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"Congratulations to James Cameron and Kevin Hand for this amazing exploratory achievement, " NASA Administrator Charles Bolden. Read his latest blog Photo courtesy of National Geographic.
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i didn't know until today that he did the dive solo! way to go!
+Mikhail Garber, I wouldn't be surprised if the proceeds from Avatar paid for a big chunk of this. The money he got from live streaming that was broadcast on Discovery Channel is his "fun money". :D
Heard he had a major hydraulic failure so he was unable to collect any samples wonder what the footage will be like
+Richard Bowen, lots of screaming? Goodness... a major hydraulic failure would make me sweat. :| (Even if it was just in the collection systems?)
...and then Dr. Cameron returned to his hollowed-out volcano. Seriously though, this is incredibly cool. (I'm just jealous.)
He is still a wanker.
Great job! He'll be as remembered as a great movie creator as an avid explorer. Congrats!!
I wish I could have all the free-time he has... LOL
great job cameron we want some more
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