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Vote now on what you think our next spacesuit prototype should look like! There are three designs to choose from:   #Z2
In addition to these firsts we, the space suit engineers, have found ourselves with another exciting opportunity: the chance to make a suit with a look unlike any suit ever built before. After the positive response to the Z-1 suit's visual design we received, we wanted to take the opportunity to ...
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Someone is a buzz lightyear fan....
Z1 Spacesuit looks like Buzz Lightyear. 
Do you guys realize that ya'll are the
rocket scientists?
My pea brain- don't have a
B-movie props
Approaching infinity and infinity +1
Dear NASA, is that "spacesuit" a joke or what? Incredible...
I am sure it works nicely but it looks like shit. Skip the fashion models.  Looks like I would be banging the back of my head too.
cool - I voted  Thanks for sharing +NASA one of my favorite federal agencies. 
Sorry, but who the hell cares what it looks like. Just make it easer to work in and safer. The Martians who are watching us don't really care what we look like, do they?
+Alessio Sangalli yeah, I agree. Bottom line form should follow function. The last thing we need is couture space suits. Next thing you know astronauts will be prancing down the cat walks of Milan.
Looks like Buzz Lightyear to me!
Does anyone else think the suit looks like buzz lightyear?
Where are the retractable wings and the wrist-mounted laser beam?
How much additional power does the lights on the new suits utilize which may become an issue in a life or death situation.
It does seem a little silly. I was reading the descriptions going "And what benefit does this design have over the others?"

It doesn't look like there's much. I voted for "Technology" because they said it might help with identification during space-walks, but they all look about the same. Glowy-wires built into some shape or another. 

Still cool that we get some say about the suit, and I guess I'm glad they're not leaving critical design decisions up to a vote.
4 words come to mind... To Infinity, and beyond!
Nice engineering concept, but why don't you hire a really good designer? All three Z-2 variants are ugly, IMHO. Why not plain white as the current suits? What's wrong with that?
Current suits have coolness attached to them. Those concepts, what ever color it is just looks bad. If you need a design just say what you need and people will make it for free.
These have to be the ugliest suits I've ever seen. With all the technology we have we can't design something that doesn't make us look like hunch backs? What ever happened to the biosuit? 
Just make it work not more designer expensive. If a fish doesn't care what the bottom of your boat looks like why would some martian bug care what you look like???
very interesting, but when they will do it.
Errr I thought NASA was all about scientific facts??? You are all entitled to your opinions. But the fact remains that form must follow function, and the only way to make an informed choice is to build prototypes and test. 
Li Wang
Buzz Lightyear
Trends in Soceity !!!!!!!
Kinda disappointed that we don't have Buzz Lightyear themed suits...
maybe in the future we will not need spacesuites, just breathing masks !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
That suit IS a buzz lightyear suit. Show a kid a movie and 20 years later he thinks it's should go talk to the geocentrists. I bet you guys would jive.
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