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Radar topography of the bottom of a lake?
It's a new strain of algae used in the production of bio-fuels.
This looks like its a picture of the Amazon or some other dense forested area from overhead. Simply beautiful!
This is interesting coz it shows plant like structures, the twigs, brances and all, and this is indeed a forest and as most of them say that its amazon, i think that too bcoz it is quite dense.
the green makes it look like grass, a mountain or hill, but it looks grainy so it could be false color image of a sea bead. Maybe.
Rain forest.  Lots of waterways for the indents, and all green because of the canopy cover of the forest.  That's my guess for what.
Must be a trick question (color). Looks green and lush but more than likely a desert region? IDL .tiff processed image? Could be anywhere.  
Looks like a forested mountain area. My obvious first guess is definitely South America, aka Amazon rain forest. Besides that is a tiny possibility of China and African jungles. 
Well, since most sattelite instruments don't care about colour I'm guessing it's not actually a green area. I'm betting that this is a Radar based elevation scan of either a desert region or the bottom of a large body of water. I see what look like erosion patterns forming a latticework in the image.
Judging from the shape or those ridges, It looks like a false colored  image of an underwater area or some area that was formerly under water.  perhaps near mid ocean ridges?
Rainforest with ridges and valleys shaped by surface water transport.
+Adrian Neill +Gabriel Walsh 
You study topo maps you will see the same erosion marks all over the globe, evidence of a great flood at one time... 

I agree the color is most likely false though to much consistency in the color... 
Could be nearly anywhere,  
Does this make anyone else think of Arrested Development, or am I the only one? 
Color doesn't make sense to me either. This could be the ridges and grooves seen from some height from a satellite. What makes interesting is that they form the pattern of a leaf. It could have been taken from a radar satellite.
some part of China, where a river or rivers used to flow down hill
Satellite image of Amazon rain forest, before deforestation.
It is a hardwood forest, one with a lot of water. The "branches" are tributaries. The darker lines are high relief areas (cliffs). These forests can be found all over the world but with the sheer density of tributaries, it shows a lot of rain. I would tend to agree with everyone that this is a rain forest. Take your pick which one.
Reminds me of the forests on the outskirts of Ciudad Victoria, Tamaulipas, Mexico.
It's something like the Amazon jungle isn't it?  
North of St. Louis (USA) during the flood season. It looks like (green) filtered picture of a brain. (I hope this isn't a Rorschach inkblot test).
looks like dense jungle, but no really big rivers in it, Sumatra? Papua?
but it can be some arid land right after the rains, depending on the distance of the photo.......... tricky. 
on second thought, scale hints of the amazonas.
The carpet from my very first Apartment.
An algae field at a water recycling plant.
Well I guess Hilly Region of Thick Rain Forest ...
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