man's play he has the right to show off, not that i like it
Miami is taking fame 7 hands down. I expect swarm defense and another legendary performance from King James.
Bye bye Celtics.....see ya next year!!
Props th LBJ but hes not officially a KING until he starts sporting an NBA crown..better known as a championship ring! This year I think it goes to OKC. To young, to fast, to hungry! (and I'm a lakers fan!)
the miami heat are going to go all th way
I thought kings got rings. 
James has none.
How is he one of the greatest players of all time, when he couldn't even focus against the Mavericks in the Championship Game.
He let a point guard, someone that couldn't even shoot in his first few years in the NBA, get 44 points. IN THE PLAYOFFS!!
Yet, Rondo has a ring, and he has been in the NBA less years, has less stats, and has taken an old team and given it new life. 
And Lebron has no ring.
lebron rules. he the king. he gonna get a ring this year and then all you guys are gonna be crying
yo who ever hates lbj king, has no life. lebron the best. he better than kobe, durant, westbrook, almost evryone right now. kobe just a ball hog. the most that he has ever pased is 8  turnovers. durant is showoff. westbrokk is a follower. lebron rules the whole nba.
as a lebron fan i still say that rondo is the best point guard ive ever seen
who cares if bron dont have a ring. he is gettin one this year.
if heat dont win tomorrow, imma break my hand. 
i think grand theft rondo is gunna steal brons ring
my fav player im n the top five of his biggest fans actually i am number 3
Heat vs OKC would be a great final,LeBron must bring out his Cleveland self again if the Heat want to beat the Celtics again.
I'm still confused on why people hate @kingjames so much.
Jake W
Heat suck. Celtics rule!!!!!
Im still hoping the Celtics win. I rly dont like the heat. Too arrogant.
well, it's game 7, it doesn't matter who is better, it comes down to who wants it more and can they prove they want it more??
Heat will KILL the c's tomorrow night and Lebron will dominate
in game 7 Boston will put the heat under there feet.
To all Boston fans, better luck next year cause its over when they go to Miami.
Sorry melvin But We n control sir LET us go off again this time LET Chris Bosh start 
I wonder if that's a record???
Well let's Be real about it game 6 was The heat best game better luck next year .
R U kidding me We sent Yall packing Last year i Dont c y We Cant do It again ; Boston 3 is Now ova KG tank Bout empty !!! Run tell that 
I don't think you heat fans understand BOSH IS NOT THE ANSWER. 
He dominated because the played great teamwork and wade stepped it up.
wade didn't show and lebron is doing everything 4 this team even with bosh back which is a boost but still lebron really is the king and he should go out with that killer mentality like last night
Jerry V
You can dislike the man, but you have to respect his game.
fuck u lebron u suck balls evn tho u got none
wow i'm not a basket ball fan but just wow
Lebron a king? He's not even a prince,just all hype!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't stand Lebron James he is so freaking cocky. Like Kobe bryant.
I want to see Lebron choke and stay ringless and no I ain't hating..I actually like Lebron and the Heat..I just don't wanna see them take it all the way..eff that. they sent my Knicks home early..
He just winner always have n will just keep hating It n ur blood Cant help it ; he The best
One more game to go Celtics aren't finished yet gold shamrocks
celtics is suckers and miami heat rocks go go go 
okc is going 2 win the whole damn thing!!! :)
Lebron James is cocky as hell

He should be when he's trying to win the game. THAT'S the 1st time I've seen serious focus in a game this season. 
LeBron is better at basketball than I will ever be at anything in my life.
no kobe bryante is better than LEbron james
sad thing is no one know which lebron will show up tomorrow night
The truth they going to win the whole championship
Celtics is to old king James is the truth
LeBron is an excellent player but still a dick
Go Celtics. I hate the Heat I hope they never win a NBA Finals with James and Wade together the only guy I can stand is Bosh. Not one not two not three four five or six, they can't even win one.
King James 6:45 ======> Game 6 he has 45 points alone.
so are we going to see the same appetizer on the table of game 7? hmmm we  hope wait and see before acting
Lebron your a beast
I think LeBron is a freaking machine.
J. roto
Go #HEAT! LeBron showing why he's the #MVP.
he best the heat is going all THE WAY
Heat can beat anyone in their sleep.
Dont doubt OKC, they got the heart and the play, while the Heat got the play but no heart. OKC got this.
i agree plus he was about shedding tears because he was so close to losing
dang 40 points in a playoff game 6
Congrats Miami fans your deserving since they beat my team.
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