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On +foursquare? The Mars Curiosity rover checked in on Mars Wednesday using the mobile application Foursquare. This marks the first check-in on another planet. Users on Foursquare can keep up with Curiosity as the rover checks in at key locations and posts photos and tips, all while exploring the Red Planet.

After landing in Gale Crater last month, Curiosity began a planned 23-month mission that includes some of Mars' most intriguing scientific destinations. Curiosity is roving toward Mount Sharp, a mountain about 3 miles (5 kilometers) tall. The rover is conducting experiments along the way, seeking clues in the rocks and soil that would indicate whether Mars ever was capable of supporting microbial life. It is taking and sharing pictures of the trip.

Back here on Earth, Foursquare users will be able to earn a Curiosity-themed badge on the social media platform for check-ins at locations that generate an interest in science, technology, engineering and mathematics. Available late this year, this new badge will encourage Foursquare users to explore science centers, laboratories and museums that pique scientific curiosity.

NASA has been on Foursquare since 2010 through a strategic partnership with the platform. This partnership, launched with astronaut Doug Wheelock's first-ever check-in from the International Space Station, has allowed users to connect with NASA and enabled them to explore the universe and re-discover Earth.

The partnership launched the NASA Explorer badge for Foursquare users, encouraging them to explore NASA-related locations across the country. It also included the launch of a NASA Foursquare page, where the agency provides official tips and information about the nation's space program.
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What I'm wondering is how long it'll hold the mayorship before someone else steals it.  (That's one hell of a mayorship to beat!)
Great, how am I going to get Mayorship now?
MSL is a rover I would like to have a beer with.  
hopefully there won't come planet based restrictions up!
Check me in with you, MSL. Yeah Google latitude would be dope to follow.
I want proof, show me the GPS coordinates!
Warning: Broadcasting on other planets has been proven to show lack of intelligence by the originating species transmitting the signal. Symptoms may include: changing receiving frequency, powering down of alien transmitters, or declaration of interplanetary war on the offending planet.
Re the broadcast, Led Zeppelin´s 'Ramble On' would have been more appropriate. NASA desperately needs an A&R department.
$2.5 billion dollar mission to check into Foursquare from Mars. Lol but it is damn cool.
Can't wait for MSL to get on Instagram... XD
Is that really in mars???
Lol   Ghost650 says:
Not really a fan of FourSquare. But this is just great.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:10 PM EDT Reply
gotshoo's reply:
Not really a fan of rovers, but this is great.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:13 PM EDT Reply
Adriel Mingo's reply:
Not really a fan of great. But this is rover.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:21 PM EDT Reply
Ghost650's reply:
Not really a fan of spaghetti. But this is spaghetti.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:34 PM EDT Reply
shakil314's reply:
Not really a spaghetti of spaghetti. But spaghetti is spaghetti.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:36 PM EDT Reply
PhillyFanatic87's reply:
Not really a fan of fans. But this is fan.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:42 PM EDT Reply
innfs's reply:
not fanly a real of reals. But this is real
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 4:44 PM EDT Reply
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Not not not not not not, not not not not.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 5:14 PM EDT Reply
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You win.
Posted on Oct 03, 2012 | 6:01 PM EDT
Lets give it up for NASA! Hysterical. Love you guys!
I love it. Too bad about the funding. But can you remember, 57 years today, Mankind broke the shackles of the earth for the first time when Sputnik went up! Only 12 years later it was all Apollo! How is your warp field coming up? Wish you all the GREATEST of SUCCESSES.
Lol, they should get a custom badge for the first person to check in on another planet.
Wonder what the roaming charges would have been.... 0.o
That's a good one or beam me up scotty
It's going to be a while before anyone takes Curiosity's mayorship away.
Very interested to see how this changes the view of space exploration.  I wonder if we will jsut switch to thousands of small probes being sent into space in the future?
The Houston Texans will go to Super Bowl XLII as my prediction
And the history books would one day record that the great Martian invasion boiled down to Curiosity stealing all of their mayorships...
I assume it will be awhile before anyone else becomes mayor. 
cool story bro (i didn't even read it but i studied the picture very carefully)
I hope that the Mars Curiosity Rover is using Google Maps and not iMaps from Apple!
Now I want to figure out the 4sq id for Mars and do a check-in there myself.
One of my favorite things to do is to go into an old book store and look through old magazines and look at the advertisements.   They say more than the articles.
Can someone please tell me? Has Curiosity been given the capability to walk 'spider fashion' out of soft sand in the event it gets bogged like Spirit did
Wow there's good enough signal to check in in Mars, but I still can't get signal to make a call from my living room. Wish I had NASA as my provider.
Hopefully it's not running on a windows built system or it might crash.
WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE!? Are we now drooling over thing like using smartphones on mars by a robot? What's next, can I add Curiosity as a friend on Facebook? Yeah, I know it kinda boosts morale and everything, but personally, I think it's not necessary. Also, how did it check in on Foursquare? It has been relayed to earth I believe? A first Geocache on another planet would be far more monumental in my book.
Don't knock it if you don't fund it --- Science costs money, it's not their fault that it takes cheap thrills to please the public.
Prem K
I think its progress, earth is crowded.
After the 1st man landed on moon, now the 1st man checked in by foursquare on moon. Well, the expensive way of curiousity. But, somehow funny.
Don't worry folks, jumpers on 4sq will get the mayorship soon :)
Is Foursquare a for-profit?
I was once interfering with myself on lsd, staring at the night sky and could swear the stars spelt nasa was like i solved something.
What is this obssesion with ownership,you can not own land like you can not own the wins or tides. 
I own land on the moon......
 I bought it I have the certificates some where
Hope Marsians don't mind that! Curiosity might oust the Mayor of Mars?!! hmmmm...sure! I'll bring sturdy shoes and oxygen...
Update its status on latitude?
Just so you know since I havent got round to putting up the "No TRESSPASSING ",signs up yet I won`t press charges THIS TIME, but  from now on a request form in tripliquit must be presented to N.A.S.A bullshit departen [just look on any floor], not less than 3 months before desired viewing.Any questions involvig unclear details may bye directed to the office of, RIP OFF MERCHANTS, at said complex, Nw Ger off my LAND. 
The awkward moment when curiosity finally meets the literal mayor of Mars
When Curiosity changes its FB status to "In a Relationship," then we'll have something to talk about...
very cool, I wonder what Curiosity will find up there on Mars
It's good to follow Mars Curiosity in Foursquare :)
... I also want to be a Mayor in Mars hehehe ;)
I would!!!!! I love my foursquare though so its kinda a given lol
hoping for more surprises from that rover soon
Can't get enough of this rover. Clearly it's found alien life is real to. Water + heat = life 
May b rover had found something....But nasa isnt willing to reveal it...Like in "tramsformers" movie...:-o
What about Opportunity? She was there first!
Hey, I just got the idea of funding a Mars mission with the fee received from artists [especially indie] to broadcast their material on Mars to the rocks and boulders [and hopefully microorganisms]. It would be the 'Mars Radio', operating 24/7. At $ 100 per broadcast, with a couple of million users...  :)
what is the point?
im trying 2 get it.
i looked at this in science class
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