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We want you! Post your Enterprise #OV101 stories and photos to @cnnireports & our #spottheshuttle Photo courtesy: MWAA
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Wow this is really amazing...!!!!!!
Space the final frontier - this is the final voyage of the shuttle Enterprise...
DATA: Captain, another ship is decloaking bearing two one five mark three one oh. It's the Enterprise.
I wonder how can the plane carry the shuttle as a baggage ?
+Matt McKean yeah that definitely didn't fit in the overhead bin. Strap it to the roof like a mattress! :)
It really needs the pilot to have his arm out the window holding on to it to give it the whole mattress on the roof effect. :)
Someone should Photoshop a moonrover to the top of the shuttle, with a mattress on top of that.
thats so cool r they acctualluy gonna fly it!!! LOL
Jenn F
Get a room.
where is the NSFW tag...
In a museum with all the grimy little hand touching you ....Sad but true...........
...and that's where Cessna's come from.
It just flew over my job site...very cool
nasa is the best of dis world...a perfect research organisation...hats of the all scientists of nasa....our life is nothing without nasa....they give every information about this world
omg guyz totz hackz!! #google+revolution #RBS |
What is it going to do, take a tour all over these not so United States?
Best thing i have ever seen in a while!!
Watching on TV as Enterprise flies around the New York City skyline. Thanks NASA for such great memories!
Best Piggy Back Ride Ever.
hmm... I thought it was the cosmonaut Buran that was carried on the back of a jet... perhaps i was mistaken.
Just saw Leonard Nimoy interviewed on TV. Such a great day for the good people of New York. The Enterprise and Spock. Love it!!!!!!
idk what I am doing typing right now
I wish I couldve seen it!! :(
my hyper'parabolic flight technology would realy give these craft wings. tech in the image is over a century old with a few modifications. chk it out nasa, c if it can be applied toward your projects, maybe we can work something out as long as it remains within the public light.
it was so cool it few over our house!
La falta de prejuicios es indispensable para la creatividad, recuerdo cuando jugaba con aviones de niño y los colocábamos así. Para cualquier persona adulta en ese tiempo (incluso este tiempo) era (es) casi una locura o idea descabellada hacerlo de verdad.
It should have stayed in Houston, where it belongs.
Just saw it land, cant wait till June!
How did we kill the space program without something to replace this venerable machine? Goodbye shuttle. Goodbye American youth astronaut dreams. Fortunately, there's always sci-fi to keep the dream alive. Children of Secrecy on Kindle, the new space fantasy to help deal with the demise of American space flight reality.
I always thought airplanes were built, not bred? Nice!!!!
Would have been nice if the entire center of the country wasn't ignored. Two shuttles within 4 hours while the center of the country has none within 12 hours is a shame. Wright Patterson or Chicago should have had one -- for all those midwesterners who were ignored.
i'm confused they canceled the space program but now there talking about mining on asteroids? how does that make sense
The asteroid mining is a 3rd party company. Obama cancelled the space program.
The end of an era...but what an incredible 30 years!
hope it doesnt turn out like superman return
cuz face it theres gonna be no superman cumin
me gusta todo esto porque pienso Que ustedes se preocupan por nuestro future
Snap that!
You guy are crazy Zues should blast you righ touta the sky
I remember the space shuttle that was first made and parade at my school in 1976 at Linda Vern, Lancaster, California. I overjoyed the sight of Space Shuttle that was most amazed things happened in my dreamed come true. I was only 11 years old.
that is awesome i remember when nasa came to my school they brout some kind of dome thing and we got to go in!!!!
I remember just years ago we were facing against the germany or some europe country
So if a 747 can carry a space shuttle and still fly cross country, what's up with all the airlines' baggage fees? I call BS on those.
One's a National Treasure, the other? a middle-class taxpayer. Ooops! I mean a wealthy stock holder.
Great Work in Mankind History..
wow!!!! its superb and amazing! i luv nasa and hope 1 day i join there too.....
Talk about drafting! Doesn't he know that, "if you can't see my mirrors, I can't see you!"
Bob Zhu
Hmm..i think i saw this in a movie once...did anyone tell superman to be on standby?
parading around the corpse of the american space program.
does any one know how much the enterprise weighs?
zeo nia
who is first man on nasa is go to moon ?
holly heck..that must weigh a tun....
Puts a whole new meaning to "freeloading"!
wow nice now they can explore the space quickly
that is awsome now they can explore space quicker
what is that mother plane with baby plane sooo what is it you tell me
SPACE SHUTTLE AND JUMBO AIRPLANE nice to see..worth at work both things.....
Hopefully the ending of the age of the Space Shuttles means the dawning of the age of alien reverse engineered spacecraft!
How can a plane carry a shuttle?
Elementary dear Watson. It has wings and creates it's own lift.
Good grief, the answer was staring at you in the face. xD
Talk about lazy, can't even make its last flight on it's own needs a 747 to do all the work.
Andrew, that 747 has never been in Space......She deserves a ride.
How do they get the shuttle on top of the air plane in the first place?
At KSC they used an MDD for that. It's a Mate/Demate Device. I think some cranes were used to remove Discovery and secure Enterprise onto the SCA.
That's an awesome photo of that shuttle/plane.
que hacemos ahora con un monton de hierros tan caros en un almacen
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