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"Same Crew, New Ride" poster depicting an artist's conception of NASA's Commercial Crew Program CCP. The poster features a NASA astronaut in the foreground with a vehicle launching toward the International Space Station in the background. CCP is investing in the aerospace industry and helping multiple companies design and develop crew transportation systems that could be capable of flying to the space station and other low Earth orbit destinations.
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"Woke Up Late" "Missed My Ride" "Commercial Crew"
Maybe get the Russians involved and call it the Composite Commercial Crew Program.
This should have been the agency's mission since day one.
Indeed +Eric Muller but until the military-industrial guys are controlled, this baby just won't fly...
There is no difference between this and other NASA programs. It's all hype.
I say this with love, NASA. Fuck low Earth orbit.
Virgin, Blue Origin, Boeing even ...
Is Virgin Galactic planning to go to LEO at some point? Last I heard they were just doing ballistic flights nowhere near the velocity for orbit.
Ah, Virgin Galactic is going to be in the business of selling seats on flights in other companies' ships. I'd have more confidence in "the success and experience gained through its groundbreaking SpaceShipTwo sub-orbital space program" if they'd actually launched anyone into space yet. Always next year with them.
+Ted Teddy, if you click to view the original post, open the picture in the lightbox, then click the options button at the bottom, there's an option to 'download full size'.

It's not huge, but probably big enough to print & stick on your wall/in the window of your office/shop premises...
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