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Ever wish you had a robot to help out with your daily, time-consuming tasks, or help out at the construction site or in the factory? NASA's Human Robotics Systems group is creating robots that can help space travelers, as well as humans on Earth, better and more safely accomplish hard tasks.
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Crash-test dummie gets run over by NASA vehicle?
Well, considering that the Singularity is scheduled for 2045, eventually, one will be hard pressed to tell the difference between robots and humans...
Please, please make a laundry robot.
Robots that can help space travelers, as well as humans on Earth... You mean, like ASIMO.
Has NASA seen "Red Planet" starring the greatest actor of our generation, Val Kilmer? This can only end in tears!

edit - Turns out NASA has indeed seen the film:

Due to significant scientific inaccuracies, NASA refused to serve as a scientific adviser for the film, which it normally does for science fiction films. "The science was just so off the wall that eventually we felt, 'You guys go ahead and make your movie.' If there's something that's going to be so misleading to the public that we don't want to participate, then we'll say no," said Bert Ulrich, a NASA spokesperson. "The big thing is, we want to make sure we're not misleading the public completely."
I like the laundry robot idea. also one to do the dishes and put them away would be awesome. though maybe we lay off of the AI stuff so as to not aid in robots taking over. if they can't think they cant rule right?
Actually, after looking at the link instead of just the tag-line... this sounds more like the Mobile Infantry power armour from Starship Troopers or the the Mecha from... well from a lot of fiction and Anime.
God Speed (Please, please, please :-) )

This sounds just like ASIMO (from Honda).

I am looking for a Humanoid for my senior years of life :-) I don't have to depend on others, still can live at home and avoid going to nursing home.
Now the question is whether I have enough time to get one humanoid !
In the movie "The Electric Grandmother", the robot grandmother helps raise the children, letting them realize their full potential. Decades later, when the children are elderly, she comes back out of storage to be a caregiver in their old age.
Robots and Computers are an extension of our senses! They create a wider range of view we would not be able see without them.
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