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Suni Williams and Aki Hoshide completed a 8 hour, 17 minute spacewalk today at 4:33 p.m. ET. It makes 37 hours, 34 minutes of total spacewalk time for Williams over five spacewalks. It was the first walk for Hoshide. And this one's for the record books--the third longest in EVA history.
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What exactly are they learning that the previous astronauts did not learn on their space walks...and how many tests can you do in 8 hours?
That's quite a bit of time to be out there, it must be hard, but they did it! Congratulations! :)
+Richard Byrd they had problems replacing a power router due to some metal filings and possible debris in the bolt holes. They have four of those boxes, three of which are still working fine and still have redundancy.
Wow.. 8+ hours, including fighting for a long time with a recalcitrant power router?  Those two are probably exhausted - I'd probably be total toast after 90 minutes, tops.  And I'm speaking as a guy who hiked 10 miles on one of the rougher sections of the Appalachian Trail (Dragon's Tooth) last Saturday.
I wish I could spend eight minutes in space :(
Most people complain after eight hours work in the office. Must have been exhausting in that suit for so long. Very impressed (and jealous).
I would love to do that just once. How amazing that must be
Someone explain just how one is "Walking" in space?
+harold ayers  One simply accepts the convention/idiom - like "rush hour" or "elephant in the room."  Come to think of it, "moon walking" doesn't look like what the astronauts did either!
How true is the rumour that astronauts lose their nails from wearing the suit? This 8 hour walks can't be good... imagine getting a sudden nose itch, i would go insane with claustrophobia, so even more kudos to the astro and kosmonauts out there doing science because we can.
宇宙空間での長い作業、大変お疲れ様です( ̄ー ̄ゞ-☆
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