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The following is a statement from NASA Administrator Charles Bolden regarding the death of former test pilot and NASA astronaut Neil Armstrong. He was 82.
"On behalf of the entire NASA family, I would like to express my deepest condolences to Carol and the rest of Armstrong family on the passing of Neil Armstrong. As long as there are history books, Neil Armstrong will be included in them, remembered for taking humankind's first small step on a world beyond our own.
"Besides being one of America's greatest explorers, Neil carried himself with a grace and humility that was an example to us all. When President Kennedy challenged the nation to send a human to the moon, Neil Armstrong accepted without reservation.
"As we enter this next era of space exploration, we do so standing on the shoulders of Neil Armstrong. We mourn the passing of a friend, fellow astronaut and true American hero."
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Rest in peace, Neil Armstrong. You'll never be forgotten.
If you want to do something for Neil, don't send condolences...send money to NASA.
They don't make heroes like Neil any more.
As long as there are humans his name will be known. One of the only Heros who deserves that title.
D Howe
We all live our lives like the stars.
Bright, a moment,
Before we burst in light.

Sometimes, our light never reaches another-
And sometimes, when we're lucky or just amazing:
Our light touches a thousand suns, and touches every corner of the galaxy.

I am proud to be one touched by such lights.
"Do you know how many people are watching this live on the telly? Half a billion. And that's nothing, because the human race will spread out among the stars-you just watch them fly. Billions and billions of them, for billions and billions of years. And every single one of them at some point in their lives will look back at this man taking that very first step and they will never ever forget it."--The Doctor, "Day of the Moon"
Thank you , Neil Armstrong... Rest in peace.
- we're starting to lose the giants.  
He was a hero among men and will be missed!
R.I.P. A true American Hero in a time when heros are few and far between. All humanity owes him a great debt.
R.I.P. an icon and a hero
RIP. He may have made just a small step, but he allowed mankind to make a giant leap.
In years to come, people won't remember his death. They'll remember his life. There's no greater compliment that history can bestow.
thats a real shame, but what a life hes had.he will always be remembered, for doing something truly amazing.R.I.P.neil.
First man on moon..but have to accept the truth of life..May God bless his  soul..
Very sad.  He was a great guy and quite a pioneer. 
His heroic piloting of the "Eagle" lunar lander is one of the great clutch/ pressure performances in history. He was smart, humble, and had ice water in his veins. We should all aspire to live our lives like he did.
'I am, and ever will be, a white-socks, pocket-protector, nerdy engineer -- born under the second law of thermodynamics, steeped in the steam tables, in love with free-body diagrams, transformed by Laplace, and propelled by compressible flow.' -- Neil Armstrong
He is quoted as having said at some point during the last decade, that his one disappointment relating to his moon walk and career, was that in the years since he had never once woken to a remembered dream of walking on the moon. To me that speaks of a longing to relive more vividly than our faulty memories allow, an experience he shared with so very few.
I hope and pray we will live up to what NASA and the Apollo astronauts did and keep moving upwards and outwards. I fear we may give up and 1969 will be the high point of the human race. 
"We humans are an amazing species " btw Ethan McAtee thanks for the nice Doctor reference.
Great legacy for our planet. He will be missed.
Fly High, Fly Fast. See ya Neil, another time... another Solar System.
My pleasure, David Cobb. That line kept going through my head; it only seemed right.
Rest in peace Mr. Armstrong .... a true inspiration
The Christopher Columbus of our age-- a skilled test pilot, a man of courage, class and dignity.
NASA is a great organization full of innovators of our time. We need to help them now more than ever as people find them trivial but they are anything but.
A real modern legend. And whe he was American and achieved such greatness that most of us can only dream of. I disagree that he was an american legend. He was bigger than that. He was a global legend. An inspiration on a level that cannot be compared. RIP. condolences to the whole Armstrong family and all who him personally x
I was 10 when I watched him take that "one small step" and I've never forgotten it.
 remembered him as he is good guy. peace in rest !
Sir. I salute you and the risks you took.
RIP may u always  look upon us from the heavens the place which is rightfully yours
This is really sad. He was one of my boyhood hero
Farewell Neil Armstrong. We'll never forget your "one small step."You will never be forgotten. Rest in Peace
Indeed, the first steps he christened , have now become his steps In a new world beyond. RIP.
I hope that soon someone will follow him and sets foot on a whole new planet. Thank you very much, Mr. Armstrong.
One of my childhood heroes, his achievements inspired an interest in science that I continue to cultivate to this day.
Thank you for leading us to the Moon, Mr. Armstrong.  Someday we will truly follow in your footstep.
A personal inspiration. May he live forever in the minds of children and adults who keep that childhood awe alive.
And for every year for billions of years to come, put a tiny little flag on the moon for him.
He is one of the few people that we could name as HERO to mankind!
Goodbye to a man who delivered great dreams to his country.
His achievements will certainly lead us to new worlds.
A final step for a man,
and a loss for all mankind.
Today is a sad day for the dead as one of the great pioneers in the exploration of the universe ... Be the first human to walk on another satellite and open the way to the final frontier ...
And he stayed alive till today because of his ingenuity and a pen. Legend
I'll never forget listening to that "one small step" when I was a 12 year old at my Grandparents' home. I looked out the back window at the bright full moon and it's reflection in the Mississippi river that night. It was VERY inspiring. I'm 55 now, and it only seems like yesterday because the memory is so vivid.
Rest in Peace and thank you for your small step!
His small footsteps will always be an inspiration to every generation that sets its foot on this planet. Now he has unlimited access to explore a whole new universe out there without having to worry about age restrictions or resources. Wish you the best and thanks for everything Mr.Armstrong. :)
Space exploration and discovery have never been the same since those famous steps.
One of America's greatest heroes, ever. R.I.P.
I'm very sad to hear he died I will always remember him
Hi geen are you having a good visit at the moon my name is christos g. zavas I hop you make anyway have a grate summer Love christos
RIP another Legend.. Left the world  
I feel depressed because I've always had an interest in Neil and now he's gone
The Eagle has finally landed.
God bless and God speed Neil. Rest in peace.
One of the saddest facts about the death of Armstrong is that soon there will be no one on Earth who has walked on another planet. Thanks Armstrong.
Thank you for taking the small step on behalf of humankind. God speed. Rest in Peace.
Neil Armstrong, you have been and will always be an inspiration. May you rest in peace.
R.I.P. The world is now lacking one of the few legitimately good men. Thanks, Mr. Armstrong
He's gon' take a giant leap to Heaven this time. 
R.I.P. Neil Armstrong... You gave us that one giant leap.
Don't we all feel a bit, like our   #buzzlightyear  passed away. I mean #neilarmstrong  has been and is for many generations of kids and adults a true, a TRUE,  hero of all times. 
Rest in Peace.
He proved that the sky is not the limit. 
All the lovely comments above made possible by less computer processing power than you find in one of those cards that plays you happy birthday when you open it. Astounding.
RIP Neil Armstrong.... Mankind will never forget.
It's the end of an era. I hope the next one takes us even further. 
: Peace to his soul and sinceres condolences to his family!
RIP, what an amazing life to have lived.
My dad worked at the Manned (Johnson) Spacecraft Center in Houston during the Apollo era. Many of the astronauts kids went to my school. I still remember Andy Aldrin having a locker next to me in PE class! RIP Neil, you'll always be an American hero!
Thanks Neil you've shown us that the sky isn't the limit
Not just an American hero.  I was 11 when I watched him take that first step.  An inspiration to all of us.  RIP.
The first thing I ever remember seeing on television as a boy was Neil Armstrong's first steps on the moon.  Thank you for inspiring the human race!
Thank you Neil Armstrong, for boldly going where no one has gone before, for risking your life for the sake of exploration, science, and the future of humanity.  You won't be forgotten, thus you will live forever. 
RIP He got to see and experience what so few of us get to and yet billions dream of. Not everyone can say that when looking back at their lives.
I am glad he lived long enough to see Curiosity land on Mars. His heritage.
Awesome human being. He will be missed!
RIP.  He always handled his unique credentials with amazing class and character.  
Thank you for everything you've done for mankind, yesterday and tomorrow.

RIP Astronaut Armstrong
Godspeed Commander. You will be an inspiration to all mankind.
RIP Neil Armstrong. You helped inspire the world.
There he goes, back to where we all came from.
Once again, this great man has left Earth. Requiscat in Pacce.
Can you imagine that moment when he stepped from the capsule to the surface of the moon? The courage it took? The excitement of doing it? The awesomeness of being the first?
Un hombre que no sólo dejo su huella en la luna sino tambien en la historia...
Neil Armostrong um homem que eu admirava sem conhecer;  como pessoa , como individuo. Fez parte da minha infância quando o vi pela TV em preto e branco.Uma ligação de saber , pois estudávamos na escola . Quem foi o primeiro homem a pisar na lua ? Neil Armstrong! Deus lhe abençoe
A little step in moon and gigantic history for human rip fellow
You are the first human for ever to walk on moon
I have so many respect for you , rest in peace
"....You May Have Died But You'll Never Be Out Of
History..!!" R.I.P Neil Armstrong...
It's one of a few GREAT memories that I can remember when I was 12 years old. I'm glad he got to see some of the Mars program.God Bless him and his family my prayers go out to you all.
We used to send people to the moon using slide-rules. Now with 'super computer' smart phones we can't seem to make a call across town.

RIP N.A., who went when it was not entirely known to be safe. 
Viveu em grande aventuras e na exploração espacial.
Foi Pioneiro em pousar na Lua. Descanse em PAZ+ Neil.
R.I.P. to a proper hero. You will be missed.
Вот ушёл первый космонавт побывавший на луне.
А Селена всё хранит свои владения, освоение как было фантастикой, так ей и осталось, печально…
Земля пухом.
Another loss in American History.
At least while he lived he got to say that he was 1 of 12 Americans who walked on the moon.
Josie m
This man completed more in eight days than the average person would bother to do in 40 years. RIP dude, you're awesome.
If anything, honor Neil's memory by having us go to Mars in five years.
The last of the true American Hero...Neil you will not be forgotten thank you and Godspeed.
The first man to walk on the moon. The world lost someone special today. Rest In Peace Neil Armstrong.
RIP.. One true great American
+Jevgenij Fiodorov 

are you kidding? ignorance is disgusting.
RIP Neil Armstrong; even though I'm from the England, I still remember the first astronaut that landed and set his footprint on the moon surface and made an historical moment in the history of mankind with the quote "that's one step for man, one giant leap for mankind" that everyone will remember
Me siento mal acerca de la muerte de Neil para mi fue y seguira siendo un heroe, he lllorado y mi plegaria de esta noche fue para El.  Recuerdo el apolo 11 y el apolo 13 todavia estan tan presente en mi vida, como que fue  ayer. es una perdida de la His
toria America  que Jesucristo lo tenga en  su santo ceno AMEN.
He exemplified excellence, integrity and perseverance. A role model to the entire world. RIO. Rest in orbit.
RIP Neil, condolences to family & friends. In a world where hero is used far too often for the wrong reason, here was a hero who probably didn't think of himself as one. (from Australia) +william Gallagher +Harrison Gallagher
we take it for granted that we have men and women as curagios
and heroic like Neil 
lois l
truly sad to hear
Eagle, thank you for opening our horizons. 
    Yes he will, his name is etched in history for ever.
Salute to you.... you and the rest of your crew are my inspiration...
My thoughts and prayers are with his family and friends, he will really be missed!
generations will remember his work !!
Niel we will always remember you, I salute you
Neil thanks for all you did for us and our county

As long as we look at sky at night, read about universe or contemplate about space, we never forgot the name of one man who made these all, reachable... This is one of the saddest news... R.I.P #Neil
"I have seen things you people wouldn't believe..."
Neil, you put your life on the line so many times, from the Korean War, to a test pilot, and an astronaut.  May your name always be among the stars and may you rest in peace.  You remain one of my true heroes from when I saw you on the moon when  I was a boy of six.  God Bless Neil Armstrong.
By the way -  August has two full moons.
He's gone, but he'll never be forgotten. 1000 years from now no one will know who any of us were, but Neil Armstrong will still be well-known as the first human to set foot on another world.
Hu Wan
Ulimate destination. Rest in Peace.
Gracias, GRAN HEROE, Siempre te recordaré, el destino decidió que tu fueras parte de la historia y ejemplo de millones de personas en este planeta.
"This is one small step for man and one giant leap for man kind" RIP Conqueror of the Moon
I will wink at the moon and remember you.  Rest easy now.
Neil Armstrong a fijado definitiva residencia en el cielo.... acompañado de Colón y Magallanes entre muchos otros, todos ellos intrépidos exploradores...
For someone who witnessed the moon landing as a kid, I can't help but look at the moon and think of Armstrong and the crew of Apollo 11. Godspeed.
RIP sir. You have inspired generations of mankind.
Lf Liu
my god its full of stars 
Rest in peace...thank you for making history and leaving us your legacy!
You are the victory...Stay with GOD...My MAN.
thank..for giving us this unexpected history
Ds He
that's one small step for a man ,one giant leap for mankind .
Ds He
Neil ,you are my hero .
Almost unbelievable how humankind get to outer space and set the first step made by Neil. GOD bless you...
Thank you Neil.  Thank you.  When historians 1000 years from now and 10,000 years from now think of the 20th century, this will be the one thing they remember:  that Mankind first walked on another world.
It was one of the most amazing things that I ever saw in my life time Neal Armstrong standing on the moon,he was so brave.
An era has passed and our best hope for us as americans, a voice for exploration has passed into history. A new era and a new voice needs to arise, if not in his name but in his spirit to keep the dream of Space exploration alive, as he would have wanted it. Do not let his passing and all that he fought for pass with him. Remember him and the other astronauts that spoke and bled in the name of exploration, so that this dream would never die...'s sad to see such a great man leave us, but I bet he died in a good place knowing he will be in a better place now....RIP my friend 
Rest in peace to one of my biggest hero's.


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It is only The Light I Cast Aside

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Ever he is living ours heart.......god blessings.....
first man to explore the moon, brillent job. world will remember u till the END Reast in Peace..:(
feel so sad................ about it we lost the legend
He is a legend lost I am sorry about your loss. He will be dearly missed. I am sorry about your loss
When the UNITED STATES cared enough to send the VERY BEST
I looked at the moon tonight. I found the flag. He was the one that put it there. God Bless. R.I.P. :'( Now you will be up in Heaven to watch the stars and every thing els forever. He will have traveled the journey that no living man has ever before. Hope you like it up there, Armstrong!!!
Rest in peace and god bless u
RIP in internal peace Neil, but why did you choose a quite life man with all that you achieved! i hope a got to know you sooner! you will be missed
this is but another small step for a giant of a man, may you rest in peace, happiness and honor...
RIP Mr.Neil Armstrong.........
RIP one of the bravest man in history of mankind. Thank you for your fist step in the world where no one has ever been before.
R.I.P he explored where no one dare to go .3. Untill then >.>
Neil Armstrong....American.....The greatest Pioneer of them all.
Rest in peace Neil. We can never forget you as first rep. Of human kind putting foot forward on align land. 
This is a great loss for mankind. We share your sorrow here in Norway. RIP Neil Armstrong.
A small Man among men.
A Giant within Mankind!

You did good, Neil Armstrong.
if u give me a chance i want to be an another neil
The passed memory of Apollo...
May he finds his way back to Earth n be the first one again to walk on Mars, My wish.
Neil rest in peace, we loved u BUT God loved most.
R,I,P Nell  Armstrong One Small step for Man One Giant leap for Mankind Rest In Peace!!!!!!
R.I.P Neil, A True Pioneer Of Our Times!
His foot prints is still  on the moon and his legend will be forever..He mark history of being the first man to step on the moon.RIP Neil Armstrong.
Phil F
Farewell Neil, thank you, you finally returned to the stars,, a place you been reaching to  all your life.
He had the right stuff, to e sure.  A life most space geeks only dream of living.  Goodbye Neil,  we salute' you, as you pass on to the stars.
R.I.P. Astronaut Neil Armstrong. Great American Hero. Thank you! God bless you and praying for your family.
He fulfilled everyones dream, always be remembered for fulfilling the dream for all.
R.I.P. Neil Armstrong. Thank you for all you have done.
The future generation will never see this man actually walk, who fulfilled one of Mankind's millennia old dream.
Role-model, hero AND Superhero.
We will miss you.
i confess NEIL that u r the biggest actor in the history of NASA
I applaud you for your achievements Neil, and I pray you rest in peace. 
I am sad that he died I think he is a really great man and being the first man to walk on the moon he is amazing rest in oeace Neil I will never forget him
they'll never make a man like the men of his generation ever again. farewell neil,,though we never met,,,you have formed my thoughts on our universe forever. thank you for giving us the sky to look forward to!
Danny H
sad day to find out a great man passed away
so sad... we will miss u Niel Armstrong!
His one small step made us move a far way for exploring. By human curiously and enlightenment, we have closer look to what's God done resulted in the beautiful sky and the love
My Deepest Condolences to all his family & NASA family!!!
A real hero, so long Neil safe journey, God bless you.
Its pretty hard to imagine that he was the first one to the moon!
THE MOON!! he's very brave!
Neil Armstrong, an American hero, and truly a hero to all mankind. Even during the tensest hair-trigger years of the Cold War, the achievements of the Apollo program united people the world over in awe and pride. Though the Moon landings were America's triumph, there was a sense of all mankind being advanced and dignified. The importance of the event transcended national, political, and ideological boundaries. We will always remember Mr. Armstrong and Apollo 11.
Can anyone explain why over the past several months the USlessA Medical System (US Tax Payers) wasted Hundreds of Thousands of $$$ on unwarranted medical procedures on this 82-year old Alter Kocker???  We need the BHO Death Camps to become active now.

All he ever did was jump off a short stepladder onto a Warner Bros. Sound Stage in 1969.
Neil Armstrong will live throughout human existence on planet earth and perhaps beyond if and when our great and courageous astronauts and scientist from NASA would succeed in their desire to find another habitable planet within or outside the solar system. 
Good he got to see Mars to ; ) and all conspiracy doubts whether he really walked on the Moon, got blown out into the futherest outer space!!..
Neil, you'll be remembered throughout human race so well the other great men and women of NASA.
neil amstronge le premier homme a marcher sur la lune
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