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The #VenusTransit is underway -- are you watching? Last one until 2117! Here's another image from NASA_SDO
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Too bad we are under cloud cover here Jacksonville. :(
Got to wait till dawn to see anything here and so far it's not looking promising as it's cloudy and puthering with rain!
venus's hidden side is 460c where as the side that's facing us it's about -280c. wonderful, The next time it'll occur none of us today will be alive. perhaps just a few!
Fab Gab
Yay! go Solar Dynamics Observatory! I'm watching the transit now on NASA TV!
We have clouds and rain here. Won't even be possible to see it.
watching it live on youtube thx google for letting us use ur awesome hangout app
Unfortunately we have overcast in Boston area.
I'm watching!  I think its so awesome to see !!   Thanks Nasa for providing us so many diff spots on earth to view this!!  This is great!
Ahora son mas creíbles las predicciones mayas
Overcast here in weslaco, texas. Can't see a thing.
That's no planet.  "It's a space station."
i've been looking at the sun for a while, don't see it
It was cloudy, so I didn't catch the ingress but I see it now! Don't give up you people in cloudy areas. Hope abounds.
I think I'll catch the next one...
Same for me. but  once its clear, perfect view, but you need some sort of eye protection
NASA is possible watching of Guatemala?
well,we can't see bugger all here in it's 12.30's nightime....even the moon is hiding....!!!...we'll just keep an eye on nasa...
so sad, but it will come out later in the morning (in london)
Cant wait for the olympics!
its cloudy in New York too, but be paitient
Too bad Montreal is cloudy at the moment.
El Bell
If only! It is pouring here in Scotland and I don't think my boss regards this as a good excuse for a sick day! Jealous of all the stargazers who do catch a glimpse! Enjoy
it will be out until tomorrow, so dont worry!!!!
so i made the dumb ass move of trying to look straight into the sun to see it (with high end ray band sun glasses of course) still to bright to see Venus :(

Anyone got a pair of eclipse glasses i can borrow?
Total cloud cover here in Colorado. These feeds ate awesome, but not the same.
I did the same thing and now I can't see my phone
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The Titans are passing each other
i tried to see it but i couldnt  it's to bright and a overcast i hope i live a 100 years to see it....  :( i used no glasses now my eyes hurt
mildly interesting. Doesn't anyone care about Space X anymore?
Too cloudy here in Mass. Bummed we couldn't see it.
Those of us terrestrially bound in bc can see only rain clouds :-(
Unfortunately and as usual we are misusing this due to cloud cover in Brooklyn NY. :( seem very relaxed and chilled..!!! i missing out on something...???...and are you in london or new york...??¿¿¿.....
Cloudy here (southern Taiwan), too. :-(
It's way to cloudy in Roanoke Va
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Watching, yes.  Amazing!
Heck yes I'm watching! Got the live feed on from Hawaii on one screen of my computer. I'm going outside soon!
ps. many times many scopes being used....
Kris Su
That is too cool.  
Super Cool..........just now I witnessed venus transit. I'm really happy
Next stop on the Venus transit is Mass Coronal Ejection.  Mind the gap.
Cloudy in Philadelphia! :={(}
Planet Saturn crossing over The Sun
Cloudy in Guangzhou :(
Its pretty overcast in Dallas. We have the glasses but can't get enough magnification to see Venus. Still, we have the TV on, and that's nice.
Bing bing recto - that is because you must be blind already
First time I complain about Vancouver weather. Completely cloud covered! We could not see Venus transit and we don't gonna get another opportunity :(
Here in Texas, as always, blue open sky. The sun too bright to se anything. I did not have special glasses
At 7:15pm in Hays, KS, Venus was about 1/3 of the way across the sun.
just saw it... amazing! best astronomical event of my life. even trumps the full lunar eclipse on the winter solstice
Edd 95
i cant undestand, if you go to venus you will see the sun around twize the size of the sun here, but if you see venus from here you will see that the sun is around 10 times bigger than venus from this perspective? how is ti possibe?
I am going to watch it
I should see it at 5:50 am
I am happy
Thanks nasa
Yes...... My mom and dad came over with a welder helmet and we watched it together.  
I saw it on news while I was eating, it is AMAZING!!!
ese es venus que vacano
Brooklyn Spille, yes I know, I'm so stupid I didn't get the glasses and I could not see anything, but, of course I'm going to say that is was wonderful.
Blasted clouds, go away! Don't you know there's a transit of Venus going on right now? Really! Ugh, impertinent condensation.
சூரியனுக்கு மச்சம் டேய்.........!
Went out and shared the experience with a friend's large telescope. Made my heart skip a beat to see something so rare. My view was not as good as the NASA one, but, much less expensive.
I guess it's a little better than the shot I got. lol

Well done, NASA. 
There has to be a better word than AWESOME to describe this!
It stinks I have clouds in my area
Saw it!! It was actually CLEAR here in Rochester
We can't see in chch because of snow, bugger!
Been overcast here for more than a transit for Newfoundland
I use to look forward to learning about the planets when I was in grade school.
I Like. That make you known time is coming too a End
Can you imagine the temperatures on Venus? 
SDO images of the transit are by far the best
We got clear sight in hongkong despite some clouds.
Overcast in Florida - argh:(
I won't be around in 2117...
looks sick!
to bad we can't see the sun!
i guess it has to rain on
 one of the once in a life time occasions :(
That way is lot sky no see nothy I need to see venus.
You're fabulous looking good to nith my lol
eidi ure yamna phajare. We can see it even it is cloudy in imphal
Is wootherfool venus I don't know what happe in the space is come sonthy to aerth
we are so closely connected universe
This is great! It's amazing to see math behind the astronomical unit in action. 
The beauty of this universe never sees-es to amaze me!
Jaw-dropping phenomenon!
I live in chennai, india. Went to see this through solar telescopes at the beach. Extremely amazing. +NASA Amazing photo... Marvelous phenomenon. Cheers to those who saw it!
Darn it I missed it but it's back tomorrow right?
let bring evriting beautifule in ours and many
Emily L
i missed it ;(
what imediate problem that effects humans on earth for next hundred years have you solved with all this hippe about venus,and rest of stars you and your organisation have solved ?,good money maker for media.
that's nice a big red spot i think or it's just a plant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!$%#
It's cool how the planets are SO small compared to the Sun!
what is the red point in the middle?
I can see my house from here!
Can I see this thing from Indonesia? When is it over?
What is the URL for live viewing?
Booooooo down with Venus - NUKE NUKE NUKE NUKE
Brilliant. You guys at nasa are brilliant
cla cla
I wish I can see it too
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Maybe I'll (ahem) catch the next one ... 
( #TooCLoudyHere :( )
I'd like to blame the overcast weather we had... but I really just forgot it was today, so didn't look... part of me is really sad... but at the end of the day, every moment is a once in a lifetime experience ... and you can cherish them all, or just let time slip by... I was with the people I love, out on a sailboat... I think that will have to do
It was all nice and sunny here in Toronto it looked amazing!
I got more important things
I'll watch the next one..
Im sad i missed a once in a lifetime oppurtunity because i was focused on watching scott walker win WI
How many people still in school had their science teacher talk about this?
This was on radio help me god due to what happen today they say we going die in two days :) can not wait :) 
In Atlanta, I dont have the glasses but even if I did we aren't able to see it over here :(
Too cloudy here in Seattle. :(
I can't see it, to much cloud:(
Once again it will be come more 100 yrs.That time is where we 're.
At first glance I thought that was a toilet...
pretty fucked up when ur all awake and shit waiting for the moment and it starts to rain heavily here in singapore...da fuq
Thats no planet, its a spaceship
Can't see it in Edinburgh Scotland. Too cloudy
how can one NOT want to go out there???
It's cloudy here, with no chance of meatballs.
Thank you NASA team and producers.  Amazing!
All I can do is saw "wow" and just awe at this
let me ask this what is so amazing about another sphere in the sky? i used be impressed with space etc but if im not going to actually see more than a round blob in the sky to me eh its pointless now if you invited me to an observational place with a great telescoe then yea id be impressed  
Ill catch it next time around ha
L T Dan
Its Mercury or Venus?
many thanks awesome event to witness :)
Couldn't see nothing. Oh well. Maybeeeeeee next time I get the chance if seeing it.
I've been watching since 3:00of and on. It's wonderful!!!!
thats wonderfull to see that
Sydneys too cloudy to see anything. Saw just glimpse around lunch time. I'm Grateful and disappointed @ the same time.
And...that's what your eye ball looks like, after you've watched it WITHOUT Protection, Dummies!
I guess I missed it. I'll watch in 2117.
RM Wolf
Our universe will forever be awe inspiring to me. At the age of 51 I still look up at the night sky and stare in wonder.
سبحان الله العظيم وبحمده
tina f
So cool!!!
wow! there is a lot of solar system things going on!
Clouds shielded the sun, depriving me of this rare celestial spectacle. And I can't pacify myself by saying better luck next time!
Wow~ that's awesome!! what is that behind the venus?
NASA happy to see this event today what next on there agenda of wasting billions billions money !! 
I didn't watch, but I'm sure I'll see the video.
Its raining all day long here in NYC,not lucky enough to see this beauty..poor me..
Think il wait til the next one :)
Its beautiful....... Want 2 come in nasa
If you zoom in this picture I think it going to better than this post.
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