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The first "A" in NASA is helping to make future air travel safer and faster while using less energy and causing less noise.
How NASA and aircraft engineers intend to shape the future of air travel
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that is a cool design. Never seen a wing configuration like it.
The airfoil arrangement allows the aircraft to climb or descend level. No need to pitch up or down..
It's somewhere in between a Romulan Warbird and the Andromeda Ascendant

Beautiful looking jet
Yes, I agree: Romulan, but cool! ☺
target dates: 2025 and 2035. I'm sure NASA and the private sector can do better than this if the resources and commitment are there.
It's May Day/Labour Day in the rest of the world too. Great new technology for the future.
I thought we grew out of biplanes a while ago.
Radical wing and tail configurations have been drawn by NASA and Boeing for some time now. The problem is that these configurations always stay on paper and never make it out of the drawing boards, which means the designs are not flyable or that the new shape benefits don't outweigh the cost of their application.
Its not so much the cost of the application - its being able to get enough seats on the aircraft to justify revenue per mile - whether commercial or private aircraft that is the driving force behind all jet builds in the industry.

The concept likely would fly - the cost to develop and build and have it make money at the end of the day ... Look at the 787 Dreamliner and the amount of time it took to get that built and flying - we (Boeing) spent millions and millions of dollars of proof of concept in pre-design (the 787 "flew" on the computer years before the first nuts and bolts were ordered) and prototype - just to get a revenue generator.

That is why the flying wing commercial aircraft hasn't materialized yet - you can get seats on it - but not build at a cost that justifies the seats.

That being said ... kick ass lookin' plane - here's hopin' it's in a fleet sooner rather than later
let's see if they actually implement it
NO matter how efficient this gets, it's still the most polluting form of transportation. Let's get mag-lev going, please.
saw this plane in an article...NASA for the win lol
Bring back airships, luxury and efficiency.
2nd for airships, classy mode of travel, would be perfect for haulage too!!
Nice! I read in a science maginzine they are actually doing a project on making better aircraft for passengers and more fuel efficiency.
I thought NASA is over. Isn't this Boeing or Lockheed Martin? Anywho, hooray for flying wire hangers!
Nasa isnt over; its just that there not doing manned missions anymore for exploration. the next time is for when we land on mars and therll be 51 states - Mars-uois is the next.
But sreiously, nasa isnt done yet
looks real but... it might not...
Nasa is the best space agency of all over the world so I like it
I wish someone would focus on getting us the hell off this rock.
That future is reality and of course Nasa is the leader. Good job for such a sharing news. "The Jets of the Future"
lol.Amelia Freeman lookin gorgeous.sweet pic.
Pop Sci already told me about it
I like the look, I would like to see more prototypes using alternative energy sources. (ie) solar
Like the "look" but wants solar! Dont you belong at an OWS function on May Day!
o-o now they need the super compasitor
like the "LOOK" but wants SOLAR. OWS? Discuss.......
Good to know NASA is working on airlines while GE is working on data centers. Perfect timing!
We already have a supersonic airliner - Concorde - you could get another six seats in there now just by updating the computers, and there are newer (and more economical) engines that could be fitted,
it's a well tried and tested design...
Wasn't too keen on the model that had propellers...propellers are no good for high altitude work and best economy is at high okay for shorter hops I suppose...
very interesting...right design
Cool. I think space travel will be our future. #SpaceFTW
I started reading this article and then spent the next hour reading the history of Concorde and the further of supersonic flight. Hour well spent.
Clicked on the image and I get page not found//
I especially look forward to the causing less noise part :)
es ciencia ficion aun que muy interesante y muy buen modelo muy creativos y me gusta el modelo.
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