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Just heard we've had 200,000+ continuous simultaneous viewers of our webcasts for #VenusTransit. Are you watching?
Transit of Venus 2012, Venus Transit 2012
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Thank you for putting so much effort into your Google + social media coverage.  It's much appreciated and a very uplifting part of every day.
Bob B
been watching and listening since 5pm MT (3.5 hrs) :D
It is priceless to see the transit even while enveloped by clouds and currently on the wrong side of the earth...
Couldn't be on Mauna Kea for this one. However, an astronomer friend of mine had a telescope. The view was awesome! 
Absolutely.  I saw the 2004 transit and have been waiting eight years for this one.  Unfortunately, we were thoroughly clouded out here so thank you for letting me live it through you!
I am watching and loving every minute of it. My 6 year thinks its amazing. First thing he asked me was "When can we go there Dad". (Venus)
Great coverage!  Thanks so much.
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