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Ice flows like liquid water, just slower. A NASA-led team in 2011 created the first-ever complete map of Antarctica’s ice flow, revealing how the massive ice sheet moves ice from its interior to glaciers that feed the sea. The ice sheet is of particular interest to glaciologists because some of its glaciers are showing signs of rapid change in recent decades and are a growing source of concern for global sea level rise.

“This is like seeing a map of all the oceans’ currents for the first time. It’s a game changer,” said Eric Rignot of NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif., and the University of California, Irvine, lead author on the paper that presented the results.

In this image, created from satellite radar data, the fastest ice flows are represented by blues, purples and hot pinks. The slowest flows are represented by yellows and pale oranges. The more active region of the continent is West Antarctica, where many glaciers are accelerating.  East Antarctica is larger, less explored and more stable.

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It's amazing how so much information can be presented if you just get the right image for it.
What happens in Glaciers? Ice moves with tremendous force,breaking rocks,but not like liquid water!
Awww shit. Wat? Ice sheet.
Rafic N
I love physics but my mother wants me to be a doctor;((
Really not cool. Antartic ice hold 70% of world fresh water.

Let's just hope the current glaciers doesn't melts as fast as the larsen-b did.

Billions of people people all over the world would need to be evacuate from the coast line. Though this "might" happens in millennial time. Some of the youngest one "might" still alive by then (as medical advancement keeps progressing to lengthen human lifetime).
It is not much left tho :-(

River ice isn't amazing cuz this river ice became dangerous
I think more should think of it as a crisis...
So in the next 42million years, Antarctica will become the new Australia!
Ok I have a silly question. East Antarctica and West Antarctica in reference to what?  This is a polar image.  If a person is at the South Pole, wouldn't everything else be north?
+Jim Gorycki : Follow the Prime Meridian down to the pole, keep going (it becomes the International Date Line, more or less). The Europe/Africa/Asia/Australia side is east (positive longitude), and the Americas side is the west (negative longitude). HTH
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+Chris Burch The Prime Meridian is the reference.  I figured that, just wanted to see what response I would get. Thank you.
But I don't understand the image ???
Is it just me or does this picture look like the head of a rhino yawning?
It's amazing how close to antartics is Ushuaia !!!
i love geography and very exited this types of knowledge.
Just learned about this at school
Great science. Let's hope that we can see effective action to deal with climate change.  So far it doesn't look good.
looks like a painting i did of trees
Actually, the ice mass in the antarctic is increasing, but that doesn't get a lot of press because it's not as sensational as the shrinking north pole ice. Please inform yourselves.
Notice they say "is of particular interest ... because some of its glaciers are showing signs of rapid change in recent decades," they don't specify what the "change" is, and it's left to people to assume they mean melting...
While I am loath to disregard the opinions of the scientific community, the amount of showboating that goes into global warming leaves me a little leery of their motivations.
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That is called awesome...
Antarctic Ice Mass Balance is NEGATIVE.

"Scientists now have one polar ice study to rule them all. An international team of researchers has compiled 20 years of data from 10 satellite missions to create the most comprehensive assessment to date of Greenland’s and Antarctica’s shrinking ice sheets."

"And the verdict: Between 1992 and 2011, the Greenland ice sheet lost 2,940 billion metric tons of ice while the Antarctic ice sheet shed 1,320 billion metric tons. All that water raised the sea level by an average of 11.1 millimeters, accounting for one-fifth of sea level rise over that period, the team reports in the Nov. 30 Science."

The only people who will tell you otherwise are denialist twits like +J.R. Moore and the clown college over at WUWT that don't have a peer reviewed climate change paper between them. 

Climate change is still real and that's why the arctic sea ice is retreating at a rapid pace. Sometime in the next few years summer arctic sea ice will hit a negligible volume and after that the nice climate we've enjoyed for the last 10k years of agricultural civilization is gone forever in human terms.
Solar flares & increasing Antarctic Ice (rather than decreasing) & its a natural cycle, wow!  Denial, lies and obfuscation just don't cut it.  I am surprised the Medieval Warming Period hasn't been trotted out.  For those that "don't trust the science" have you every taken antibiotics?
Hi folks this is me mike and I am quite new at this and please forgive me if this communication is a bit rough.I enjoyed your report on antartica and hope to hear on this topic more in the future.I lived in Alaska for 17 years and worked with Fish and wildlife dept. taggging the animals there and enjoyed it very much and  many times I wished I was back.But I'm here in Holland michigan..I'm concerned ab out enviormental issues and your story caught my eye.So I will let you all go for now,and catch you later.Great Stuff ! Mike.
Poteet, I'm not a denialist, just a questioner. Religious dedication and explosive overreaction do not behoove a man of your advanced years.
J.R. Moore, do you question that the Earth is round?
malting the ice shoure. if is melting the ice so near heat is coming
may be atmosfaric proucher and infrad waves or photo santhes start know
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