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GJ1214b, shown in this artist's view, is a super-Earth orbiting a red dwarf star 40 light-years from Earth. New observations from NASA's Hubble Space Telescope show that it is a waterworld enshrouded by a thick, steamy atmosphere. GJ1214b represents a new type of planet, like nothing seen in our solar system or any other planetary system currently known. Read the full release at

Credit: NASA, ESA, and D. Aguilar (Harvard-Smithsonian Center for Astrophysics)
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Maybe it's populated by finns.. :)
"You will go to the Dagobah System." I knew Star Wars was real!
The pressures exerted on the planet allow for the existence of "hot ice". It's strange to imagine a block of water ice that's not freezing cold to the touch, but under the right circumstances, ice acts like just another solid piece of matter.
Forgive me lack of metric expertise, isn't 100C boiling? So, the surface temp of 230C seems rather unpleasant. I like my hot tub hot, but i draw the line at 107 F.
+Kevin Webb Yes, 100C at one atmosphere of pressure. More pressure = higher boiling temperature, but you probably knew that :)
the boiling point of anything depends on the pressure exerted on it..water only boils at 100C at standard atmospheric pressure
by the way the european space agency posted this 8 hours ago, are the budget cuts at NASA really that deep ??
I'm not a cook, and chemistry class was a few years ago. I'd forgotten the atmospheric pressure. I really want to know if this planet really has liquid oceans and what lurks in the deep. If anything.
That Information was really Informative. These comments are very interesting. Social Studies is really real. Have a good day.
Ah, I love living in the future. It's not just that these worlds are stranger than we imagine: it's that they're stranger than we CAN imagine.
So when are we going to be able to buy beach front property on this planet?

Seriously though, it's nice we can hypothesis that this is actually a large planet orbiting a red dwarf but until we can actually "see" the planet I'm still skeptical we're even seeing planets at all. For all we know we could be looking at something not even close to a planet. When can we get real proof we're looking at actual planets and not just some astrophysicist's wet dream cause he/she see's a "wobble" effect of something passing in front of a star?

Remember up until the early 1900's Mars had canals.
As I recall Mars does have canals. Just not artificial ones. The evidence for an ancient system of running water is pretty overwhelming at this point.
It is often stated that Schiaparelli intended the meaning "channels" and that "canals" was a misunderstanding or mistranslation into English. Nevertheless, the English term "canals" was used from the very earliest accounts in English, and as far as is known, Schiaparelli made no effort to correct the supposed misunderstanding if he was aware of it. As the word "canal" can also mean "channel" or "watercourse" – not necessarily artificial – in English, the charge of "mistranslation" is unwarranted. Use the internet more +Mycal Whitlock it would be scary as hell if you actually learned something.
It has root canals! ;)

If there's life there they are definitely luckier in some ways. Red Dwarf Suns burn for an incredibly long time making our sun look like a here today gone tomorrow thing.
dude that is awe inspiring. just like earth a few billion years ago?
I wonder if it's inhabited by giant Kevin Costner's?
Yet another lie !!!! our universe is extremely Massive but explorations like this will only leave us in doubts
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