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What was it like to escort Discovery #OV103 in a T-38? See the video here #spottheshuttle
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I loved the flyover! It was very loud, and came upon me as somewhat of a surprise (didn't get pictures), but I loved it! Will go to Udvar-Hazy and look at it as soon as I can :) Thank you!
Nav H.
Amazing view from the fighter jet.
what does THAT mean? The news videos were breathtaking. I wish I was in DC to see it. Maybe the big O would've had me over to the Rose Garden for some coffee. I don't drink.
So the space shuttle from Gravelly Point Park in Arl. Va outside of D.C. So amazing.
Yeah! Caught that on C-SPAN! Pretty geeky, but fun to watch!
+Dave Winter The fighter escort is there for a few things, as a spotter craft in case something goes wrong, and as an honor guard. It also get's the astronauts some flight time. At least that's what I was told years ago by a NASA employee (it was at least 20 years ago). He told me that only active duty astronauts flew the escort t-38's. If there was an actual threat to the shuttle or the 747 then I would assume more modern, armed fighters would be dispatched from any of the bases along the routes.
eu queria ter carreia de astronauta
que tau mandar uma nave pra rodar pelo universo ou seja nave com astronautas pra coletar informaçoes
me deem informaçoes sobre kleper
Such a sad site , to see the space shuttle go . It almost feels like a personal loss after all the years watching the launching's on the tube . I grew up with the space shuttle and they will always have a place in my heart .
This wouldn't be as depressing if there was a replacement program to keep pushing human space exploration. This is a sad day for all of humanity.
I'm disgusted we are forced to use the Russians to get to space! How many of our astronauts will be blown to smithereens? Russia is still communist (no matter those jokes of elections!) and therefore their craftmenship leaves much to be desired.
Like it or not, Soyuz is the most proven and most successful spacecraft, in terms of the number of successful missions, in the mankind's history. I dare say more people died on board the shuttle than in Soyuz. And honestly, have you ever seen a Soyuz in your life? Do you even know that large parts of ISS are Russian-made? Do you know what ISS stands for?
China is communist too, and most of the goods we buy nowadays come from there, and we seem all very happy about their craftmenship.
+Jan Milík not a clue what ISS stands for. And yes, I know Soyuz has an excellent record. But no, I do not want our astronauts flying on Russian ships when we have better technology and could have better capability. The Shuttle had a few accidents, but that happens when you are pushing the envelope. Soyuz is successful, but antiquated. And the Russians ARE still communists and cannot be trusted. Iran is a good point.
+David Asta all China's technology comes from us. Why do you think so many people are up in arms about China stealing Technology? We practically hand it to them. No, China would still be backward if American and European countries hadn't gone to manufacture their goods there.
Wow, now there's a true fulfilment of the stereotypical American if I ever saw one...
+Veronica Cawelti, you're right because we shouldn't be using russian equipment when we have the capability to make our own.
+Jan Milík you are right as well. We should rely on the Soyuz, but only until we have our own method of space travel.
China operates on stolen US technology? America having better spaceship technology? Are these informed opinions or are you speaking out of your ass? And suggesting that China would be nothing if it weren't for the US? Really? Are you saying US policy is THAT pathetic that they've given away their world super power status to China? You could say the US would still be backwards if Europe didn't give them power by having a world war. But I give the US far more credit than that, and I give China far more credit too.
+Graham Weinschenk If you ask me, it would make sense for US to leave servicing the ISS to Russians, Europeans (us) and private companies, because that would leave their hands free to go where no man has gone before, so to speak. I can understand why a US patriot would refuse to rely on Soyuz completely, but visiting ISS is not all there is to space travel and Soyuz can handle that just fine.
simply amazing. Thanks for sharing.
The point is all this jingoism and patriotism just gets in the way of enjoying an achievement for what it is. I'm not American, I like this post because it is awesome. Colouring it American or Russian takes away from the achievement for achievements sake. The reason science and technology had many flaws during communist Russia was due to the insular nation that communism propagated. Science in Russia was cut off from the rest of the world. There is no denying that led to some many unique Soviet solutions to problems, some of which were superior, but overall it worked against the USSR. This us vs them attitude displayed here is exactly where things go wrong. Competitiveness is great, but cooperation has its strong points too.
Само силата на разума и любовта към науката,са способни на подобни чудеса!
+Lothar Gesslein the United States should not sink down to the level of a country without a method of space travel. Not just that, but the U.S has always been a leader of science, technology and exploration. Why shouldn't we uphold that?
+Graham Weinschenk The US isn't sinking down to a level of a country without space travel, they have it, with the russians...
+Graham Weinschenk I don't say the US should give up space travel. I think that is already the reality: space travel (and most of science) is no longer a competition of different countries, but a collaboration.
In a collaborative effort it is not important to be the leader, but to do what is best for everybody.
If the US doesn't push space exploration nobody will. No other country, nor any of the private endeavors have the finances or scientific know how required to put humans on another planet.

The end result is the end of a scientific era, which history will likely prove to be our greatest mistake of all time.
+Aaron Albrecht The US doesn't have the finances, why do you think they don't have a replacement for the shuttle? More scientific discovery and advances babe been made by countries other than the US, all the US does is make a movie about the event in which they portray themselves as the original discoverer
+Lothar Gesslein I don't think that the U.S. is giving up space travel. And I actually do think that it is a collabrative effort between countries. What I was trying to say was that the U.S. should stay involved with that effort.
+Sam Maher NASA's entire budget is a fraction of the budgets for the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. And you're kidding yourself if you think other countries have made more advances in space exploration than the US. Last I checked only an American flag is flying on the moon. What other country has a space program anywhere near the abilities of NASA? Russia? China? North Korea? lol
Why have multiple transportation devices owned by separate countries each with their own maintenance needs when you can share one and spend the man-hours which would be wasted on maintenance on creating other vehicles/devices in collaboration to further exploration even quicker? Why does a flag on the moon prove anything? All that says is nobody else saw any reason to go there. Why the need for the US alone to discover etc? Do US citizens really feel that inadequate that they have to have "the only flag on the moon is the USA one" to make themselves feel better?

Shared knowledge advances technology faster than having separate teams running the same trial and error tests
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