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While we're all waiting for Curiosity to make its debut on Mars, satisfy some of your own - tomorrow, Aug. 3, at 3 p.m. EDT - on a behind-the-scenes virtual #FieldTripFriday in the Neurosciences Lab at NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston.  Scientists, engineers and makers will show you what gravity does to humans, and some down-to-Earth adventures of simulating spaceflight on an astronaut's brain.  It's all part of +MAKE : Magazine and Google's summer-long MakerCamp, a virtual summer camp for teens focused simply on “creating, building, and discovering.” For more info see our post on OpenNASA, and join us on the Make: Google+ hangout at 3 p.m. EDT on Friday!
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I just noticed Curiosity looks like Number 5's big brother   :)
+NASA, is there a g+ event created for these? I'd love to have 'em added to my calendar...don't want to miss a single one!
Bah! Wish it were today. I have to work Friday :(
Thank you +NASA for an amazing virtual field trip to the Neurosciences lab. I have always wondered how the astronauts know what to expect up there as everything is radically and dramatically different from earth especially our neuro-muscular responses.  
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