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Scholastic reporter Alexandra Zhang interviews astronaut Cady Coleman at the White House 2012 Science Fair on the importance of girls in STEM careers.
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working in child cognition, best way
Girls, girls, girls, girls. Boys are SO criminally neglected these days! Shame on all the mothers who have sons who don't complain of this.
I have both girls and boys (now adults), and my concern is less about which gender is neglected than the increasing focus on perceived gender differences. At Target's baby registry, you have to choose the gender of your expected child in order to see some items. It's a baby! Does it matter what color s/he wears?

Not all girls are princesses, and if a boy wants to wear a pink tutu, that should be OK. I dressed like a boy when I was little. Madison Avenue and retailers are pushing gender differences hard, which keeps both boys and girls "in their place".

We fought hard in the '60s and '70s to do away with gender discrimination. It is still there in many professions, which is why major symphonies now do blind auditiions, and in pay scales. What disturbs me is that we are moving back to the '50s.
Probably all true. I still don't understand "women's" organizations. Equal pay should be a no-brainer. But there are realities & there are realities. I confess I like babies in the traditional blue/pink colors so I don't have to ask gender when making a fool over them which I LOVE to do. I still think I'd keep my boy w/ the pink tutu in the house though.
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