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NASA's Spitzer Space Telescope detected light emanating from a "super-Earth" planet beyond our solar system for the first time. Check out the video!
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It tells us there are other worlds like ours, so keep polluting and messing up this one...we got backups. Haha it's a major achievement dude.
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Reflected, obviously. Planets do not emit their own light except in the case of infra-red, which would be too weak to pick up.
Wait, I'm confused. From the fine article:

"a rocky core surrounded by a layer of water in a "supercritical" state where it is both liquid and gas, and topped by a blanket of steam."

but also:

"the planet probably does not have a substantial atmosphere to carry the sun's heat to the unlit side."

If there's no substantial atmosphere, what's keeping the pressure on the water layer to keep it in a supercritical state and not boiling off at 2000C? Need a lot of pressure to keep water even partly liquid at those temps...
Marcvs-Antonvs Guzman, the question is answered in the same video. The planet is not visible in the visible spectra of the light. The planet it's only visible in the infra-red spectra because of it's very hot. The infra-red signal of the planet is highly enough to be detectable over the infra-red background of its star. Obviously, it's not only reflected radiation. Take into account that the brightness of a body it's not limited to the visible part of the spectra but it makes reference to all kind of electromagnetic radiation. Read about Stefan-Boltzmann law for more information about this issue.
Won't matter. The planet is so close to its sun it will be engulfed by the star before too long.
it just makes my head hurt, thinking about it....personally...
its amazing there more than we will never know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A. Gao
Lets hope humans can settle there someday XD
sooooooooooooo aaaaaaaammmmmmmmmmaaaazzzzzzziiiinnnnnngggggggg
Am tired of such claimed earth-like life-bearing planets being discovered
by NASA and similar agencies every now and then.

I have just two words for such crap- "bull" and "shit".
yeah right if that were true they would keep it from us
Reportedly, the planet is home to a race of creatures who look like baby narwhals. Every 32.6 years, they sync up their flatulence to boost their planet into a slightly higher orbit to keep it from plummeting into their star. When the expelled gas is ignited by the star it creates a sort of reverse flare that can be detected here on earth by a slight tic in Oprah Winfrey's left eyelid.
This is NOT a claim that there is life on this planet. "Earth-like" applies to the size of the planet. The proximity to its star and the high temperature clearly rule out any "Earth-like" life.
+Marcvs-Antonvs Guzman the planet passes in front of the sun, this not only dims the star, but also the light that is blocked has a signature of the light bouncing through it's atmosphere as it blocks and distorts the light. The wavelengths are analyzed for the atmospheric composition. Does that answer your question?
that is soo cool!!!!!! i wonder if it is like our earth with oxygen and everything like that... hmmmm
that is sooooooo cool oooooo ALIENS DUN DUN DUHHHHHH
I don't get what he means when he says there was a dip in the intensity of the "super earth". Anybody else not understand this?
whats that supposed to mean?
Earth 2 has lights also, cool! I wonder if gas is cheaper there?
sweet! Hopefully the ETs won't attack us :)
The Virgin Company has made a spaceport in New Mexico so why can't you guys?

that is so cool!!!
no. why y are u asking that?
i was just kidding
It's amazing how much you can serendipitously discover when you build expensive telescopes with no goal in mind and scan the sky at random. If only we were actively looking!
just making sure it still works
That Super-Earth is hot enough to melt steel. No life there.

As for radio being impeded by dark matter, the existence of radio telescopes seems to prove otherwise. We've gotten plenty of signals. We just haven't gotten any non-natural signals. But then again, someone looking at Earth at any time from 4.5 billion to 225 years ago wouldn't detect any radio here either. My guess is it isn't the ideal way to find life.
Right now someone on that planet is reading an article "SENASA(Super Earth NASA) discovers light coming from a 'mini-super-earth' like planet.Scientists say this mini-super-earth may be like our own Super Earth but smaller."
Not sure how they can determine that it can't hold life there. We don't even know how some of the life lives here on our planet, we have life under the sea that science can't explain. I hate when they think they know it all. Hell, for all we know there can be life just swimming in space.
Do you know how freaking hot 2000 K is? Everything burst into flame at that temperature. Well it would if an atmosphere could be sustained that close to an ionizing star.

Of course we don't know for sure. But this is not Earth or even Venus temperature. This is pools of glowing liquid metal and evaporating sand temperature.
Well, no. In that stars are way hotter and the center of quasars are presumably way hotter still, but 2000 K is extreme for a planet. That is very close to its sun.
Ah, M-class planets...
Who the hell drives the ball so far it orbits the sun? (was my first thought before reading the post)
Once again, The work of God's hands is marvelous.... a part from gravety... what makes them to be kept from the beginig on its orbits ??? Have ever thought about it ????? I am not sure that the scientists are not competing with nature because they will loose... becarefull that nature does not swallow you.
Do it always with respect ... Respect nature so that she can respond to you!!!!
You should be one of those scientists that do not believe
in supernatural world you still got a long way to get there.
When, and if you ever get there may be you have learnt
that nothing creates itself from nothing ....
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