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Statement regarding suspension of some NASA activities with Russian Government representatives:

Given Russia's ongoing violation of Ukraine's sovereignty and territorial integrity, NASA is suspending the majority of its ongoing engagements with the Russian Federation.  NASA and Roscosmos will, however, continue to work together to maintain safe and continuous operation of the International Space Station. NASA is laser focused on a plan to return human spaceflight launches to American soil, and end our reliance on Russia to get into space.  This has been a top priority of the Obama Administration’s for the past five years, and had our plan been fully funded, we would have returned American human spaceflight launches – and the jobs they support – back to the United States next year.  With the reduced level of funding approved by Congress, we’re now looking at launching from U.S. soil in 2017.  The choice here is between fully funding the plan to bring space launches back to America or continuing to send millions of dollars to the Russians.  It’s that simple.  The Obama Administration chooses to invest in America – and we are hopeful that Congress will do the same.
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If your counting on Congress, you're doomed
Gonna be embarrassing when Russia says "no space for you" and we twiddle our thumbs. 
+NASA Do us all a favor and launch the bureaucrats into the sun.
+NASA I'm counting on you to prove other places are habitable so conflict on this planet will cease. I'm just one person, but if there is anything you ever need from a motivated grandchild of Lee Waite I would stop my life to help. Semper Fi.
I don't understand why European Caucasian cultures are not all on the same side and send all that have lorded them for 1500 years with monotheistic ideologies back to where they arose.
The problem is, of course, that currently the Russian space agency is the only source of access to the International Space Station that NASA has.

I knew it was a bad idea for NASA to retire the Space Shuttle before its replacement was online. NASA assured us that the replacement would be there a couple of years after the Shuttles were gone ... in the year 2014.

Predictably, not only is the replacement not online, not only is the replacement not under construction, they have not even settled on which proposal to develop.
How about putting the project to restore American space flight capabilities on a fast track? 
Time to pull one of the Shuttles out of retirement.
+Winchell Chung The shuttles were, regrettably, too dangerous to keep operating. We would have had something by now if Congress wouldn't have targeted NASAs budget for cuts. There are many useless programs in place that could have been cut and then there is the bloated military budget.
What a crock.  OBAMA is the one that discontinued our ONLY way to transport from U.S. soil.  Whatever woes we have now with getting into space from U.S. soil is his blame to bare. 
This is why you don't take away your near launch Earth vehicles like the shuttles.
Who was the dummy that thought we could rely on the Russians to always do the right thing?
Oh ya.......
Ah yes, when in doubt, Blame Bush.......Oh wait he had a budget for NASA including a trip to manned trip to Mars. Obama want's NASA to be a public relations tool for Arab history I think he called it. All very revealing.
Dear americans i think you've got a problem. Not with us, russians, but with your goverment really. I sure Russia didn't do the same, welcome to the ISS as always.
As Europe has issues with Russia in Crimea I think it's more than the US that has problems at this time.
What you guys didn't mention is what are you going to do if Russia will cut you off Soyuz. You know, Newton's third law - every action causes reaction.
We have rockets ready to fly now if needed that are for other projects but we should not be in this situation, we should have our own fleet right now so this was never an issue.
Who the f**k wrote this for you +NASA ? This doesn't even look like it came from a Science organisation. Obama why are you ruining space for us. The first ever NASA post I'd give -1
I didn't even know I had it in me :-P
If NASA is laser-focused on human spaceflight, then why is Orion's life-support system delayed until 2021, four years after the commercial providers are expected to begin human transport missions? Wasn't that supposed to be the "backup plan" in case the commercial services didn't work out?
The shuttle never met expectations. It was obvious after the first few years of operation that it was too complex a system for reliable and frequent access to space. Every administration from Reagan on is at fault for not ensuring there was a backup method available for space access. SLS is also bloated and way behind schedule. Obama was right in canceling in Constellation, and SpaceX should be given priority in getting the man-rated dragon capsule certified. We need multiple methods to space, and NASA needs to focus on R&D and exploration. The private sector can handle LEO for them.
President Bush ended the shuttle program. By the time President Obama took office, that winding-down process was too far along to reverse. This is in no way President Obama's fault. 
+Karen Corrigan Wrong. Look it up. Bush canceled the space shuttle program, and rightly so. It was obsolete and too dangerous to fly. Partisanship doesn't belong in this discussion. 
Partisanship doesn't belong in this discussion?
Partisanship got us here. Remember  it was Sputnik that drove us into space, we wanted to show the world we were as good as the Soviets. That is as political as it gets.
The shuttle was not the system that it was originally meant to be it evolved into a much larger craft then was intended. Because everyone had to get their finger in the pie.Orion will be a much better more practical system 
+Dennis Mix Of course he was right! Too bad congressmen were way too busy fighting for the pieces of the funding to actually take a notice....
+Dennis Mix no, look up partisanship. My point was that the shuttle program's cancelation discussion has nothing to do with Bush/Obama. Partisans are quick to blame Obama for it, but he really had nothing to do with it. In any case, I hope things get resolved, the USA/Russia partnership in space had been very valuable to all mankind. 
+NASA Is it true that there will be a kickboxing event on 10th of april at the ISS. USA - RUSSIA And China provides a live stream.
I guess we now have to rely on the good o' space shuttle... oops
+jamieson Hall other way around ... theory first, then become factual with knowledge and reproducible evidence ....  science is winning
As Neil Armstrong said, "Now is the time to overrule this administrations pledge to mediocrity."
Dana H
I think we should always control our own space program from the ground up. Our astronauts should always leave and return on united States soil. They are American's!
HELL YES...... I BELIEVE.............
Quando essas gerra vai acabar? Des que o mundo é mundo tem gerra. Unifica o planeta todo. Se um dia aparecer uma raça de fora da terra vai acabar com tudo. 
That's too bad, NASA was very inspiring for a long time to me, but the US doesn't seem to want the worlds business anymore ...
Lol good bye Russia :)
хе--хе! Нафига?
до сих пор помню свою радость стыковки Союз Апполон, почтовые марки в кляссере, статьи в "Наука и жизнь" как трудно было состыковать разные стыковочные узлы и атмосферу в кораблях, эээ..
Тьфу на вас! сраные политиканы.
Don't thank the Russians for the cheap space taxi.
Someone fully funded in the NSA writing this for NASA?

Why did the US Administration need an international crisis to get serious about funding the few billion dollars that NASA needs so desperately?
As a Ukrainian,
Thank you NASA for support, it's very important for us 
Oh, is this 2014? I thought it was 2010.

+john guest The private sector should not be merely burdened with LEO-only missions. NASA should be the governing agency, like the Department of Transportation. And a ton of space exploration is being done from LEO.
+Anaken Nebohod support?? Support is then they(US goverment) give you only 1 billion.. Do not tell me! Our goverment have gave you 15 billions. Who is your friend?
Men! Work on space programs always was cooperative and international. And the politic situation was never change this position. But now, there is a situation so, that a great work of a lot of people will be stop. I'm a russian, but i know a lot of ukrains an americans who thinking so as i. I think that space programs shouldn't be depend by politic. It's my oppinion, may be it's wrong. Deside you. Thanx.
"The choice here is between fully funding the plan to bring space launches back to America or continuing to send millions of dollars to the Russians.  It’s that simple."

Really, it's that simple really? No mention of the difference between the cost of "full funding" of American based launches, and those millions we spend now? I mean if it's that simple, those number should be easy to post, right? 
+Alen Coffell I realy thinking as you, man. But a question now is will USA and Russia continue partners in space? I think, if USA make sanction on work in space exept ISS, on ISS will be a lot of problems too. I think, that two graeatest countries should be a partners in such serios programs. It's good for both sides, and for other world.
My people have a joke regarding the colonials obsession with space exploration: why do the whites want to go to mars? Because they heard we still have land there lol
That's one small misstep for a man, one giant leap backward for mankind.
Way to go +NASA. Let us know when science is your main thing again.
This will also help in the effort of getting the ISS nominated for the peace Nobel price. 
To quote Cosmonaut Lev Andropov (fictional): "American Components... Russian Components... All made in Taiwan!" Or more to the point: Republican President, Democrat President; makes no difference.  Both actually overridden by either senile or power dazed eighth grade plutocrats hell-bent on looking out for their own interests to actually know or understand exactly what they are doing.  And at the same time battling the public opinion of citizens whose collective IQ’s drop each time one is added to the polling group.

The discussion here should be focused on constructive ideas to get what was one of the greatest countries back into space for the future of all peoples. 

Just my $.02.
"Given Russia's ongoing violation of Ukraine's..." - are you all right?
Maybe you should fly into space to make sure that it is not?
Sorry. Thats idiocy.
Fuck you NASA you sacrifice science at the expense of political squabbles! you can now only look through your telescopes
Spend billions dollars of U.S. taxpayers to destabilize the situation in Ukraine - is it good? And cooperate with Russia in space is bad? I think President Obama is not honest somewhere.
I hope someone will be disciplined by NASA for publishing this jingoistic claptrap. 
Цель США только одна - гегемония во всем мире, а теперь понятно, что и в космосе.
We should leave NASA out of this. It's childish and petty and does not help our space program at all.
this is bad news. You should not mix politics with science.
It's embarrassing enough that you are hijacking science for an impotent political statement. The least you could do is properly hyphenate "laser-focused"....

Shouldn't it be "laser-collimated", anyway? You would think that NASA at the very least would know that LASERS AREN'T FOCUSED.
If neighbors fight with eachother, the best way to get rid of the fight is to have a project were both have to work together. That might be a playground for your both children in the backyard, or the science coorperation between space agencies.
+Dmitry Belenko I can focus sunlight, too, but that doesn't change the nature of the light source. Laser light is inherently parallel, not focused.
+NASA come on, the last part of the post was like anti-commie propaganda. Ridiculus, -10000000000 point to nasa :/
So why not suspend all activities? Oh, right... you still can't do some things without them.
That is called hypocrisy.
Good Decision that NASA has taken but delay anyhave but more Russian crew evacuation from ISS needed without any delay is my request as those current exist Russia's Cosmonaut at International Sapace Station might do critically at ISS's communication to Earth....
Will history repeat itself? Let's just see. 
Don't let them get back their Stargate... oh wait, wrong show.
+ANDY JOHNSON It is strange. NASA has no cooperation with Russia except the International space station. About what they speak?
+Karen Corrigan President Bush cancelled the Space Shuttle transportation system to make way for other priorities - there's only just so much funding to go around. President Obama extended the number of Space Shuttle missions so that the construction of the International Space Station could be completed. Both presidents support private sector investment to develop commercial space transportation systems.  Other than that, 'what a crock' seems like the right reaction! :)
Ох и дорого же Обаме обходится  "демократизация" Украины))  
Depends on your school of thought.When it comes to safe launches and returning crews from the ISS.The Russians have provided a dependable service for a number of years.The trips are expensive but each capsule has to be maintained and new ones added to the fleet.I like this co-operative approach to space exploration.
Take out your history text people
Sorry i meant geography books
No seriously i forget
I lost my focus
What was the aim of this
In the first place
I forget that too 
Really strange mixture of science and politics is going on.:) Or maybe science is something old for NASA? :)
Действия НАСА не должно распространяться на кризис в Украине , которые и затеяли сами спец. службы Америки. Мирные цели программы НАСА и политизированность. Заявление NASA выглядит угрозой в отношении мирной России. Это не допустимое заявление НАСА, Напомню, США ведет захватническую войну в Афганистане Ираке, Сирии ит.д . Мирные жители Крыма добровольно захотели воссоединиться с Россией. Крым не являлся собственностью Украины- поэтому Целостность территории Украины не нарушена. Руководитель  НАСА - будет уволен со всех постов, в связи с этим заявлением.
NASA actions should not apply to crisis in Ukraine , which started themselves special . Service America. NASA peaceful purposes and politicized . Statement by NASA looks threatened Russia 's peaceful . It is not admissible statement NASA remind U.S. leads a war of aggression in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria it.d . Civilians Crimea voluntarily want to reunite with Russia . Crimea is not owned by Ukraine - Ukraine 's why Integrity is not compromised. NASA Administrator - will be dismissed from their posts , in connection with this application .
I have worked with many Ukrainian-Americans who relocated to the United States after the fall of Communism. Most of them did not want to be recognized as Russian. They felt they were Ukrainian more than anything else. One woman, who retired here a week before I left one job, told me she could never go back because Ukraine "will always be Russia," and she wished her family would come to the States before... well, before this happened. That was three years ago.

What I got out if that was that Ukraine never was truly independent of Russia, and based on what I hear on the news, it sounds like Russia is taking her back because it is full of Russians, not Ukrainians. But I am open to other explanations. I find the whole situation fascinating, if not downright scary.
This is stupid. What in hell has science to do with politics? And NASA is a scientific thing isn't it? Fuck off then...
+Elyse David well, as we came to witness, the space shuttle program was shutting itself down with the equipment - in a sad literal sense - breaking apart...
Alex G.
Pure emotional and stupid decision. :(

Unfortunately NASA is .gov so should follow what their masters from Washington say. The same (or similar) masters that in order to make life difficult to Russia in 80's and 90's created, nourished and cherished forces that afterwards bitten their own hand in 2001 (9/11) and still are wild out there.

Maybe NASA wants to get its own experience in high dirty politics. Remember though that smart people learn on past mistakes, and preferably not own ones.

It would be smarter to keep space exploration out of politics.
+Ross Chester-Master because a large number of caucasians (which includes persians and semites and slavs etc) dont like anglo-saxon hypocracy and domineeringness
+Karim Blix  the anglo-saxons whose pagan culture was run over and dominated by middle easterners and their wobbly thoughts of world domination and coming from the centre of the universe, you mean those ones?  
I'm just curious. How much more money the american government is willing to spend to support Ukraine?
And by the way Russia can easily order to undock the Russian module of ISS, it is fully self sufficient. The other modules the would be left on their own and sink in the ocean.
+Ross Chester-Master the caucasian pagan celtic bretons were overrun by and totally crushed by pagan caucasian germanic saxons and angles, some of whom were then were converted by caucasian missionaries from rome (longtime centre of caucasian civilization, a centre of pagan-later christian imperialism) and then the new christian saxons imposed that religion on their pagan fellows. What middle easterner where? 
+Karim Blix all monotheistic thought came from the middle east ( self proclaimed centre of the universe) >>> my original comment was I do not understand why everybody is not on the same side ...  freedom, democracy, planetary survival and exploration of beyond
Will +NASA suspend activities with NSA given anything the USA has is used to spy and cause conflict of ideals for commercial profit, not really for the betterment of the entire human race kind of thing.  Why is the space agency targeting humans (no human left behind?).  The USA should not be given technology as it is used to create weapons.  The Obama Administration also chooses to avoid the fact NSA and others have watch crimes in other countries and then failed to report in a timely manner to that countries authority because of political, social, culture, or other matter which  could in many cases be proved to not be based on factual events and thus imagined or persevered. Information is a two way street and should the US government continue its coverup of UFO (drones and other issues) then their is no such thing as a international space station in the sense that it an environment of science.
Good luck with that! If not for the Russians and Chinese, Sandra Bullock would have died!
É uma pena pois os cientistas envolvidos nesses projetos muitas vezes não concordam com as atitudes de seus governantes...
Well, the point of this is to make it harder for the humanity as a whole to leave the Earth squabbles behind, right?

I'm not an idealist, humans in space will be just humans in space, with all our petty interests and noble ideas and so on.
However, we as species will just die here if we won't expand from Earth, that's all.
I think NASA should still cooperate with Russia if Russia does not further engage with Ukraine. Russia desperately needs jobs and we should we should ideally have dual spaceports and cooperate with all space agencies in helping to clean up and coordinate traffic and more. Is this science fiction or political science?
We could have saved the world 3 times over but instead we toy with it and risk blowing it up 10,000 times over.

We must reform our industries in approaching below zero emissions and pollution. The things we make must be able to become compost, including space materials eventually. Design a space debris collecting fishing device and NASA could get some publicity. Even if it looks like a pretzel. 
Well NASA Jurisdiction is the Government! NASA 
Well, I suppose no space flights for US till 2019-2020. US human flight will not be ready by 2017.  This is a loss.  Dumb move I d consider.     
If NASA and Google and all of us could act as co ordinator for earth restoration that would be cool. There's a kid in my town that has an app that uses google maps to plot out garden plots around the city. 
P.P.Planing not to hav replacement for shuttle. Should be in testing phases if not early test flights 
Weather we see it being done or not. We as a country {gov., black ops, nasa, c.i.a.} will be going out there. We will want be first or at least parnter up with Russia, maybe China to really see whats out there. Dont be fooled by the news saying we are not going into space. Thats like living by the beach not going for a swim. For what ever reason, we will be out in space. Count on it...
+NASA Vladimir putin told you to do Yoga. The news're running the world, ok in all the newspapers of Brazil. Kkkkkk
It would be nice if NASA and the Russian space agency could ignore the politics of their countries and continue business as usual between them. Do you see the lines separating countries from space, or do you just see Earth?
Why did they just give up on the space shuttle, like that it was a proven technology all they had to do is redesign the shuttle to take off from the ground like an airplane and go into space that would have made America the leader once again in space technology to the world, and don't any of the people on this blog say it can't be done because if their is will their is a way....................................
Honestly, NASA, this apears to be the worst decision you have made in decades.
Spaceflight provides the oportunity for countries (and their citizens) to work together on great, inspiring projects and by this learn to know and to acccept each other and become partners – if not even frriends.
Therefore co-operation in space is expecially important in rough times like these.
+Sascha Haupt 100% agree, when politics is mixed with science, business, culture, Olympics everybody loses. Let's talk about Washington using former Hitler's nazi scientists to kick-start US space program and ballistic missiles. Hypocrites!
+Celinho Teixeira To do yoga is definitely the awesomest comment I have heard from a government in a long time...
+NASA Please admit you were wrong.  The world cannot afford this childishness.
Well done! One more HELPFUL move from politics.
Fuck "we must to cooperate with each other to reach stars"
Genius, NASA!
Hubris = Stupidity.

Perhaps, United States, and even more EU, you should stay the fuck out of Ukraine politics?
FUCK Putin.  FULL STEAM AHEAD getting American crews back in orbit on American spacecraft.
+Christophergreene Greene The Space Shuttle was INCREDIBLY expensive to launch.  Took over a year to prep an orbiter for launch, at a cost of nearly a half a billion dollars.  Ironically the Shuttle became more expensive than the single use boosters it was designed to replace.
I've just read an update. It was a fake news. The White House (Marie Harf) not confirms NASA Limits Contact.
So, I suppose the U.S.A. will be imposing sanctions to hurt Russia's actions? No cold war!!! :(
Both dogs and monkeys beat humans to space. Just saying, so far as you know.
What if space came close enough to earth that we could climb to it? Such is the case with Olympus nice would it be to do your space research from a ground based station, lol <8OP Or as I am inclined to point out, to do your material sciences with out leave the ship? I still believe in the giant vortex!!!! Mons exhibits a strange squareness to it and appears to me to have been vac'd off, just saying.
So why all of you don't blame NASA for not working with North Korea. Kim Jong Un would love to get something from collaboration with NASA and describe this like his win over other countries in the world. That will bring his ruling of the country to alrighty level. Why it's not reasonably if other contries don't disagree and don't even ignore but just collaborate with him..

It's really wrong if it's one democratic party vs another tyope of conflict. Science should be independand and just be aside of political mess.
But if it's people who just don't think that freedom of every human being is essence of humanity. But absolutely sure that it's even wrong. Because they know who they are and that people allowed them be in charge and be yourself. And that means that all this freedom spreading in the world is just another band like them trying to get more power. So need to go and try 'the same'...

When you allowing this you making them right.

The problem of people from US and EU is you don't even have the option in your heads of some things that are just a part of daily life in countries like Russia. You think Russia is just less developed europian country. But it's not even a freaking country, in civilized meaning of this word. It's territory with feodalism in it's purest form. With tsar with a freaking nuclear weapon above society with mentalitet of 17th century. They don't have positive message with everything that they doing right now. Everything is better we than others and whole anti-everything propaganda from society that didn't accoplished NOTHING. And don't want to do it because dont' even understand what they want. There is no ideology in the country. Part of them want communism, another part second nazi regime. The only thing that almost 100% of them hate is fredom (democracy and capitalism).

Would be better if NASA broke connections with Russia in ISS program either. Or who knows, some one could go to the ISS mission with one citizenship and back from the flight with a few wierd abrasions and another passport.  And his capsule on the ISS would change the flag either. Because someday it was Russian capsule.

ps: I'm a ukrainian, who speaks whole life on russian and who lives in really scary distance from Crimea, between closest russian borders and Crimea..
(Btw i'm sorry for my awful English.)
Arik may be a prick, but there are great and beautiful people from Russia, just like anywhere you meet real people, rather than designer's what they choose as their reason for being, they can't be faulted, something made them that way, it's not weak to be strong, it's just not always right to be strong.
Russians don't leave much choice for their partners. How can you count on them in space if you cannot count on them on earth?
I do understand +NASA has to represent the jerks in congress to get any more funding, so... I'm not sure about the break in partnership fully being their scientists' decision, as they're bound to the government more than to common sense.
Don't let people in goverment organisations or media tell who is the enemy and who is not. The russian Mr Average - Mr Doe (I guess Ivan Ivanowitsh :-D ) never attacked America, and now suddenly RUSSIANS are the bad guys again. A conflict like the one on the Krim Island, never has anything to do with human rights or something. It is always about the question "There is something we want, and nobody else should get it." ... USA and Europe came too close to the russian border and surely there is some oil or other gas pipeline or something other important. AND so Putin puts out his dick and askes Obama - Show me if yours really bigger than mine?! ... THAT IS A GAME OF STUPID CHILDREN! And we are told that the simple people are our enemy over there, and some believe it. Scientific Organisations like NASA should know better, and we the people should support them, instead of clapping and telling "it was about time for NASA to shut down the relationship!"
+Matt Thompson The proposed by Russia change to federative government in the Ukraine following independent investigation of acts of violence causing death and casualties on Euromaidan, armemd attacks on the unarmed policemen, shooting civilians and capturing government buildings, beating up journalists and governenment representatives would help to restore peace and bring prosperity to Ukraine. Having American representatives in Kiyev directing the self-proclaimed government what to do, observing how Ukranian ultranationalists raid territories, beat up maires and press, establish their rule in the region - does not help any to bring situation from chaos to civilization development. What would help is three-latteral cooperation of USA, Russia and Ukraine in space programs. NASA if you manage to do it withholding from political speculations and hostile geopolitical strategies, you will show all the world what peacefull sources for economic growth there are on the planet.
+Volker Scheffer The major problem- one of the major problems, for there are several- one of the many major problems with governing people is that of whom you get to do it; or rather of who manages to get people to let them do it to them.
To summarize: it is a well-known fact that those people who most want to rule people are, ipso facto, those least suited to do it. To summarize the summary: anyone who is capable of getting themselves made President should on no account be allowed to do the job. To summarize the summary of the summary: people are a problem.
Who can possibly rule if no one who wants to do it can be allowed to?

-- Douglas Adams
I'm very disappointed that in NASA petty politics come before science. Way to go. What next? Stop cancer research cooperation with Russian institutions?
The high priests of NASA are committing the error of mixing religion with politics.

NB the genius Frank Herbert used the word "Politics" as a signal for "Danger" in his Dune series.
Don't believe that someone in NASA wrote this. It is a shame. 
Rick Mastraccio and Steve Swanson better stay on their side of the station and God forbid they talk with the Russians lol. God forbid we don't have to take one of those Soyuz home. Hopefully political idiocy don't have enough thrust to reach LEO lol
Thank you for this act. Now our country is in need of care and pressure, as 25 years ago.
Alexandre Sokolov, Ph.D., Moscow
Dear Americans. You might be surprised. But unrest in Ukraine prepared the U.S. government. And people in the Crimea fearing for themselves and their children have wanted to Russia will join the desire to hold a referendum to Russia will join - ie 
Russian troops have been many years in the Crimea. They have helped to avoid the attacks, which were in the Maidan in Kiev.
+Сергей Макаров You don't have to explain what happened. Everybody should know it is  not about the small people in Crimea. There is something bigger behind the curtain. Putin is not caring for the small people, he just wants to maintain or grow his empire, and Obama/NATO doesn't care about the small people, but just want to grow the empire.
The bad thing is, that the small people in America/Europe and the small people in Russia/Ukrain/Crimea shall believe it is about them and about human rights. They are been told so every day and every hour on the media. And the small people shall hate eachother, to fire a conflict that is not neccessary. It is only neccessary to grow one ore the other empire.
+Volker Scheffer Its more like the Golden Billion against the rest of the world that has right to remain alive.
Sorry +Dmitry Skripkin I don't exactly understand the term "Golden Billion"

If you mean the top politics and mighty people in the background like Bilderberger, then I agree.
Are our astronauts not allowed to play with their astronauts again?! Way to go raiding places Putin, riding bears, pretending you have good intentions while you lock up all opposition..making nerds cry. reaching villain status Disney style.
Reminds me of late Carl Sagan and his wise words. Im sure none of the politicians have the capacity to understand the value of space science.

Carl Sagan - You Are Here (Pale Blue Dot) [Sagan …:
Where is the logic in paying Russia $71 million per U.S. astronaut’s ride to the Space Station when according to KSC FAQ the cost per space shuttle mission was $450 million? But when the whole logic in stopping the shuttle program was flawed in the first place I shouldn’t be surprised.
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