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If the human race were more devoted to space travel and exploration, it would be a universal way of unifying people.
Awesome job everyone behind MSL! Can't wait for the video cam to go into operation. +NASA 
nice, I've been looking for this video since they showed it at the press conf!
Moments like this give us joy and hope for humanity. Thank you +NASA and all scientists, you make our life brighter
Fantastic work by the JPL. Most difficult maneuver since the extension of the Voyager II mission.
Straight out of science fiction.  Job well done!
And now Curiosity's adventure begins! So exciting!
here comes the future, i have a feeling we are going to discover the answers to a century worth of questions.
I wanna play! Seriously, how about a video game that lets me fly this thing...I'd buy it!
A billion times better than any summer blockbuster. Congrats NASA!  :)
Great achievement!! Is Curiosity going to rescue Spirit? That would be AWESOME!
Very cool! Congratulations to everyone!
Great achievements, require great people. Congrats!
Genuinely awesome! Congratulations to all of you!
Beautiful video. Congratulations to all. You all of NASA are fantastic.
the nerd in me wants to cry with the rest of them
This is simply amazing. I was on the edge of my seat the whole time.
Wow! Great job NASA and people who are on this project ....''And few years later Google took people to the new caprica.'' Lol. Sigh, we just had a really heavy day at work :-\
Seeking knowledge, that's what make us human , we love to know more and more we r always curious
Hope curiosity give us more knowledge about this mysterious planet our neighbor Mars
О гений человеческой мысли!Но как всё-таки ограничены твои возможности,когда мысленным взором окидываешь сотни миллиардов галлактик
its amazing work......this team work from nasa.......
dear i have lot of photo tats suited by me i have a photo thats defensibly ufo
thats a part of the mars space station landing idiot
Absolutely astounding and perfect.  Well done and congrats to all of you!  I watched it live on the Roku NASA channel last night.  More than worth the lack of sleep today!
I for one feel my $7 contribution was well worth it. Insanely amazing job NASA!
Amazing job, congratulations NASA
Восхищаюсь людьми, которые ставят перед собой такие маштабные цели и достигают успеха....  Поздравляю!!!!!!
I can't wait to see all the discoveries Curiosity will make in the coming years.

Also, what happened to the skycrane?
Yes, thank you for diverting attention from drone strikes around the world. Bravo!
i am a indian my english is so poor i have some good photos of space 
likt U.F.O moon ,sun , ..etc  please help me for feuter (life)
Touchdown! We are on Mars with everything operational. This is a magnificent moment for mankind! Way to go @MarsCuriosity  #MSL  #NASA 
Congrats NASA....... Hope we send humans soon.....
I haven't felt this sense of pride and exhilaration from science since the Gemini and Apollo days...  Sometimes (and I wish it were far more often) I am very proud to be a tax payer!  NASA and JPL, GOLD MEDALs for every member of your brilliant teams!
^ Thats what i call manupalatin............
+Ralph Sevy - I don't know of any slaughtering incidents, but does it make you feel bad that what the folks at NASA & JPL achieved used a fraction of the cost of what's being spent by the Olympics event or even by McDonalds spending on happy meal advertising!!
hahahahahahahah u guys are touching that pooooooooooohhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
Curiosity - Hey whats that rushing towards me? I think I will call it ground. I wonder if it will be my friend?  :)
nothing like spending billions of dollars when children are starving in the streets, thank you government, for doing whats right for me
shut up, Ralph Sevy.
You talk to much and your lack of ambition makes me sick, seriously.
Go back to your beat up trailer and keep quiet
What an exciting time to be alive!
Are you talking about the defence billions Ralph?
Amazing, Simply amazing. Everyone at NASA is doing amazing work. Seeing things like this makes me feel like there is hope for man kind.  
Any coordinates up yet?  I'd love to check out Google Earth's imagery of the landing site.
+Mark Feuersteinschinken yea well, maybe you should decide whats more important a feel good worthless waste of money or doing something real for humanity.

Since im homeless, i will damn well say what the fuck i want to.
congratulations to everyone ¡¡¡¡ Felicitaciones
..............touchdown confirmed.

An emotional feat!! Especially watching it live.. I wonder if this is how people felt when they saw the first moon walk.
Man's search for Vodka is never ending and boundless. 
Another dream made into a reality. Nice job NASA!
It may be amazing but why aren't we using all that money to help those in need in America? It just doesn't make any sense to me. Someone please help me understand.
It takes a lot of money to expand what we know as a human race.  That same human race already knows how to help the needy.  ...we have for countless millennia: DO IT. Your time doesn't cost anything.  
+Ralph Sevy I wonder where society would be if we waited for all the children to be fed and healthy before start spending on science and technology. We probably would not be able to feed 7 billions ppl by now. Criticising is easy but life is complicated, the project help fuel pride and #curiosity. Pick an other target there are many easier ones.
They Have to Rover up on Mars now but Great Job Nasa
Those engineers, scientists, developers, janitors, and operators that worked so hard to create and deploy this ARE americans, as are the people that will be aggregating and studying the data for years to come.
6,000+ years ago; never a thought. 4,000 - 2,000 - 500 - 250 - even 25 years ago this feat never dreamed possible. Sum it up in two words; beyond dream's! 
I wish there was some way to watch the sky-crane in action.
The entire running budget of NASA since its inception is less than the cost of the recent bank bailouts, and the annual budget is about 1/2 of a cent on your tax dollar. If you want to complain about wasteful government spending, look elsewhere. NASA represents all that is right about humanity.
I don't think people crying about NASA's FY2012 1.5 billion budget here will help homeless or starving children much, after all that number is so small it's probably within the margin of error of the estimated 451.9 billion or so spent on welfare during the same time.
+Raquel Rolfe It is a fallacy to assume that reallocating money spent on scientific pursuits to social programs would produce greater benefit than pursuing both simultaneously. No aspect of civilization exists in complete isolation and to the extent that any part of it is worth improving, every part of it is important.

Highways are important, fighting poverty is important, space exploration is important, national defense is important, health case is important etc. Just how important these things are depends on your perspective, but it's probably not worth totally abandoning any one of them.
A breathtaking video. Simply, awesome!!
Congratulations to all the people of NASA involved in this amazing achievement!!

+Luke MacNeil, people from all over the world were involved in this. For example, Miguel Alejandro San Martín is from Argentina. 
If the Cat could speak to us now it'd say "BEWARE!" :) HAHA!
This is definitely worth celebrating. I see a future mission with robotic construction works preparing for humans, that is if we can get past that pesky radiation problem.
no exactly wrong again tell me what good did this billion dollar spending do for us except put us further into debt. its just a way of covering up all this lost money in office its fake u guys we cant land on a mirror of age o im sorry a mirage of what is to come or what is hidden in the past think about it we have been planting probes for centuries when the naked eye is all that we are shown. so dont let some robot tell u whats there simply look for yourselves and tell me what u see i see a simple universe that is only waiting for the past to catch up to us (big bang) in theory. when this happens again and again and again u think we would figure out that it is only a cycle of the earth(mars) that we havent reached yet or one we are running from and have been running from for more than 4.5 billion years. so what will you do when u look back far enough and see yourself again and again and again the ending cycle is only the beginning of the last but will it be this time hint hint  ETERNAL DEATH not much we can do ha government i guess we pissed off the wrong people this time or are they people hahahahah
i no theyre my friends are they yours
MOAR SPACE ROCKS!  YAAAY!  But seriously, pretty cool.  Next step I want some real estate up there, Alrighty Nasa?
its all fake none of this money was spent on something sent to space it is only shown that way to allude peoples minds into thinking o thats where our debt started but it is not so what part of the ocean was this scam filmed in just like the moon weird i didnt think the moon had wind and shadows its to fucking hot to walk on the moon its the back side of the sun at a different time
Amazing....just amazing.
Brilliant piece of tech. If only my laptop worked just as well as Curiosity did today.
i seen it on my xbox360 it was sweet
+Luke MacNeil Also, NASA is in the habit of sharing the amazing data they acquire with the scientific community world wide and not keeping it locked up in the USA as you seem to expect.
Great technological achievement indeed. Does anyone know why they used a rocket and a rather complex system to land as opposed to the more traditional parachute only, this time?
@jace- i have never heard anyone be so wrong so many times in that short of an amount of time.
Its almost as impressive as the curiosity landing
the rover weighs 1 ton, it is the most complex rover ever built, it even has a small nuclear power supply, no photovoltaics... Mars atmosphere is very thin to decelerate, so they have to use a very complex system for landing, this is a high technological engineering achievement !
Congratulations to all involved in this!
I saw the landing in live from France, and it was just a great moment ! To share all the emotions you felt there in US, and to see the first images coming... Wow !
there gonna find more intelligent life on Mars than on Earth
Америка— страна с большим достижениям в науки.
Eureka - Rama here we come!
Congratulations! NASA! USA! Great Job 
Just dont let it kill a cat
Good reason to delight our youth in the study of science. Congrats NASA
Nasa has always been good in making movies... :)
An amazing scientific achievement by NASA.
1. We spent 804 billion dollars in Iraq and didn't even get a "thank you card"..or a drop of oil

2. We are spending 10 billion dollars EACH MONTH in Afghanistan...and they hate us

3. We spent 2.5 billion dollars sending CURIOSITY to MARS, a technological feat that set space exploration ahead 50 years, sent a message to the world that the US is still the leader in technology.... and we will be harvesting a wealth of scientific data for years to come.

Finally America is getting SOMETHING FOR IT'S INVESTMENT!
This is this generation's moon landing experience. To all who have gone before I humbly thank you for your dedication and inspiration !!!:-)
FLAWLESS!!! ...this country can do anything we put our minds to...great job!
the next question is: When do we get there? :)
congratulations sucesss curiosit mars!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Ada M
Good work NASA!
I watched this on sky news for some reason i woke up at 6.00 am UK time just in time to see it all happen it was amazing
One of the rare moments when I feel proud to be a U.S. citizen.
я между прочим тоже хотел бы на марс попасть.хотя бы на мгновение..а то писал писал про марс а там так и не побывал..как то не честно
what an incredible achievement! did someone say that the old
USA is losing the science/technology game?
jace , dont be ignorant, you can have an oppinin, but you (hopefuly) know that our nations debt dident start from space exploration....please
why don't they show the real video footage of the actual thing landing? makes you wonder if it is another fantasy? would be a big shame if all the bilions of dollars spent was wasted in Mars....
If we have the technology to land a craft on mars y cant we feed the starving millions and solve the bank crisis
Have u find heaven some where??????but we r in hell !!!!!!!
There's a typo in the description of this video:
"Get a behind the scenes look a the tension, anticipation and exhilaration..."

At the tension, it.
A great acheivement for human endevour but what bout human morality
I wonder how much pollution was created to do this.
Thanks NASA for posting the landing on my homepage.I wish to start.It is difficult to conitinue while I'm very poor.That is not the only problem.But thanks.
это прекрасные новости скоро люди должны полететь на крассную планету думаю я до живу до этого дня!!!!!
Its a history day....
I would have to say that NASA is a waste of money. we spent 100 billion dollars to collect some dirt. ?!?!?! lets worry about whats on this planet before venturing out to others. 
i can agree we need to look into how we spend our hard erned tax dollers, but in reality, we need to look for somewhere we as a socity can sustain life. it may cost use a big chunck of change, but in my opnion, its one of thoese debts...
This is amazing!  Congrats to everyone who worked so hard on this project.  I hope the rest of the mission is as successful as the landing.
Nice, some rocks just like the desert thats in uninhabited too. Find out how to put some casinos there
congrats all NASA ,stop,amazing,GODS ALL PROVIDE THIS
Gongratulation to every one at every level of involvement in this mission .awesome.
Congratulations! A truly collaborative
Great work NASA! Wow, I'm so proud of the people that made this happen. It's moments like these that can prove having faith in each other and collaborating, discoveries can be made and reveled in, together. Nerdz FTW!
This is one of the greatest things I've ever seen. Your joy is infectious #NASA. I'm smiling with you!!
I wish I could be in the Next Curiosity Rover 
The live was legit, except the first pic looked like the death star ;)
Hi Daniel,
I agree with your posting.  This is the most awesomely great thing, and I'm also smiling with you and #NASA  
Isn't it interesting that NASA is obviously using the metric system for all their work and yet the USA is still on the imperial system...
Woo hoo! Just don't run into aggressive felines.
Take your metric system and divide it by 3.... oh... wait...
There are no words to describe just how cool this is.
I'm afraid that the next great wars will be about space, once we find resources out there all the gloves are off
D Bhatt
Congrets  N A S A 
What u did unbelievable, but u did, I wish i could
I don't know, we've had two rovers up there for about two years now.  This is a huge waste of money.  I see a lot of the comments, "cool" "wow", "maybe this will usher in world peace if we all just focus on space".  I guess I have to be a little less negative, but am I wrong.  But really, we're just going to find dirt/rocks in a 3rd area on mars now.  I think since putting people on the moon we've been stuck to justifying "well you'd never have that cool foam memory bed if it wasn't for NASA" because it was after all of those Apollo missions NASA probably said to themselves we need to convince congress to give us more money.  And world peace, I'm sure we're working way harder on the militarizing space.  My comment depresses me but  trillions of dollars later and what, really what has come of it?  And only answer that if you have any concept of what a trillion dollars is.  millions, billions, trillions are thrown around so flippantly these days.  One trillion dollars in 1 Million briefcases of 1Million dollars.  Basically a 60,000 sq ft warehouse filled end to end, top to bottom.  So, curiosity is on Mars, what does that mean???????  250+ comments and cool, rad, uber cool, this proves the US is #1 in space again (right).  Best part of it all is they've spent our money on it and we'll never know half of what it really does.  I'm sure we didn't send it there to see if there used to be an amoeba somewhere on Mars.  They should have put a 1k shot/sec paint ball gun on it and go after the other two rovers.  I'm over the edge now, sorry people.  Sorry NASA people I know you worked hard on this, but in the end this is going to be .5Trillion expenditure.  What did the other rovers find that said, ohh we need to send a third.  I guess they have to do something to keep the money coming in.  Where are all you people who think the moon was a hoax? (I don't believe that was a hoax), but just wondering, this is mathematically probably 1000x harder. 
Great jod NASA I was not a believer in this at all but I did shed a tear when it torched down congratulating you on all the hard work you put in to this iam more then proud of you way to go !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Karl W.
America, this is what makes you so great and years ahead of other nations, if only you work as hard as nasa to tell your congress to fund more space explorations, not just mars, but space!
Congrats! Eagerly looking forward for new pics!
This is really great achievement! But why praise only America: "american this, american that" what about four other countries who contributed? 
This is the landing for the A.D.D. The landing last night was much more suspenseful and satisfying.
For those not A.D.D.,  get over yourself it was still cool.
Curiosity represents the ultimate triumph of mankinds' curiosity....Kudos to +NASA!
Rock on! Appropriate this occurred during the Olympics.
I understand people's work in 1000 scientists are developing flying machines, why can not we create an analogue of a flying saucer. someone creates them, and they fly.
really great since..............
I'm just a handsome man looking for a good women ya dig
An historic moment. Most folks won't understand the importance of this amazing achievement for many years. Space race, what.
That must have been intense to watch from NASA. Congratulations to who ever came up with that system. This proves anything is possible.
я сначала подумал, что это какая-то игра =) Всем геймерам работать в НАСА! xD
I hope I'm alive to see a man on the Red Planet.... or see it myself!
2nd Big Steep in Human bin good luck  to next steep 
Just waiting for some pictures. It was all awesome :-)
I discussed this post with 1 person in a hangout.
Amazing feat by the NASA team. Kudos to them. But the CG is a little sensational.
Now does this not look like something from a 1990 space movie.
Good job thought 
Very proud of all tour guys great job very well done
Outstanding job everybody
wonderful fabulous and interesting ..i am from Nepal
 but i saw this .i am very very happy and excited that NASA won one race for mars ..great and great  
Много раз просматривая этот ролик радуешься вместе с теми кто заслужил всяческих похвал и поздравлений! ) Еще раз поздравляю и присоединяюсь ко всем поздравлениям в адрес участников этого ГРАНДИОЗНОГО проекта!!!
Wonderful effort. Kudos to the entire NASA team.
Exelente,extraordinario, aqui e ve la presencia de DIOS que le da al hombre esa sabiduria para poder realizar estudios en la NASA.
you just wasting money and time.....NASA....
that was a great accomplishment congrats
Congratulation NASA ! If possibility for  human life, Please don't allow greedy Human.
Mas cancha para el nuevo clero
Молодцы, без лишних слов это событие заслуживает внимания!!!
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