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Check out all of the great space shuttle Discovery photos taken by the NASA photo team today on our Flickr page:
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Superb photo - enjoy your retirement Discovery. You've earned it.
nice pic, good enough to set as Desktop background :)
That's really neat.. Lol.. Ive never been on a plane & im to scraed to even get on one..
Houston deserves a real Shuttle as much as Florida and D.C., more than us here in California and certainly more than New York, for crying out loud.
Having had my windows nearly shaken out more times than I can count by the double booms of the shuttle landing, and given that JPL and the Planetary Society in Pasadena provided a good portion of the the payloads on the shuttles, I say California definitely deserves a shuttle.
what happen some on feel out of the sky and landed on that tall white building
right i think it would be just a little funny if that happen
hey does anyone know why google+ is getting rid of monster world??!?!
Wow! I looked for it this morning but didn't have time to wait for too long. Very cool, but very sad also.
great picture, make a history
Rao Momin i think ur lieing unless u have prof
No. It's how an era of space flight ends, unfortunately. I would rather it be how new baby shuttles were made.
they put together two big one that equal one small one right jsing
گاییدن ما رو با این .. ما وقتی توله سگ بودیم از اینا درست میکردیم تو ایران
today at school we stoped class to see that
It looks really wrong ;)
that is pretty cool how it's flying over DC
As a retirement gift NASA decides to let Discovery have its way with Air Force one :P
I was let out of spanish class to see this. Glad i did what a sight.
Something to get excited about, and proud of America and great accomplishments.
wowww.look at that.i knew looking out a plane would be nice but THIS.THIS is what im talking about
Last flight of a great bird, on another great bird.
yeah, I was gonna ignore the planes quip, but that is pretty...yeah...
So long shuttle Discovery, you served us well.
I had a sudden intake of air when the picture first loaded. The first image I had ever seen of a shuttle was very similar back in 1981. My heart is breaking that we dont have a program worthy of replacing the Shuttle.
Of course, I was stuck in my cube debugging server issues when this happened. You can see my office building in the background of the shot above.
They are making this a huge public deal to cover up what really is happening in there
Thaddeus, do you think random googlers care?
omg i want to become an astronaut one day i always wanted to go to mars :)
Did anyone at NASA think of a flyover at Kitty Hawk NC....where it ALL began?
Full beauty and common sense,as crazy as it could seem.
Yeah! Why not fly over all the USA and let everyone see? oh that's right GAS PRICES!!
piggy back ride i want one
At least I'd have the heart to put a few "special" kids in the shuttle so they could pretend they were flying it. 
omg it went right over my friends and i when we were outside! :P
DANGOURS,WEIRED,AND..........Why is their a plane on top of another one
That building with the two circles around it looks like male genitalia
I suppose that is a pretty blatant phallic symbol.
Kidd, hopefully the FBI is on their way to your house. Them, Interpol, DGSE, Mossad, take your pick.
Piggyback Save money on gas right, NASA? :)
I took my grandbaby to see Discovery land at Dulles and it was amazing and powerful!
This is how they should land ships coming in from space. Catch them with planes.
mommy, mommy, what are those two planes doing? :))
Can't believe one isn't going to Houston. Just cause Obama hates Texas. Lone star state for life!
So that's how planes are made! I always thought the stork brought them when they're babies.
Resting in flight? What a cheat! Ah?
bye bye space shuttle. Happy retirement.
Astounding! In these images, we see aeromobiles in the midst of mating ritual. Such a display is rarely glimpsed in the wild, giving scientists much needed insight into behavioral patterns that they would not witness in the controlled environment of a Boeing factory.
thats amazing, that flight is comming from right around my city!!!
Man vs Machine and Man has won. This astonishes me when I C this
Selling off the silver. It's a pity invasion takes precedence over exploration, the US once had promise.
A sad day for Central Florida. Lots of very talented and dedicated engineers and technical people lost their jobs when the shuttle program ended. Let's hope the US has the mojo to continue with the space program.
I don't understand yet. :D
Country is in deficit, but spends how much parading a spaceship around.. now there is some messed up priorities
hahaa..yup!! they call sex in the air..haha :D
watching the space shuttle Discovery today was bitter sweet! We need NASA and the whole space program
Saw it flyover my office but NOT from this perspective, very cool!!
scott snider: Actually the Shuttle was being flown to the Smithsonian museum. The "parading around" took an extra two hours tops, which is less than statistical noise in the nation's treasury.

Is everything you do 100% optimal for your employer? If not then you might want to avoid throwing stones from inside your house of glass...
airplane butt sex xDDD haha
NASA we all love you and slightly feel you might accidentally set off a huge nuclear bomb.
awww the big plane is giving a piggy back ride..
It flew right over my house! 
Enough is enough! I have had it with thsese muthaf**kin shuttles on this muthaf**kin plane!
Am I the only one who has a paraphrase of the old "Shake N' Bake" commercial running through his head? "Men went into space, and I helped."
and then it hit the pentagon (right)
Can we get a photo of Enterprise(?) floating past the Statue of Liberty?
I saw it through my school :3
There was a Superman movie that had something like this in it once. He had to save it from crashing,,, Great idea NASA.
is there a higher res photo of this so i can put it up as wallpaper?
Wow. That's Sight to be seen...
skool? what the fuck do you go to school for if you can't spell school?
i saw it take off and land. it was soooooooo cool!!!!!
we watched it for one hour and thirty minutes circling dc
pretty view of the city i think!!!!
Yes it's real. That is how the space shuttle is transported. 
The Wright brothers would be soiling theirselves if they seen this lmao!!
I'm gonna miss them. I've been watching the shuttles since I was in grade school.
Anna Vu
that is awesome
Isn't dat from superman ? anyway thats pretty cooooooool
That is so cool,awsome,and last but not least amazing
Wish I could have seen this in person... But thanks for the pics
Wonder if NASA had to pay extra baggage allowance to take their shuttle on the plane
I thouht Obama put NASA out of business
That one on top is carrying that fat lardie one on the bottom. It must be Canadian.
+Suma Chatterjee ...18th April , 2012 ---+NASA - I say ADIEU to DISCOVERY Space Shuttle ! I have seen in Google+ the last journey of Discovery , to Superannuation ....Discovery had a very important and busy Career than a man gets in lifetime ...........
In a way it is just another cheap shot at a Titanic pose...
ok.. Maybe a bit more expensive :)
i saw it on the news thismornig. intresting!
Does anyone on here would like to talk to me please
my science teacher took a picture just as good with her digital camera
not as clear though but it cool though
J Yun
That is hot. 
wow i love NASA it is my dream to work as a astronot and go to space iv been dreaming since i was 5 years old and i now lots about space!!!! B-)
No matter how many times I see this pic, I still stare....piggybacking taken to an entirely different level 
Hey is there any video footage when they actualy come together in finess.
Thats awsome......O_O......hippies rule! ^_^
I'm voting for more funding for you guys. Its time to explore that final frontier
So cool! I live in DC and missed this (because I work in Rockville). I grew up in Central Florida and the space program holds a special place in my heart.
Being old has its advantages I guess, but this is reminisced of Lincoln's Funeral Train. To Much. Let's just vote the "Oboma-nation Administration" out of office before they totally mess up everything beyond fixing.
landed right in dc today it was frekin LOUD!! when it landed
Seeing these pics from friends in the dc area was awesome today.
Did any of you hear some of the people at NASA are telling young people who want to get into the space program? Learn Russian. Who thinks there is something wrong with that?
Jim A
One of the disastrous mistakes of the Obama presidency. There is not one person living in this country that their in not better because of the NASA space programs. Goes to show how stupid you have to be to be a socialist.
heard it on the six o'clock news tonight, costs too much money for the USA at this time
Learn Russian>I recommend Ukrainian instead. In case if you didn't know, Russian arbitrary politics permeated into technology and science, bringing down passenger airplanes, satellites, ferries, and spawning havoc in space industries. Besides, with population of little more than 100 mil people Kremlin can, at best, drop a nuke on somebody's had the first and the last time. So, if I were you, I would stick up with English.
+Vasyl Datsyuk , lol! That's why I dislike working with the Russians so closely! As I pray daily for an America first President, I worry about how many of our astronauts(?) will get blown up in russian ships. Such an accord with the Russians may make Obama happy, but very few others! They are still communists, and their work reflects it.
An astonishing look of technology. Airplane mating - it's the future to make planes. LoL
one of the most AMAZING things i have ever seen!!!!!!
Vin Tom
Baby discovery with MOM.
This just gives me a thought that Boing should plan for double decker planes for India.
I saw that fly over my house when I was a kid! The coolest thing I have seen :)
It sucks OBama killed maned spa e flight. I hope we can get back on track with getting back to the moon when the guy is gone.
i wonder if i can do that to my rc plane
WHAT they cant do that how does the plane get high enough for the shuttle to take off??????? i dont UNDERSTAND
I saw it on cnn and that aws cool
That's just crazy! Amazing that they can actually get that thing to fly like that.
interesting. that would seem impossible to fly so close to dc after 9/11
a last discovery end...........
with a great achievement
aww looks like thair trying to make a park flyer
I am not at home now (Florida) but I had a house in Palm Bay which is the space coast area as it is called, and I used to love when they had shuttle launches, because I had a buddy who had a boat and we would just sit on the water and watch the shuttle take off, man seeing that was amazing and one of the things that our children will never get to enjoy. at least some of them.
Wendy W
Dignified end to a program that made this country proud!
some day....might go to see the exhibited Discovery, the shuttle that was in service for so long - to explore the unexplorable.
it looks like mother plane teaching baby plane how to fly...
awsome but i wonder how advanced are the things/beings who are out there in space and time watching waiting to see which way our development goes,does our technology just happen or is it preordained? locked in our brains set to emerge at given times in our cycles? are there born geniesus ?they are not accidental they are a sequence of beings set to change our destiny, programmed by who ????
too much of beauty becomes nasal!
dayumm its crazy what technology has come to
conjugating?.....waiting for nine months.
I have this picture in my note book cover..........
Just like a mother teach her kid how to fly
Everything doesn't work without technology..
Thank you to Space Shutter Programs for so many memories!!!
I like to see this picture on a stamp
Stunning shots. A sad final flight for the shuttle imo
Omar S
Great shot
Great but Antonov 225 is Amazing
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