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NASA's First Long-Distance Google+ Hangout to Connect with Space Station - Have you ever asked a question to someone in space? No? Well now’s your chance. NASA will host its first Google+ Hangout live with the International Space Station on Feb. 22. This unique opportunity will connect you, our fans, with astronauts living and working on the orbiting laboratory 240 miles above the Earth. To learn how to submit questions and participate, visit:
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i was today in the star trek themed event in internet where was William Shatner the star trek actor asking in phone questions from Cmdr Hadfield in ISS in orbit =0) was fun =0) remind again closer to when this is please thank You wery much =0)
This is the most exciting time to be alive... well... when we get to like... have lunch on the moon, maybe will be better...
OMG that would be so cool!!
Would it be possible to create an On-Air event here on Google+ to spread the word? It would also help notify people about when the broadcast is starting. :-)
Is it true that Space Station stays no movement in the space only the Earth rotate ?
What's the most beautiful thing you have seen so far 
How long are the work/sleep cycles?
So many questions so little time wonderful opportunities!! 
I will be online that time...

I love to ask some SPACE thinking agenda.

See you later guys...
I want a history lesson, and a tour, around the lab and the earth.
I would like to know how is the technology used for that. 
Who's turning the solar panels ? 4B-2A-3A-1B are offline, to mutch power ?
Google proves one again, the skies are no longer the limit. 
+NASASocial LIVE We'll have event page up soon! We're asking folks to submit their video questions by Feb 12.
Didn't know 240 miles is all the farther it is to weightlessness, thought it was a lot farther than that.
+Kevin Minard, I hate to be a pedant, but its free-fall, not weightlessness.  You can achieve free-fall on a plane or roller-coaster for brief periods much closer to sea-level.
O know kidding. Your fine Jon Carey. Still figured it was farther. Amazing stuff.
Jan Bor
Esa Vav
Please Add
youll see iss at 6:58-7:03 In FL when your back it towards crystal river
can imagine prof brian cox using this in his live astronomy :o)
U can boldly go, wheir captn. Kirk has gone! Beam me up scotty?:-D
I wouldn't know what to say. . 
Seeing the earth from space. Can't even imagine the work that truly is going to take place in the direct future. 
That means do not ask from here on G+ but first go to the linked side 1st, learn the how to’s; next ask.
Nope! I'll be watching from here. Hope they're intelligent enough to be there with an opened mind...
That's guuna be really cool to talk to somebody in space
"How's It goin?"
Nice I paid for that with tax dollars
do I have to make the kzzzzt sound and say over at the end of each sentence so people know I'm talking to someone in space?
Tax dollars well spent????????????????
Wow. This going to be a great experience. Thank god for inventors.
My question would be is the internet is faster because it doesn't have to go to space and back?
Hmm, that's a good question lol
I'm curious to know how many of us can the hangout support at once.
Legal. Mas, vai ser difícil mesmo de participar... 
How's the view from up there?
Google gone to space research one step a head then rest of the tech team
Where is rest room in the space , space suit look like not easy to on n off
I can't wait until the 22 for the video chat
I'd like to live and work there...for the rest of my life...
+Kevin Minard - Weightlessness is not a question of distance. The Moon is a lot more than 240 miles away, but it feels a very strong pull from Earth's gravity. As +Jon Carey said, you are weightless any time you are in free fall, even one mile above the Earth surface. If someone built a 240 mile high platform for you to stand on, you'd with less than you do here, but not by much. 
what time would be it in IST ?
thats so cool
But ESA and ROSKOSMOSS are by far cooler....
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