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Weird & wonderful view from our Terra satellite last week. Can you guess what's going on in this image? For details and hi-res download:
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Cloud interference patterns around mountain peaks?
mountain tops peaking through high level clouds
Yes, that's air turbulence visible in the cloudlayers from landformations below.
I am fascinated with these cloud vortex photos!
amazing, my first idea was the Sand dunes, but not enoguht reflrection
zombies in the fog! No, I think Marco is right. If not himalayas, it could be another mountain range.
It looks like from the high res that clouds are accumulating above land masses. As noted from the black out lines.
Rock Summit wich distrub the cloud flow showing turbulences
could be anything from the Himalayas having sex to aliens knitting a sweater
von karman streets all over the place...
this could be intersection of wind
I totally know what it is, its a picture of the world through a frosty window or frosty glass of some kind
Could it be mountain tops poking through a layer of moving clouds?
atmospheric gravity waves and Von Karman streets over some island...
Canary Island peaks disturbing the cloud layer?
Aleutian Islands, 99.99% certain; looks more like clouds to me, but could easily be spring ice breakup flowing. 
... and then I tapped the link. Low stratocumulous clouds, of course. 
ocean fog from cold water being pushed around some islands. It creates some very neat formations sometimes - google the Catalina Eddy to see other neat images.
Atmospheric ship waves. The waves are formed in the atmosphere as air flows past the islands, resembling the waves formed in the wake of a ship. We can see the signature of the waves in the clouds.
I agree with most of the comments. Looks like mountain tops peaking through the clouds.
On first glance I saw ice moving around islands but when I looked deeper I saw an ocean that wasn't relatively close to the "ice" it also looked as if there is a land mass suggesting that those are clouds being broken around mountain tops.

Nice job NASA! :-)
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