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Tuesday morning, NASA Administrator Charlie Bolden is on the air talking with Tampa (on WTSP, WTVT & BayNews9), Houston (on KRIV, KPRC), Orlando (on CFNews13 & WESH), and Huntsville (on WHNT). Tune in between 6:15am ET and 8:30am ET.
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What ever Charlie Bolden has to say better be DAMNED !! Good,because he is the one who Screwed Mission Control Houston out of a Space Shuttle as we were suppose to recieve one here at NASA HOUSTON !! Everyone have you got that,he literally SWIDDEL!! us out of a Shuttle,because of the other Greedy Places wanted one all to Themselves!! Always,Lori H-Smith 30th.April 2012
The National Air Space Museum is a greedy place? I don't get it.
This goes to you Tom Paull what I meant was NASA HOUSTON should have gotten one Shuttle first,then Cape Canerval in Florida next,then The National Air & Space Museum the 3rd. choice.Now does that clear up to you The I don't get it thing.All the other one's were the true Greedy ones alright.Houston,Texas is the Original place of NASA,PERIOD,Florida comes next.Always,Lori H-Smith
30th.April 2012
Lori, you got it all right! It's a shame, the way it shook out.
Tom, it sounds like these people may have a conspiracy theory on their hands! Perhaps they know something about it that we don't know.
Well California is the place where it was built, so they should have it. What is really useless is New York, what do they have to do with space there?
The lunar lander was built in New York.
Yes I forgot the Shuttle landed several times on the moon :)
The shuttle never sent a lander to the Moon, that was Apollo. :-)
Scott, Mike was answering Alessio's question about NY's involvement in space not about the Shuttle program.
Hey!! Bryce Salmi.I will let you know this that New York never had any indepth involvement in Any of the Space Programs .Now back when NASA was in it's rocket mode not the Shuttles the In trepid only Captured capsules when when they laded on the oceans only ,nothing else with thte Space Shuttles.I truly hope this even clears -up more of anyones thoughts on the whole New York involvement.Always,Lori H-Smith 30th. April 2012
Yes Bryce, but I was answering Alessio, not Mike.
Thanks, Bryce. Yes, my comment was about NY's involvement in the space program, not the Shuttle.
The Lunar Lander was designed and built in NY, Long Island Grumman Corp. During the Apollo 13 disaster, Grumman staff worked together with NASA to turn the lander into a lifeboat so the astronauts could return safely home.
Alessio's question was what did NY have to do with the space program. The answer is a major contribution getting man to the moon and back safely which was the goal of NASA in the 1960's.
+Scott Prader come on that was sarcasm, we all know that the Shuttle was only capable of LOW Earth orbit, I think the further it ever went was the Hubble orbit, around 500km. By comparison the moon is about 1 light second, or 300000km.
+Mike Zimmardi the one of New York is such a relatively small contribution 50+ years ago. So many other states have done MUCH more, but in particular New York was never involved in any of the Shuttle activity: why do they get the Enterprise? This is the real scandal. This said, I have read Bolden's biography and well, it's impressive, I wish all NASA administrators had the same experience in space and military background.

In any case, now the Shuttle is a thing of the past and, let's watch at the future, let's make it as bright as possible, hoping private corporations take over the exploration!!!
I agree. It is time to look to the future. SpaceX looks promising. Their test seems to have gone off well and the launch Monday will show what they can do.

But small contribution? WHat was the mission of NASA as laid out by President Kennedy? It was to land a man on the moon and bring him safely home by the end of the decade. Without Grumman's contribution, that would not have happened.
The main goal of NASA is to journey to the stars and explore other planets, not just sit in low earth orbit.

Other than that, though, the Interpid is an annex of the National Air and Space Museum. It does belong there as a display of the history of space exploration. They are not getting a real shuttle. It is the Enterprise, which couldn't go into space. It was a prototype model.
+Alessio Sangalli , you may notice that my response was in kind. (see ;-) )

As for "who did more or less", that sort of thing doesn't matter. That's the kind of thing that schoolchildren bicker about.
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