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Statement of Administration Policy on H.R. 5326 − Commerce, Justice, Science, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act, 2013 (PDF file)
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Lots of *+1*'s, but I'd like to see comment on what this means. I am unfamiliar with policy like this.
This is a statement from the Executive Office of the President, noting the Office of Management and Budget's concerns with the House of Rep's funding proposal for fiscal year 2013. Mostly, they are concerned about budget cuts affecting law and order at the community level, gun trafficking in the south, NASA funding for space flight, some civil and legal restrictions in the proposal, as well as foreign policy and the separation of powers. Interestingly, there are some positive points too, like increased funding to NSF. Basically, this document sets up the talking points as the President's office sees it for future debates on the issue, IMO.
"Gun trafficking in the South" suffered a major blow when Obama's Attorney General got caught doing it. No wonder they're concerned.
I look forward to Mittens' "strap 'em to the roof and hope they survive" plans for the space program.
+Thad Majkut is one of the gullibles who thought the Obama administration gives a rat's fuzzy behind about space. Grow up, son. Blocked.
Politics always bring out the best in people including being polite, listening to reason, using intelligent arguments and being openminded ;) All that for a simple popularity contest.
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