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BREAKING NEWS (VIDEO): Google is working closely with the sanctioning body and has formed a racing division, Google Racing ( Watch exclusive footage of Google's testing efforts and reaction from some of the top drivers on NASCAR.COM. Is the future of the sport in autonomous car technology?
NASCAR is supporting Google's new racing division based on autonomous vehicle technology.
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The NASCAR bit is obviously a joke.

But the autonomous cars themselves are very much real - go look them up on youtube. This is an extremely clever way for google to introduce them to the general public.
Now just wait a minute here. How am I supposed to enjoy this kind of sportsmanship if you can rig up any old vehicle with the power of todays search engine and computing power things, without human intervention. Next thing you now yall got the whole silicon valley sponsoring cars to compete in this here National Association. Do yall even know what NASCAR stand for. Technology is good and all but dont expect me to plan my family vacations around a race date if aint nothing but machines will be racing each other.
Great joke! Nice to see Google and NASCAR have a good sense of humor.
... This is obviously legit guys. And I for one support it. Now we just need google to make self walking exoskeletons cause to be honest guys.... walking is a real hassle.
Hey Nice Job, Technology is King!!
Finally a reason to watch Nascar!
Ad block did the cats, and now google did Fool's Race. Nice! Happy Fool's day everyone. Get someone good.
Hats off to NASCAR (woo pumped up for Martinsville tomorrow) and Google both; that's one hilarious video and I love the work that went into it, especially the driver and crew chief interviews - good sports, all of them :-).

Between this and BitBucket I've had a lot to smile about today. Cheers!
+Kris Craig Oh man, I'm sry to hear that. Bing kind of sucks. Hope you get your Google Transplant soon.
I have to say I'm a bit disappointed with this year's product release, and the wait for Gmail Motion is killing me. It's been what, exactly a year since that's been announced? I have all the gestures memorized and everything!
Tom W
The silly thing is... I bet google's auto driving technology could actually do this, and probably do it well.
Ted Woo
April Fools' day! yeay!.. I got fooled by Google last year..
Lol, the one I got fooled on was Google TiSP. When I saw Google TiSP I woke up my wife and asked her if it was okay if I could sign up for the beta. She was like, "what the hell are you talking about?!" I was so excited. We only had one toilet at that time, haha!!!
Like I said on my FB, too bad it's an April fool's prank; then I'd be interested in NASCAR
fantastic. I had a feeling this was in the works.
I think we should let the car compete. One day when the machines take over humanity how well they treat us may depend on how well we've been treating them. Not recognizing the legitimacy of computer racers today may mean innumerable human lives lost tomorrow. We have to start being careful about the precedents we're setting in machine-human relations.
That means no more drivers are required. my career is finished
I was leaning towards the fact that this could be true until they did the interviews.... then it because horrendously apparent that this is an april fools joke...
hahahaahah those interviews :) I have tears streaming from laughing so hard :).
One of the best April Fools' jokes made by Google! Awesome car paintings!!!
I hope they will put a Street View camera on the car.
Would be very interesting to see this even if its not an official race. It would sure create a lot of awareness for the autonomous vehicles.
The technology is great and would help greatly on regular roads where most people are horrible drivers. For racing though who wants to see a car drive its self ? We watch racing to appreciate the skill of the driver for piloting a machine at speeds that can kill them. Take that away and you'll have a bunch of machines rocketing around the track in perfect unison...Boring!
Please tell me it is NOT an Apriklls fool day hoax
I think this is great. I love watching auto racing as much as the next guy. But the interviews with the drivers are really annoying. This will eliminate that altogether!
This is actually the least funny thing I've ever seen. You guys did a wonderful job of capturing Nascar fans' humor level. Great work.

Or was the use of Google + the April Fool's joke?
did anyone notice that thing on top pf the car was the camera they use to shoot Google street views,, or it might be a Mr. Fusion :P
I hear GOOGLE is also working on a bike for motocross!
Love this years April Fools spoof! Great job Google!
Great job Google, keep it up
It's NASCAR. Left Turns only. Good starting pint before launching their F1 bid.
sounds like a winner, I think auto antonym will take over the way major cities like LA and NY will travel with it's own Lane of traffic like the HOV lanes will also be for autonomy. Electric car most likely with google software. Solar power re-chargeable batteries with very little to maintain would be ideal. Google should just buy NASCAR... I like the deal and look forward to watching the first Race live!
Almost, but not quite, as good as the toilet ISP gag. NASCAR really helped give authenticity to the joke - very well played this year!
Love it!! Great prank Google!! And Happy April Fool's Day to you too! :)
Funny stuff. "Thank God for technology!"
Not a fan of Nascar, but this was hilarious. I love google.... and to the gentleman who got the BING heart transplant. I'm so sorry for you, you know BING stands for "But it's not Google".
I'm so excited for this! Racing will be so much more exciting driven by computers and the skill of engineers. Thank god we're finally getting the error prone human out of the seat!
where ken i git me a 10 100 car Tshirt? Please post your earl for the tinhundredcar web page for us new fans to git stuff.
In the usual spirit of Google, "U Mad Bro?"
April Fool? Maybe that's what Google wants us to think LOL.
Give your technology a real test: go in the opposite direction around the track.
Nice try google racing! Especially on 1st April.
Congrats +NASCAR you just hit the big time with Google+. Keep it up and get some of your drivers on here and off Twitter!
Not sure if it's a joke or not but I can see this happening. It would be fun to have one driverless car out there and see how the other drivers react. Probably best during practice or testing. Qualifying would be interesting. If they did, it would only be for R&D purposes and publicity.
Teddy s
Here we go!! i always enjoy google's April the fool.
now that was cute! Now to show it to my husband and watch him rant over it. :D
This joint effort with Google Racing will do wonders for improving the control and safety of cars. Nothing like testing its performance at the limits.
I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I don't think this is a joke...........Google seems way too serious. Unless they got NASCAR to play along, this is real. has the announcement on the top of the home page!
And another all doubt it. But this is GOOGLE we are talking about! Do you honestly think they couldn't do this?
For more details about building the infra-structure for this (trained personnel) go to where an online course for programming Robot cars just concluded with probably 100 thousand students. (estimate from previous course on AI taught by Sebastian Thrun). Prof. Thrun is the brains behind the Google autonomous car robot.
The inside jokes in the video (10^100 = a google, "I'm driving lucky," etc) are nice touches.
It was a really, really bad Idea to announce such great project on 1st April :(
please, please, please, please make diecasts
it's almost believable! But, It's april first, so no. That's FUNNY!
It would be AWESOME, IF it was true.
April Fools, although id really like to see a Google sponsored car on the track sometime soon!
I want this to be real SOOO bad. Hypothetically, how would you get "driver autographs?" I propose a stamping machine that you put an autograph pad underneath it stamps the signatures of Larry Page and Sergey Brin.
Absolutely outstanding! Would make NASCAR far more interesting!
Am I the only one that noticed the Decepticon logo on one of the promotional Photos?
I have been a Nascar fan my whole life.To bad you went with a ford tho as I am a Chevy but at least it's not a toyota but will stick with a driver actually driving an not a 'robot'.
OH forgot it was April Fools Day ROFL nice one Google sure got me,and plenty of others.Tech is so big in racing nowadays didnt really think about
Dear Google,

Please actually do this.

Thanks, Nerds of Earth
Dear NASCAR....

You Will lose a lot of Fans...Probably counting me if you change....

DO NOT DO IT! i understand the drivers need breaks but it wouldn't be the same!!! Just Saying!
In my humble-but-honest opinion, I think that this may be the best yet Google April Fool's Joke.
Sr. would be rolling in his grave.
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