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Administrator Charles Bolden participated in panel discussion Friday at the #STEM Solutions convention in Dallas. The event is designed to promote science, technology, engineering and math education among U.S. students.
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Yes, The USA is so serious about this, we cut funding.
Turn teaching into a FPS game and the kids will learn while killing zombies.
Talking about it is good, learning about it is good. But if there isnt any living to be made in it, it goes away.
+Doug Eason  STEM related careers make up the lowest unemployment rates and the highest in demand job positions in the US (and I suspect other nations). As well as many of the highest paying jobs. 6th graders don't shy away from math because they are career oriented.
Also there should be more initiatives (and money available for) older students who have the aptitude and will, but not the financial opportunities to seek degrees and careers in STEM fields.
6th graders dont shy away, you are correct.  All I am saying is it would be good if we had a job waiting for that 6th grader when the time arrives. Not everyone can have a STEM job ...
Promote something to LIVE with :D
The current educational setup need to be revolutionized before any meaningful STEM program can be implemented. A large percentage of school administrators that can attach file to a word document, and you want them to implement STEM. What a joke? Check out about a better solution in Open Robotics High Schools:
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