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Space Shuttle Discovery (#OV103) heads to Washington, D.C. and the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum this morning! Follow arrival live around 10 a.m. EDT Tag your photos and tweets with #spottheshuttle
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Truly the end of an era, very mixed emotions.
sooo thats how planes are made
+NASA I wish this was a picture of Discovery being flown back to the Cape from Edwards in preparation of another launch ... :(
I just read about it in the morning paper. I'm in DC. Probably, I'll have a chance to see it.
Tis a sad day. This is the funeral procession for Discovery.
Love Bugs from Florida! or "Flying United"
One of the best memories I have of living in Brevard county is driving up Highway 1 one afternoon. Looking to my right, I saw that they were flying the shuttle back to KSP piggybacked as the picture above shows. However in this instance they were flying over the Indian River. Truly a majestic sight.
Let's all give a big hand to the +The White House / Obama administration for killing off our means of doing repairs to Hubble, helping out the ISS, and etc. Truly genius I have to tell ya.
Maybe the Shuttle program is dated... but at least have the replacement program functioning before you kill this off.
Now I know how baby space shuttles are made...
wow this occasion is so sad i cannot think of a decent comment
a bit depressing that its now a museum piece
mom, the big bird is teaching its child to fly~~
Mr. Moore, you're way off base. The Shuttle program was canceled by the Bush administration long ago, when external tank production was shut down. And we don't have a replacement for it because... Oh, wait, we do have a replacement! It's called Soyuz if you're referring to personnel transport, or every other launch system out there for cargo. These solutions cost far, far less than the shuttle. Maybe a better question is: Why did we need to spend all our money on the F-22, F-35, B-2, and many other overpowered military systems instead of boosting NASA's budget so they could develop a follow-on to the Shuttle that wasn't such a money sink? But no, NASA only got enough funding to pay for the shuttle, and later the badly-managed Constellation programs. They're just treated like a pork-barrel program Senators use to get reelected.
The last flight of a legend... pretty sad really.
I'll miss the Space Shuttles, I just hope the push for space doesn't come apart at the seams now.
hope they have both the shuttle and the 747 @ the Smith both are worth keeping
So will we become another North Korea, now that we will not be launching any space craft and stay on the cutting edge of space flight. I know we'll still launch other things into space but I guess growing up in the 60's and not launching spacecraft now??
It makes me think of a father carrying his child on his back as they run through the yard.
+Yuriy Bihanskyy It's not the Mriya, it's a specially adapted Boeing 747. The Mriya was conceived to carry the Buran (Soviet Shuttle) and other huge pieces of equipment (like parts of future orbital stations, etc...).
Machine to the success.
Truly a magnificent spaceship.
Very sad. I wish they had allowed NASA to finish the ARES program before getting rid of the shuttles.
one thing comes to my mind seeing this ------- sex :)
Get a room you two!

Or shall I say get a sky you two...
A sad day for the United States. By ending our role in the space race we have allowed other nations to become global leaders in yet another ending thousands of jobs for hard working Americans trying to support their familes.....
One should be coming to Houston but that piece of crap obama stole if from us.
had a struggle +1'ing this. I feel like I just applauded at the end of an age of scientific discovery.
NASA it is great to see creation.... specially when it regards skies space, planes and we come to the conclusion even with the beautifull creations that we see the whole concept remotes to about fifty years ago. The planes are beautifull and more beautifull was the mind behind it
Every time I see a picture of this the first thing I think about is Moonraker.
why would NASA be shutted down? Makes me to think ......
And is it just me, or has this photo had the Instagram treatment?
saw this today over my house, it was awesome. :)
This brings back memories of a time before adult responsibility...
this pictuere is wonderful.God Bless
and thus an antique is put away, and with it hope of government funded space exploration.
Way to go Uncle SAM! You shut down the space shuttle program today. AWESOME. The political waste has caused the FED to expand social programs and shut down the programs that made us a world leader.
Dear Stefen thanks for letting me know that NASA is well. I think that is a symbol of USA. Is´t it? I was shocked when read on a comment Besides the great pilots you have those that come from Top Gun Air Force schools. It is breath taking we documentaries can be seen.... by the way we have seen recently those magic toys on the air. Love to you all.
The decline and end of manned spaceflight by NASA is something that is very short-sighted and sad. I don't think "the private sector" will be able to do much for many, many, years. All this skill and technology over 40 years put on the scrap heap. The United States will have another Sputnik moment when other nations that are not as short sighted and ruled by a money driven political spoils system (hello China and others.) The US of A is all about tax cuts rewarding the 1%, rewarding the rich, privatizing the government to political cronies and fattening the military industrial complex. Our priorities are way out of whack...IMHO.
Time to come clean on why TWO of your astronauts have publicly sworn (for decades) that you are covering up evidence of extraterrestrial visitation to our planet.
Remember on election day that Obama killed the space program. Now we pay the Russians to supply the space station. Way to kill American jobs and stimulate the Russian economy. Thanks Obammy.
I for one am glad to see us moving forward. These shuttles are technical dinosaurs, and needed to be retired. I'm looking forward to seeing the new era being ushered in by Boeing and SpaceX, who both have contracts with Nasa.
Not sure how rockets are progress over aerodyne reusables, but Im no rocket surgeon. And Toby, dont be a knob.
That that photo usher in a new era of a space plane that didn't have to piggy back on another dated as the 70s.
"as dated as the 70s".... I suppose you dont drive to work in a vehicle using 130 year old ICE technology...?
the king is dead ... is there a new king already ??
The end of one era and hopefully the start of another - glad I got to see it.
Interesting to me, all the proclaimed atheists who talk about those of faith "forcing" their views on others, then proceed to tell those same people how their beliefs are wrong!
thats amazing logistics. do you need my address again?
Thanks Russia for overcharging the USA to supply the space station.
wow! vook at that!!!--booboo chicken
It's been a good run but it's time these funds were diverted to more pressing issuesThe answers to earth's problems are not going to be found in space.
I agree with Keith.
Jenny Hurley
I live within 30 miles of the NASA Space Center in Houston
Since I am in Washington State and not D.C. I had to watch this on the news. I have to admit, it was a great thing to see, but at the same time, very sad. Unless our children can become independently wealthy, which in our economy I don't see that happening anytime soon, they will never be able to realize a dream of going into space.
That's like our ancestors staying home in Africa and saying, "the answer to Odluvai Gorge's problems are not going to be found by migrating to Eurasia". There are unlimited resources and energy starting at about 100 miles overhead. In my view, the energy potential alone would go a long way towards finding "answers Earth's problems." It is definitely worth NASA's budget (less than a penny on every tax dollar) to try to figure out how to get our hands on it.
What's so special about space? Resources? Life is only here on Earth. Better start making this world a better place so we can continue to live. Dream on; we can't ascend to the heavens until we make things right down here.
Aircraft... sounds like Minecraft :)
wasting money,. the goverment already have the alien tech,. they should show us,,
going to space is basically wasting $ with the exception of going to the ISS
Bill V
I saw this amazing sight when I was between classes at my high school near Cape Canaveral. That was 30-something years ago, and the Columbia was on its way to Kennedy Space Center for its maiden flight. I stepped out between buildings on my way from one class to another, and something in the sky caught my eye. I stood there transfixed, and was soon surrounded by my classmates, amazed at the same sight. It's amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it. But all things have their own place in time.
+Micah Jacobson you actually have it backwards... ISS is easy, it is just routine, let privates handle it. True exploration (Mars, Titan, extra-solar) is not a waste.
OK I know this is wrong, but I am PISSED that Huntsville did not get at least one of these. Hell, we built most of the damned things. Right to work state = you work, owners relax.
To the person who commented: "What's so special about space? Life is only here on Earth." You are foolish if you think that in an observable universe consisting of untold TRILLIONS of star systems (nearly all of which have planets) only has life on one tiny floating rock. Our destiny as a species is out there, not here.
Piggy Back!!! Final Destination
ive just went on hoiliday to combe haven for 10 nights
So much has happened in my lifetime! I watched the first Space walk, from the first man in space to this!! Awesome!!
if u really want 2 get rid of those space shuttle, we need them.
diantre yo ay en ese avion volando y ien trankilo
diantre yo ay en ese avion volando bien trankilo
That is beautiful, and one of the saddest things I can think of.
... Truly Magnificent!! Never before seen by the civilized world!! A rarity, indeed, to be blessed with the chance to witness this occurence. See how the MALE, although smaller and weaker, attempts to mate with this FEMALE, in order to be successful this mid-air display of ... wait a minute, oh, I'm sorry its the ... Shuttle ... airplane ... whoops.
They use passengers as money, u do not want to know how they give it out.
An impressive sight. It's not only a technical wonder but also the death of an era in 1 picture.
its been there for almost a decade now,lol
I still think the shuttle program should go on...
its like a little dog humping a much bigger
More than dogs, looks like dragon flies having a good time flying around.....
NASA Could mean new amazing super adventurous ?? wat u think ?
We are a great nation with a great power and technology but yet now we have to depend on the Russian to get in spaces with the souse rocket
They are taking about going back to the moon ... for what did we forgot something there???
It's time has passed....but it will never be forgotten
good of its retirement ,,,,,,, would earn good pensions there
Why do we need to explore air space in the first place? Do we need another planet after we have ruined the given one? Logically which is better, keep the given space clean or ruin and look for another one-calling exploration.

+Ismail Omar Look, it's not about ditching this planet and finding another. Colonizing another planet only makes since in case this one suffers another extinction event. I thought that was fairly well known among everyone.
This is an example of what can achieve
non posso commentare che in italiano, conosco solo l'italiano.
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