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Oxygen required: NASA’s Airborne Sciences program employs ER-2 aircraft — the civilian version of the Air Force U2-S — to carry out its wide-ranging study of different Earth systems. The photo seen here is a self-portrait by pilot Tom Ryan, taken during a 2011 flight to test a laser altimeter prototype for NASA’s ICESat-2 mission. The aircraft typically operates at an altitude of around 65,000 feet.

Right now, three polarimeter instruments are being flown on an ER-2 as part of the Polarimeter Definition Experiment (PODEX), which is paving the way for a future satellite mission to study clouds and aerosols called the Aerosol-Cloud-Ecosystem (ACE).

For more about PODEX, visit:
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Im actually gonna un-follow NASA from now on. This co2-hysteria has gone to far, I thought you guys were supposed to have a scientific approach to your work.
+Peter Wärnevall my guess is a lot of their funding might depend on them continuing with the anthropogenic climate change alarmism to justify carbon trading programs aka money from thin air.
I think you are right! It really is a big shame thou, I have always admired NASA for all their work for the good of man kind in the name of science. But true science requires an unbiased eye....
When science is funded by political interests it sometime derails from pure science into science-backed agendas.
Makes me think of the SR-71.  Used to have pictures of it on my wall when I was a kid.  Alas, my eyesight went (no laser surgery at the time) and then the Air Force killed the plane. :'(
Right, and the moon mission was 100% science, not at all politically motivated
+Chris Johnson So, you think that "Climate 365" is NOT part of a directive by the "politicians with their own agenda" to push this agenda?  You don't think that NASA was directed to use social media to push man-caused climate change by the politicians in the current administration?  Information pushed that way, true or not, is propaganda:

1: capitalized : a congregation of the Roman curia having jurisdiction over missionary territories and related institutions
2: the spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person
3: ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one's cause or to damage an opposing cause; also : a public action having such an effect
I am sealling pure air from the virgin forests of Romania. Container: 5 l aluminiun can. Only from one milion units up ! :)))
Why would you even bother discussing anything with someone who is a stalker on G+. If you can't add a profile image, your argument is invalid.
Ok, commenting on a thread like this I´m probably a couple of posts behind ;) But ok... The apollo-missions where politically driven, I don´t think anyone argues with that, but NASA has also done a WHOLE BUNCH of missions that has nothing to do with politics, and I think that´s great and I was also hoping that the whole, nasty cold-war bullshit where the government sets the agenda was all gone. Stuff like climate365 is dishartening, ,cause it really points out that NASA is not at all the independent, scientifically driven organization most people wish it was...
+Chris Johnson +Jason Lydon Jason, what about people who post pictures of themselves in grade school, or of their son (whichever it is)?  I see no need to post a picture of myself.  Would it make you happy if I posted a picture of a sports car?  Or the red Angry Bird like I have in Steam?
People who post pictures of themselves or their children: +3. 
Sports Car: kinda boring.
Angry Bird: corny (unless you're < 12 years old).
Default profile image: completely lame.
Gerald Walls, It will make happy the CIA, after positively identifying you as yor brother in law. :)))
+NASA Why not post something on G+ about the tests going on with engine F-6049 or the "solar quilt" image posted to your web site on 1/22?  I saw both of these on 3rd-party news sites.
Yes, that is fun. Well played sir.
If you get boored at 'just another day in the office' give me a shout I would consider jumping in for you! you know as a friend...
+NASA hats, please get off your we burning up because of my v12 s600. Post something about a frigin rocket or how Tang is great substitute for OJ.
That is all the work every where. Getting data, reasons for positive and negative variance with the budget or the theory, and speculating the reasons out of a few it NASA or a Bank in India.........
Removing NASA for not understanding how social media works. Bye bye NASA and good luck with wasting all my tax money on this crap.
Thank you NASA for all you are doing for the future of Humanity, we are all here cheering and singing our songs to let you hear our support. The wonderous feats performed by your great Men and Women who dare to test the limits of our initial reaching for the Stars will never be forgotten. As we prepare to move the Planets with the power of the Gods at our command, we will need more than ever your talent and daring spirit of exploration to prepare the new Earth.  As we smash the useless planets to our specifications, we will see a new Home, a Daughter formed by the tides of our dreams sharing our orbit. Together we will continue our journey through Time to our destiny, the mission fulllfilled by the generations to come. 
+William Hayes Couldn't agree more.  So many people say "NASA is such a waste of taxpayer money!" (see above), but in reality, it's the best proactive thing we could do as a society.  We need to explore space if we want the human race to continue in the future.  To me, that's the purpose of NASA.  IMO, space exploration is the best use of taxpayer dollars.
Thats some office building.
At NASA the sky is the minimum.
Its that a Stargate in the visor reflection?
Worked that bird for more then 10years and miss it everyday......
love it..i wish i had a job like that!!
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