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Space shuttle Discovery is parked in her final home at the Smithsonian's Udvar-Hazy Center.
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What I wouldn't give to expierence what those few lucky souls expierenced inside that magnificent shuttle. May your retirement be as proud and beautiful as your career, Discovery.
Sad, sad day for the USA.
I'm looking forward to visiting her soon! :D
It's sad in that the shuttle should have been replaced 20 years ago with the next generation system, but NASA didn't have the budget, so they were forced to keep these flying museum pieces flying before reality forced itself on the whole operation and they had to retire the fleet.
Great picture, with the Enterprise in the background ; we're not going to see shuttles so close together anytime soon (although the Enterprise never went to space, it did fly, mated to the 747 carrier, and glided on her own).
Maybe the finest machine built by man..
Looks like Cmdr Mark Kelly even did the parking here, that's him on the right side isn't it ?
They cut off the program too early. Road trip to DC in the works though to see it in person.
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Poor Houston...i'm sure they wish they got a space shuttle...and i think they really do deserve it...
+Beverly Ge I prefer to think of it like this: The Smithsonian is preoccupied with reveling in the past, Houston is preoccupied with creating the future.
Its an end of a journey. Disco has travelled so very far.
Ah Discovery, haters gonna hate, that's what they live to do - all I know is you did your job and did it well. Thank you...
+John Richardson Good point...though who knows where Mission Control's role will go after the space shuttle program?
I heard it was parked next to P-Funks Mothership....
Hopefully +Maggie Brazeau some engineering student is thinking that same thing and starts work tonight on what will become the replacement :)
Seeing all this stuff about the retired Orbiters really makes me upset that Seattle's Museum of Flight was passed up in lieu of sending one to the trash dump known as Los Angeles.

How that place got a shuttle when Seattle's long history in the Aerospace industry clearly makes it a better candidate is beyond me.
I can't wait to take the kids back there. We went several years ago and the kids loved it.
I felt the same way +Chris Knight but now I hope that seeing the shuttles up close will inspire a budding/future engineer to imagine a replacement :)
That would be a dream for me to step foot on one of those!
Thanks for Sharing!
I LOVE THE UDVAR HAZEY CENTER. i just made myself sound really geeky
Loved that spaceship..... That's to bad.
Great space shuttle!
A sad sad day for humanity
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Dude i not a big fan of science but f*** this lets see what i put in this channel rught above this s***.
I saw her fly there in person. Cool eh?
Amazing I was about to see her but she flew into the clouds
Omar Z.
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gone but not forgotten. Thank you Obama for putting an end to our space program
+Luis Nieves The space program still exists! They need more funding. Instead of complaining about it why not lobby for more funding? Call EVERYONE who represents you, tell them you believe in the space program, tell them to fund it. NASA is trying hard to continue their work, but they need us to make some noise and ask some questions!
+Luis Nieves get informed, G.W. canceled the Shuttle Program, and the one that was to take its place was a disaster. There is and will be a space program, but call me crazy, maybe we should focus our efforts and budget on fixing our badly damaged economy FIRST!
we need more space exploration. everything about space gets my attention :)
Agreed +Luis Nieves ! Most people don't realize how space exploration has affected their everyday life!
this means that there are no more space explorations?!?!?!!?
i would love to go to the moon and see earth from that side
+ava brennan it means that the US does not CURRENTLY have any operational space vehicles. That is certain to be a temporary status.
o good, stopping space exploration would be a horrible idea!
Gabby D
no +ava brennan , we'll still be going into space, just not in shuttles. as a matter of fact, you can check the NASA website and see that there are future missions to send astronauts into space. for example, Expedition 30 is being carried out now.
Dang! too bad I was at the smithsonian a couple years ago......i'll have to plan another trip
Darn, another excuse to head out the toll road....
awwww i was their week ago and mised it :(
You would think they could have slapped a little bit of PAINT of that bad boy...
Dayum. This one needs to be in Instagram. Get one of your interns to Instagram this shiz!
I can remember in 1968, my father who is a rocket scientist, told me about the new project he was working on...
retrired mission keepers ?
Yes but the best photograph was of Enterprise nosing at Discovery.
NASA, you post the best frickin pictures. Hands down.
best picture ever taken EPIC!
wow, look at the wear and tear. It had to be retired.
Discovery..... Thankx for large number of discoveries......
its the begging of its retirement.....
How did it happen? And the astronaut parks the shuttle. Beep beep.... for the last time
essa é uma aposentadoria merecida por grandes serviços prestados. valeu Discovery.
Matthew VandenBerg -- you're right. These old war horses earned every right to show there scars proudly. I look at the wear on the skin .. the patina of millions of miles traveled and heat stresses that we can only imagine and smile. What I am looking at in this picture, is literally the stuff of my imagination as a child. humankind, and science have been forever changed by these amazing works of art, science, and the bravery of their operators.
I can't wait to get down there and see it in person!
are they going to put any of the other shuttles in museums any where else?
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What a sad end to a beautiful aircraft (spaceship). Never to be seen in the uk, what a shame!
Se llama avión chato porque se estrelló en estados unidos con los gringos patas rajadas jajajaja
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