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NASA is hanging out with 3 people right now in a live Hangout On Air! <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Alex Lindsay, NASA Astronauts, and Gerald Wright
NASA Connects Space Station and "Star Trek Into Darkness" Crews
NASA and 3 others are participating
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Amazing, thank you so much, this is incredible :D
Ask Chris "the astronaut' when NASA is going to give him the keys to the luxury model instead of the stripped down SUV?
Ask them why we aren't allowed to see the North and south poles because those conspiracy guys are right about no pics over the poles.
Great fun, thank you. Looking forward to seeing the movie.
For some reason, when the Astros are twirling, it's the fact that they do all their work in socks that amuses me the most.
As a kid (late 1940's, early1950's), I knew I wanted to fly jets. As a teen (late '50's, early '60's), I knew I wanted to be an astronaut. I ended up an aviation publisher (print) and later a high-tech publisher (print & online). But until much more recently, I could not have envisioned that I could be "participating" (albeit voyeuristically) in a realtime dialog among Earth-bound earthlings and ISS-resident earthlings. Sure is good to be alive (still)!
Is there any way I could see a transcript for this?
I miss Sally Ride and the Space Shuttles!
If you are Google Hanging out, don't say you use Skype... LOL... Well, it was really cool to watch this conversation (:
Fastastic.  Props on the quantum leap references!
The post reads, "NASA is Hanging Out," and the first thing that comes to mind is, "zip up your flies!"
Anyone know if there is transcript for this?  Will transcribe myself if not.
I'm still giggling that this is all about Damon and Chris and John and Alice and a few astronauts, and all we see in the still image is a big, grinning John Yembrick. :)
Why the fuck does it say live feed? 
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