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Missed the call to the #ISS between William Shatner and Astronaut Chris Hadfield earlier today? Watch it now:
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i bet he totally Shat himself.
Inspiring, good show.
Isn't anyone worried about the fact that Hadfield is wearing a red shirt? 
Poh Lim
Wonderful to listen to William and Chris chat.  An amazing, inspiring and thought-provoking exchange between the two gentlemen.
I want to be involved in this Chris and William, scotch and cigar, talk under the stars!! 
Sorry I misssed it, gad to go to a Doctors appointment. The one the Feds pay for, that they make me go to every quarter to make sure I was not faking having my brain exposed as the drunk driver crashed the car.

Did anyone ask how many aliens have visited the ISS?
Bet that had to be a riveting conversation. Bazinga.
Very good questions and answers...cigars and whiskey sounds good!
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