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Maybe is the same "moon model" used for Apollo missions ;-)
+NASA, was yesterday's moon any special? It looked bigger, brighter and more yellow than usual while it was rising.
Love that Snow Moon :) ! Just an amazing picture!
The moon appears to be squashed. I guess it's just atmospherical refraction/distortion which causes that..
Yes! And because (moon) is about half degree size... you can calculate distance from Arlington National Cemetery and US Capitol (if you know size of US Capitol!). It's a big camera lens focal too, about 600-800mm!
SO PRETTY! I saw it over my house last night!
Nice!! This shows how much timing matters in photography :)
superb don 2 il kaanikkunnundallo
Superb foto graph i licked it very much.....................
At 5:40 the moon was refracted by the curve in the earth's atmosphere and by the abnormal amount of moisture in the sky. Because it was a full moon the refracted light rays shone in all directions.
The power of universe, even a nukes can't beat them!
I really love this picture! Awesome!!!
very ominous. very red dawn. go wolverines!
This cannot b real, because the distance between the moon and WH is too large so one of them has to b blurred...
The moon was amazing in this part of the world (Dublin, Ireland) last night as well it was big and orange on rising - absolutely beautiful!
The scene can n real but I don't think the picture.
This is not possible even with necked eyes..
+Keval Thakker The moon is distorted by the atmosphere, which acts like a lens (any two materials of different densities will bend light like that, just as the bottom of a pond appears distorted). At low, glancing angles the atmosphere also turns the colour more orange.
+Keval Thakker You're thinking of the depth of field induced by the aperture of the camera, however most modern camera's are capable of shooting pictures with extreme / infinite depth. In fact, I feel you'd be hard pressed to find one.
Saw that big, orange moon rising from Christiana, DE last night. Beautiful!
How do you get a shot like that, unreal, very good!

eh the moon was pretty last night in FL so i cant complain :D
cough Not real... cough
Amazing! Thanks a lot! The moon seems a bit weird though...
Before you ask if its real or fake read the whole thread. The moon is called the Snow Moon. Google it if you doubt your eyes. I saw it last night and besides the fact it was over beautiful New Jersey :) it looked just like that picture.
Will you zoom into my house one day, Nasa?
I can't for speak people in other location but in Toronto the moon was absolutely stunning. So big and bright that it illuminated the streets. Countless others I have spoken with said relatively the same thing. It truly was amazing to see.
Congratulations on being the first and only "What's Hot on G+" item that is actually interesting. To me or to anyone who can walk on their hind legs unassisted.

Speaking of which, there's comedy gold in those "This is Photoshopped" comments.
Same view from Mississauga, Ontario. Just not as "orange". More of a blue-white. It was beautiful watching the moon rising last night.
the same moon last night in texas
I think it's so amazing to hear that everyone from all around was able to look at the same moon and have something different to share about it. But I think everyone stands in agreement that it was pretty amazing.
The moon I saw in the UK last night just as it came up was huge & a deep orange - beautiful
^^ to all the people doubting if the moon was pasted on there. No it was not, the color balance and brightness was however altered.
Everything looks "strange" if you don't know how to do a similar photo... Bill Ingalls do a really beautiful shot of a "real" panorama, maybe with little "digital dark room" work on it... nothing more! Not every weird thing is "Photoshop (C)"!!!!
Loading my pistol with silver bullets as we speak just in case.
Why the moon is so huge? In Ukraine it's not THAT big.
It was amazing. I dropped my partner off at the Metro and saw the moon while driving back. It was huge and mysterious.
Ahhhh.... is not huge (Coraline?)... is the right size!!! Focal length is huge (about 30 magnifications)
+Ksanter X It was a lens effect (there must be a more technical term for that). In Washington, the moon was close to the horizon where the disc was magnified by the atmosphere.
The internet makes me lose some faith in humanity sometimes... (I'm not real either guys!)
Thanks +NASA, for posting this gorgeous shot; Thanks also to +Patrick Videll, +Frank Vargus and +Gary Moldoch for your comments and links about this lovely snow moon...
Is the moon made of cheese? No, it's an orange. The refraction of the atmosphere is clearly visible in this image.
I know that, its not a photoshop photographic, Actually moon turn its color yellow in the presence of Fog. You may also see it tonight, if there is a fog in your local area. Its looking very nice, try it. Thanks :->
so creative photo shot..!!
I saw this yesterday and got people at work to look at it! As if there's a pic up today!
Another indication is atmospheric distortion of the moon's shape. The full moon is seen as a nearly perfect circle from most vantage points
do these photographers work 24 7? awesome post btw !
That is what we call a Honey Moon!
love this picture! consider DC my home, miss it tho, as i live in LA right now. going to use this as my Android wallpaper, to get a little closer to this great city, at least mentally... just beautiful!
Our dog, Miles, barks at it...he knows it's special.
The full Moon and the U.S. Capitol are seen early in the evening on Tuesday, Feb. 7, 2012 from Arlington National Cemetery. Photo Credit: (NASA/Bill Ingalls)
It is so cool how big the moon is there. I want to go there some time.
Cool looking picture , but is it real?
Newt Gingrich: Moon President, looks down on Washington.
Check out my acount
Check out my acount
And nobody has said, "That's no moon..." yet? :)
The moon of the man of shadows. So ghastly and cool.
Yeah... last night's moon so soo amazing!
Awesome pic! That's what the moon looked like at my house yesterday too
Can't see the picture like t see sunsets n star what about u
Like fabio ciomei said, the moon looks so big because the capitol is about four miles from where the picture was taken.
Such a tranquil scene. For a split second you can forget about the bad things on earth.
I like this one better
Guardare questa immagine ogni aggettivo e' riduttivo!!
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so amazing and what reason for it?
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