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It's NASA Johnson Style! NASA goes ‘Gangnam Style’ in new video from NASA Johnson's Students: #nasastyle 
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Are those NASA specific YOLO shirts?
Excellent! It's so good! I like NASA   F O R  E V E R  !  !
Jon Johns
I want a "Keep Calm and NASA On" shirt!!
The same Gangnam who sang about death to Americans earlier in his career.
mike m
Nasa, y'all are coming out of your shell with g+. Glad to see y'all break the stuffy image most have when they think nasa
want the hank!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Great parody but is that what they do with their money?
Guy in room with controls gtfo, im workin' here
please.. not NASA
no hope for intelligence 
Tax me more! Must support the NASA mission.

What do you get when you place a lot of engineers all in the same building? Look above.

edit: I loved it
NASA I have just lost much respect for you.
Not to mention using Government facility for video.I do believe that is against the law.They have no right under law to use public property in personal endeavors.
Hey! Who said you could have fun with/around taxpayer funding/equipment? Good parody!
+J Miller You seem to think scientists don't fool around. How do you think they got so good in the first place? The crazier the scientist, the better they are. Fun people.

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and dull means a bad scientist.
Much better than the holiday party vid, you go!
the students did a great job on this video.  a wonderful way of relating with the public...very cool!  :) thank you for the smile...want a 'Keep Calm and NASA On' shirt!!!  
Thank you! It is the holiday season! Let them burn off some steam and have a little fun!
Amusing! Can you hire me already? I'll fix your HVAC!
Hey, othee copinies should do this
words cannot express just how much i love this 
NASA needs the money, why are they not selling "Keep calm and NASA on" shirts.  I need one of those.
Uhhh. Please don't make stuff like this. You don't need to sink to that level.. Dear Science.. 
Only NASA Gangnam Style, can give us all, the dimension of american stupidity !
Haha, that was pretty good :)
You don't "parody" all the stuff from others do you?:)
Just another nazi-inspired redneck duchbag who thinks "white" people are better then other peolple. Judging people based on looks and color is so ignorant.
to think that we are all the same is way more ignorant , besides asians actions speak louder than words and soon you will be a slave to them and then dont be drying to us Nazis to save you 
I just wish I could pronounce gangnam without sounding like I have a crackers and peanut butter in my mouth.
my sixth graders are going to love this. totally showing this on Monday.
That's interesting. People to get a job in the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is increased. LOL
Tom Tac
The top brass meeting scene has a dozen good cameos. Incoming and outgoing Johnson Administrators at 3minutes 29 seconds, Ellen Ochoa (veteran astronaut) and Michael Coats. Lot of good hardware shots, too.
that is awesome to see that johnson has made his own song! :) :D
OK Please help me my daughter wants the" Keep calm and NASA on " Shirt  She is 10 and will be doing the Sleep in space at Houston NASA, if they have them I would be so happy :) Please let me know. I cant find them online
Thank you so much Jon Johns. I will ask .
Waiting for a Harlem Shake video.
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