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NASA hung out with 1 person. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Elon Musk
NASA & Space Hangout
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Question for Elon Musk - how goes the progress of the Falcon Heavy? Is everything going along as planned? What about the specifics in terms of mass-to-orbit and cost?

Huge fan of your work, thank you for the hangout.
Q for both: What's the difference b/w this Dragon cargo flight (about 1000 lbs) to ISS and the first berthing (also over 1000 lbs if im not mistaken)? 
I have been reading that the Russian space program is having problems. Is there any backup plan to carry astronauts to and from the ISS should the Soyuz program fail? If not, is there any way that the manned program by SpaceX can be accelerated?
Question for Nasa and Elon... by having a moon station wouldn't be easier for testing new forms of propulsion?
I'm a fan of Elon, and his "big" thinking attitude, and environmental conscience.
Any upcoming opportunities on collaborations for K-12 education to engage youth in becoming part of the emerging commercial space industry by both SpaceX and NASA?
Have their ever been any real thought put into assembling a Team for a ONE WAY manned mission to Mars?  I know it's kind of morbid, but even with full knowledge of the inevitable outcome I'm sure there are non-married or widowed Astronauts that would love to have the honor and recognition of being the first humans to successfully land on Mars.
You talked a little bit about different and better means of propulsion as we move farther out into the solar system, but what kind of timeline do you think we are  looking at for the adoption of, for example, some sort of nuclear form of propulsion or ion drive?
+David Acuna Yes and no, the problem is, how would you manuveur pieces into position, and keep them in that position. So no it is going to be staying on the ground until we discover that artificial gravity would allow us to be able to: Make massive space-op missions more available and in theory, help us test in space.
Elon: You mentioned that you planned to give more specifics about how your plan for getting to Mars would work out towards the end of this year. I was wondering if this was still coming up?
Elon and Bolden: With all the mentions of settling another gravity well. What about utilizing asteroids and artificial gravity (via centrifuge) to settle low gravity environments? Do the problems involved with make it much more impractical than Mars?
Is Sunday's launch a near instantaneous launch again, or do you have a 10 minute window to launch?
Question for Elon Musk: What is your general management style at Tesla and Spacex? Is there any difference between how you handle your role at both companies?
Elon & Charlie: What do you think of the current state of space law? Should there be changes?
Oh yeah!!  +Elon Musk !  I saw you in the launch party video for the +Tesla Motors  Model S!!  I loved every minute of it!  Made me want to spend the weekend in Chicago to see if I would could catch a glimpse of the first Model S to roll out of the warehouse!  I'm saving my pennies in hopes of owning one of your products in the not so distant future! :)   #gogreenthinkgreen  
unfortunately, we can't do so much, nor go so away, with the "commercial space" vehicles, since they are too small and/or too expensive and/or too dangerous and, ALL them, suborbital or orbital only, with nothing able to go beyond LEO, that's why the Soviet Union has never landed its astronauts on the Moon with the Soyuz and why NASA can't land again its astronauts on the Moon (not surely go to Mars) with dwarf rockets and vehicles like the Falcon-9 or the Dragon or the DREAMchaser ...
the real human spaceflight scenario, in this decade, is ...
Soyuz - flies and will fly
Shenzhou - flies and will fly
Orion - may fly with crew around 2020 (including delays)
Liberty rocket and caspule: deleted forever
Excalibur Almaz - never will fly due to total lack of funds
BlueKliper - no funds to develop it and buy the AtlasV
DREAMchaser - deleted due to design issues & lack of funds
CST-100 - tooooo expensive to be developed and used by NASA
Dragon - may fly manned in 2018 after its problems fixed
"it's incredible to see something leave the planet"
~ from charlie @ +NASA.
Thank you +NASA +Elon Musk and Administrator Charlie Bolden! Great to see this and I hope you do many more hangouts with all sorts of people from Astronauts to Administrators to Contractors etc.
Apologies for missing this; however, wondering if afterward you'll have time to follow-through on some of these questions. As such, I have a quick question regarding whether or not there are any plans for Space-X to develop and provide the capability for lauching Bigelow Aerospace's  Genesis I, II or BA330 modules?
Questions on twitter with a google hang out hahaha
+NASA  Is a pioneer not only in Space but in the effective use of multi-platform Social Media +Ryein Goddard Other Commercial and Government entities take note, this is how to do it right. 
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Great news on commercial space flight. Congratulations NASA and SpaceX!
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