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Stunning new composite images from +Don Pettit on the ISS #NASA #ISS +NASA
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what are those shapes and colours - are they stars?
Thank you, +NASA !! Georgeous! (p.s. - my daughter, who wants to be the Queen of Math and an Engineer at the age of 7, wants to hitch a ride on your upcoming Mars Mission. What should I tell her?) :D You guys never ever disappoint!
+Cyndi Smith If you want to be an astronaut, you need to be light weight, in shape, and free of physical and genetic defects.
OMG, we're being sucked into a giant space vortex thingy...oh, I get it. Nice!
cool stuff.......................nice stuff
the star trails are truncated, and the bands of light on the earth are continuous. ISS goes around the Earth 16 times in one rotation of the planet. can't see both ends of one star's trail to estimate how long was the exposure was, but it was less than an Earth day. What was the exposure time in number of orbits?
Look neat :)

Now make it pink so it can look better x.x...
It's a composite image, ergo, many many many images put together to create one. Looks they put together a bunch of images taken from a static position over the course of hours/days, which is why you see streaks of light instead of individuals stars.
Interesting that the long exposure makes the surface of the Earth resemble the surface of Jupiter.
It's not everyday we see static foregrounds and moving background images -- thanx!
it doesn"t look like earth
I'm not sure what it is but it's awesome! 
nasa has high tec gadgets, people can be amazing
I'd love to know the exposure time. All the Details include is Flash: Not used. Lol
fools! _ you can't "see this in person" and it's not effects/editing, it's related to the exposure time.
it's a long exposure of stars; the (off-screen) focus of the concentric star trails is the celestial pole
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