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The view from space of spring green arriving along the U.S. Mid-Atlantic region. From our Aqua satellite.
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Really curious about the storms over sun, any news so far?
Yeah, and the global warming is just a scam....
Well I believe that the Data is being interpreted wrong. The Early Spring like indicators that show data in the 3% range are just scientists trying to propagate the Global Warming Agenda in order to receive propagandist research Dollars. The Data shows that the plants are reacting to Cold Drought conditions in my research. This will be confirmed by growth ring research i.e. small growth rings. Rainfall Deposition in the first few hundred miles of the Jet Streams encounter with the West Coast of North America in Daylight hours needs to be analyzed. The Warming East of the Rocky Mountains is based on the loss of all Water Vapor from the Jet Stream in Orographic coastal locations most notably. Further Confirmation will be seen in Cold West Coast conditions due to Photoionization of Pollution present in the Jet Stream. The Sun will only precipitate more moisture out of the air now due to this unique Pollution. This will easily be seen on the West Coast of North America as the Sunlight will cause Clouds to form and precipitate all moisture in the Daylight hours at the current Jet Stream North American Continental Interstice. At Night, the ionization will cease leaving clear and cold nights every night lowering germination rates even further in that area. Further confirmation will be noted upon Desertification and Fire East of the Rocky Mountains as all water resources cease to exist. In conclusion, the data will show Cold Wet Days with Clear Cold Nights and Low germination west of the Rocky Mountains, and Dry Desert conditions and ongoing Desertificaton and Fire as the last of the plant material burns east of the Rocky Mountains. This is not due to CO2 increase in the Atmosphere, but to pulses of Unique Pollution arriving in predictable waves due to the Principle of Photochemical Activation. It would be wise to study these Unique Pollution Pulses more carefully and organize the Humidity and rainfall Data by specific regional locations for further analysis.
"Pulses of unique pollution..." And this pollution has nothing to do with human pollution of the environment? ... Oh sure!
it is possible Humans are causing this phenomena, however, to say for sure it will take ongoing research and the need to divide the data by Day and Night. This has never been done in Climatology, current Data collection is in One Day (i.e. 24 hour) lots. Sunrise and Sun Down is important when collecting data under Grotthuss Draper Law.
True. But to assert that 7 billion people have a positive effect on the environment only, seems to me somewhat misguided. If we need money for research on this phenomenon, where is it to be found? I have no problem with challenging our conventional thought. But to assert that climate change scientist are solely motivated by need for money seems to miss the point.
Throughout history the powers that decide such allotments are insuring that their agenda is followed. Sometimes to the folly of the Science itself. This Pathological Science has been with us for recorded history and probably will continue to exist as long as the purse strings are tied by Economists and Governments. A research Scientist must research, so any research is better than none at the moment. We build out of garbage for now and the laughter will continue to be a sound we try not to hear.
I am completely sympathetic to your skepticism of government- people mostly. There will always be people gaming the system, whatever the system. But 7 billion people (and counting) have no adverse affect on the environment? That's a little short-sighted. You are right that research must go on. We scream and holler about our grandchildren inheriting a debilitating debt. Won't matter if we can't live here...
These pollution pulse mixtures are not natural in any way, and have only recently been noticed. The Climate is changing as we burn off the Atmospheric Oxygen and add these pollutants. There is evidence that the pollutants are being atmospherically mixed by intelligent design. Please understand it is not "Government People" that are the problem, it is the Corporate Bankers interest in keeping us at war with each other continually that is the problem. We need to reallocate the Earths resources from killing each other pronto.
+Rodney Harter No point debating someone who is trafficking in fiction asserted as fact. This "pollution pulse" stuff is, in another's words, "not even wrong." It's a great story, but then, so is Atlantis.
William, what do you mean "pollutants are being atmospherically mixed by intelligent design"? So, corporate bankers are suggesting there is or there is not global warming?
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