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NASA managers, in coordination with Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum officials, tentatively selected Wednesday, April 25 as the date to ferry #OV101 space shuttle Enterprise from Washington’s Dulles International Airport to New York City’s John F. Kennedy International Airport. The decision is dependent on the outcome of a weather briefing Tuesday morning. Follow for updates.
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Don't worry bros. I stopped the Sun from Supernova.
I'm sorry about destroying your satelittes...
Tell us more about those "5 Free Flights".
I wonder what the total cost was for each decal showing previous flights? (design, process, admin, materials, labor, testing, signoff)
Sad that a museum which already has proven a lack of care for other items it has (like the Concord) is getting a Shuttle, while the city that designed and ran the program (Houston) gets a fake mock up.
+Andrew Balfour Enterprise was the in-atmosphere test vehicle. It was taken up on the ferry 747 and released to test the shuttle's performance during in-atmosphere flight as well as landing characteristics.

It's "free" as in free from its mounts as opposed to "free" as in no cost.
+Dale Schultz: We have a military force five times larger than required if the requirement is to be the largest, best prepared military force in existence today, and you're concerned about the cost of a bumper sticker?
y did they take the program away!
How can I say I'm a born again while I'm devil worshiper.
I hope NASA's next objective it to make a colony,base on the moon then work on going to mars
i live in washington so i was able to see this live so il see if i can post it
I like this album..
I refrain from saying something vulgar...and say nothing at all :0P
Look at those sequence drawn on jet about how shuttle & jet are going breakup in mid air. Awesome picture
that's a lot of flights, and considering this 747 has 57 ferry flights for the Enterprise, is this the only transfer plane NASA has?
It's nice they gave out 5 free flights, after all those miles.
OH ya I was there in the airport when it passed by! :)
Should have been Houston. I'm still suffering shock from that ridiculous decision.
+Dale Schultz seriously? You're wondering about the cost of a sticker?! To express it as a cost it would need to be in scientific notation in comparison to the amount of money the government blows everyday. I assure you the exponent would be well below zero.
I saw this go really bad in a super man movie
Ferry dust, and a bunch of jet-a.
I enjoy an honest open discussion. Unfortunately, those days are gone or are often ruined by post examples seen in just a few of the responses above. I'm sure this will draw some more. Perhaps they don't get enough attention in life, I don't know, but it's an indictment on the condition of this country and SOME of it's citizens. For what it's worth, I agree that the shuttle should have gone to Houston. And yes we spend Billions in research that sometimes yields little, but if you don't do the research, you'll never know. I'm a Christian, and enjoy the science of many fields.Space, Oceanic, Seismological and so on.I have no college degree, so obviously am not involved in any research, but still enjoy what other's have discovered. Man is naturally inquisitive. Were it not for research, (as primitive as it may have been at one time) just think where we'd be today.The man (or woman) who ate the first egg was doing research. I'm grateful every time I enjoy an omelet.
+Gregg Griffin Sr. While I believe that research is vital, not Christian, or of any faith, and I too also enjoy a good debate. Just what the heck are you blithering on about?! Did you just want to vent about how it seems this generation is lost in comparison to the previous generation? I'm not sure how anything you just rambled about in your post related to anything that was presented in the photo here. If there is any connection it is remote at best. How about instead of detracting and getting on your soap box; how about being (just tossing the idea out there) constructive.

Also, I doubt that the first person who ate an egg knew what they were doing. It was most likely some hungry person looking to shove whatever into their mouth. So research is indeed important, but don't forget dumb luck.
your on the plan if i was u ill get in the plane
Wow. Talk about a de-evolution of discussion.
All I have to say is:
A small part of my blithering was about people just like you. Those who just cannot resist belittling or ridiculing someone about what they say or how they say it or how they spell or whatever fault you can find. You are a prime example. It's and discussion section. I commented on the morons who simply wrote "Go to Hell" and "Baaa" etc...Who offered nothing to the discussion at all. Then there are those like you, the "Critic" who waits to pounce on anything someone says so you can exercise your superior intelligence I suppose, and do your best to make them feel stupid. You belittling me, doesn't lift you up one iota. As for as the relevance, I suppose the shuttle missions were all joy rides, no research. I also agreed with the individual who felt the shuttle should have gone to Houston. As usual, someone get's on there high horse and start's RAMBLING about someone else's post. This will be my last effort at a civil discussion. I'm sure you'll have a smart a pithy response that will leave you feeling a part of the Super Race. Enjoy it I I was simply trying to comment and join the discussion. Not that it matters, and I certainly don't want your sympathy, but after working hard for 35 years, I'm disabled and spend about 20 hours a day in bed. This was also an effort to break the boredom. I leave you with this promise. You'll never be bothered with my "blithering" again. So as I said go ahead and respond with your superior thoughts and insights, and blast me a couple more times just for good measure. You can have the last word.....enjoy!
As a veteran, I was an intern for Intrepid... I wasn't impressed ...the department I worked for didn't care that I was a disabled veteran, and the staff was ignorant and only cared about their bottom line. Volunteers that gave their time were mistreated and taken advantage of, but no one really stepped up to thank them....pathetic
Superman anyone? Totally turned out as a bad idea in the movie.
why should the rocket ride for free? It better pay first class for seats like that.
Don't people usually put the emblems of planes they've shot down on the side of their plane? 
i wonder if they left the shuttle dirty for aesthetics from its last space flight
I wonder if there are any beer cans inside
+Gregg Griffin Sr. You call for the last word on the matter, sure thing! There isn't any superiority in my post. This or the one before it. It's simply pointing out the fact that:
1. Each generation that comes before feels an innate need to comment on how the generation that precedes it is somewhat diminished. I shall further that point through out this post.
2. You solidify that point then use circumstances of your life to justify such a position. That is taking a generalization of life and backing it up with a single specific life, while that life indeed has value, one should not take a specific life and try as they might, to apply it to a generalize concept.
3. Once pointed out, you feel that I am exercising some sort of superiority. By showing that you are taking a specific example and trying to generalize it to apply to all, you feel that I somehow diminish your life. It is a trap that is often employed and all too well ensnares its prey. If you wish to make conjecture about the current generation, you must do so not on the personal level but on the level in which general concept exists. You must take in the wealth of the whole, and not base on the misguidance of the few who have made silly remarks. Doing it any other way, only leads to dead end conversations about how one's feelings are hurt or how life has yielded circumstances in which no one can relate to. Which is true, since it is your life that you wish to thrust the conversation into. Who could have a debate about your life since you are the authority of you?

In relation to your claim of superiority. There doesn't need to be any form of superior thoughts tossed at your post for the simple fact that the concept of the elders holding the saplings in contempt is as age old as human existence itself. It has nothing to do with your intellect or any degree of your intellect you feel I hold it to. You know what you know and there isn't much that can change that. There is no need to take it to personal levels since what I wish to talk about is not you. You are not interesting enough to conjecture about. Indeed, take you out of the argument so that we may return to talking about the age old problem I have stated in the second line of this paragraph. No matter the defensive posture that you feel you need to take with your intellect, your intelligence is not the question, answer, or point in this matter.

"The matter", if not clear, that I speak of is simply, what does your "get off my lawn kids!" stance in your prior post have anything to do with the the topic being discussed? Yes, there are many here who would comment with unintelligible replies. Does that instantly justify your rant about them? Do you not feel that, that does not bring you to their level?

That said, If a discussion is what you seek, then there is no need to feed those who came before you with unintelligent comments. Imagine what scientific research would be like if the first thirty minutes of a lecture or first six pages of a paper was devoted to acknowledging and then derailing all the zany ideas that came before? Not much would be getting done.

Onto the topic about your defense. You are correct that in that I do not share any sympathy with your situation as you seem to have become very bitter about your current situation in that you will flaunt it as a defense and justification for your own behavior. We are all trying to break the boredom of our own, you are not alone in that regard and I can totally empathize with that situation. However, you have clearly taken a stance in your last post to be unsympathetic towards others, so I doubt that you will find anything that I say in this post as anything but hateful and divisive. It is a shame that you are disabled, but your flagrant injection of the point clearly shows that you care little about others who are disabled. I, myself, have circumstances that I must deal with every day, however, none of them are of any value when the topic is about the whole and not you and I. If we wish to mince words on the matter of suffering, we could derail the whole thing and weep about the children who have no access to clean water, no education, live in a war zone, have been dismembered by land mines, and a whole wealth of other horrible things that do nothing more than further the debate into directions that forgo advancement of the topic du jour.

Summarizing, It is for the three points that I have made that it is plausible that you simply wish to interject your point of view upon the world with little consideration for other points of view. Pro for those whose comments align loosely with yours, woe to those who wish to actually come here and prepare themselves for criticism and debate. Debate is not a one sided prospect, you will and indeed have been called on the points that your post provided that, in my most humble opinion, are incorrect thinking. You may care to rebuttal or you may take a protective stance on why your thinking is correct above all else.

As an aside to your reply. You provided no concrete points on my post, other to say that I must believe that I am on some high horse. In that case, everyone who disagrees with you is on some sort of high horse. I do indeed value your opinion and find that there is comedy to be found in your post about each generation that follows is deficient. However, I totally reject your method of trying to take defensive posture on the account that I must be some sort of superior being. If anything, I have constantly shown that neither the previous or the current generation have any advantage over the other. They each perpetuate misconceptions about the other based on concepts long established before you and I were here, brother.

Generally speaking, let's not pretend that the foolishness is any indication that the nation is going to hell in a hand basket. It ignores the current achievements of our time and diminishes the achievements of our forebearers. For it is them that have raised the current generation to the heights that they stand.

Finally, if you wish to drop the topic altogether, then by all means I will do well to acquiesce. However, your opinion and how I value it, never came into the equation, until your last post. I meant to show contempt for, and I still wholly reject, the notion that any age group is worst/better than another. Your post wished to advance that point, and I worded, quite strongly, my disagreement with that idea. That is my point and it does not require anyone to be on any high horse, in fact it is quite the opposite.
NASA has lost a shit load of funding and cant afford to maintain their own private rocket or shuttle anymore
+Steffan ogas I would say that it more aligns with the notion that it is time to allow a new industry to invent itself. Imagine what it would be like if the government held a monopoly on the ability to fly aircraft?

+NASA is just stopping the means by which it travels, they are not stopping travel altogether.
Technically Enterprise was indeed the atmospheric test vehicle, however she was tentatively scheduled to be the first. However during the steps needed to build the family the first one wasn't going to be Enterprise.... She does have the important tag of being the first one built. Now how much would it have cost to convert her to become a flying one as opposed to being just that type?
... got to see the Enterprise up close during the 1984 Worlds Fair. The company I worked for at the time was responsible for moving it on the leg from Mobile, AL to the New Orleans fair site.
Буран на Мрие?
That's a pretty bad parking job, You'd think they would have seen that plane.
All those miles and they only get five free flights? Worst. Promotion. Ever.
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It better be good. I,m pretty convinced the astronomers are on the right track. And if your proof is that Allah did it or something along those lines then you've already lost me.
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