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The Andromeda Galaxy is a mere 2.5 million light-years away but is so big, it took 11 GALEX images to create this fantastic photo of our nearest neighbor...
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Our Sun will pull itself away to collide with the hot, young stars from Andromeda? How rude! ;-P
+Dean Goodchild That's right. Any time we record something from the electromagnetic spectrum it had to have traveled the distance between.
Can't wait for the cosmic collision between our galaxy and andromeda. Best fourth of July fireworks ever
That's indredible!!! How small we feel with so much majesty.
It was at night on deck in the Caribbean looking through binoculars that I got my first glmpse of M31. I could clearly see the dust lanes.
I have yet to get a bigger thrill from the night sky!

Put down a ping-pong ball and then go 2.5 kilometers away and put down another.
On scale, that is the average seperation of stars in a galaxy.
It is easy to see why galaxies can pass through each other without any interaction besides gravitational influence.

Interesting to note that that scale model also comes close to reflecting the average seperation of atomic nuclei in neighboring atoms.
Sometimes I worry that thing's going to crash right through our little galaxy...'s going to make a terrible mess
Galaxy cannibalism... To think that something this big might collide and grow bigger by swallowing our galaxy... scary...

We'll all be dead by then, so no fret :P
Wow! Thanks for sharing that +Tim Hutton and thanks +NASA ! The distance in relation to time is just unfathomable since our tiny amount of "time" that we're around can't even compare to a minuscule amount of time and distance related to all around us. Wish people could really understand where we fit in all of this and stop all of the fighting and hurting of each other and just try to live together and enjoy what we have...
+Kevin Barwell Stop whining, man! Get yourself a couple of pan galactic gargle blasters and get back in the game!
Don't worry by the time andromeda approaches us earth is already a stage 4 cancer patient due to the expansion of the sun before going supernova. So we're good
Um, isn't the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy closer than the Andromeda Galaxy? Or is the jury still out on if it truly is a dwarf galaxy?
Cool I love the galaxy I would love you to send me a pic
very nice. It reminds me of "Star Trek" that has gone beyond space frontiers.
nice effort to make astronomy
more popular among the commons ...
The sun won't go supernova. It's too small
man i would live in space in stead jk i dont think you can but if you die than you can haha lol
Isn't it fascinating that we are looking at beauty at its best. The unobtainable isn't exactly unobtainable!
well its true it is incrediable
it is so beautiful i set it as my background on my computer.
sam jim
love it.............:)
And we're arrogant enough to think we're the only life forms in the universe? Ha!
Hey there sexy momma, wanna kill some humans?
There has to be intelligent life somewhere there right? Stockpiling guns now lol
Hm... if it's intelligent life, it won't want a stockpile of guns?
+Justin Carol Sure they would. They would take them back to their home planet and laugh at us
+Brian Prince Hahaha! If they have the tech to find us then I'm sure they have way better materials
+Brian Prince I meant they would take our guns back so they could show off to their friends and laugh at us humans for how pathetic our society is lol, that's all. At least that's what I would.
+Nick Pacella Ha! Ha! Ok, I understand where you are coming from there. and you are right about them thinking about how pathetic we are as a race of individuals. we are like little fish in a fish tank to them. lol!
Now that's what I want to be able to tell my future wife... "It's so BIG that I had to take 11 photos and put them together so you could see it before you SEE it." ;)
Ahhhh...our big sister galaxy that hates us and will collide with us someday. >.<
Wow +matthew stagg , your intellectual observations and cognative capacity are staggering. Your character is on display - and I can smell it through my screen.
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