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Here is Curiosity's First Color Image of the Martian Landscape. This view of the landscape to the north of NASA's Mars rover Curiosity was acquired by the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) on the afternoon of the first day after landing. (The team calls this day Sol 1, which is the first Martian day of operations; Sol 1 began on Aug. 6, 2012.)

In the distance, the image shows the north wall and rim of Gale Crater. The image is murky because the MAHLI's removable dust cover is apparently coated with dust blown onto the camera during the rover's terminal descent. Images taken without the dust cover in place are expected during checkout of the robotic arm in coming weeks. 

The MAHLI is located on the turret at the end of Curiosity's robotic arm. At the time the MAHLI Sol 1 image was acquired, the robotic arm was in its stowed position. It has been stowed since the rover was packaged for its Nov. 26, 2011, launch. 

The MAHLI has a transparent dust cover. This image was acquired with the dust cover closed. The cover will not be opened until more than a week after the landing. 

When the robotic arm, turret, and MAHLI are stowed, the MAHLI is in a position that is rotated 30 degrees relative to the rover deck. The MAHLI image shown here has been rotated to correct for that tilt, so that the sky is "up" and the ground is "down". 

When the robotic arm, turret, and MAHLI are stowed, the MAHLI is looking out from the front left side of the rover. This is much like the view from the driver's side of cars sold in the USA. 

The main purpose of Curiosity's MAHLI camera is to acquire close-up, high-resolution views of rocks and soil at the rover's Gale Crater field site. The camera is capable of focusing on any target at distances of about 0.8 inch (2.1 centimeters) to infinity. This means it can, as shown here, also obtain pictures of the Martian landscape. 

Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/Malin Space Science Systems 
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Looks very dusty on the red planet
Out of interest how do you calibrate/white-balance the cameras on Curiosity given the mainly orange vista ?
still has dust cover in place, maybe a week from now we can see clearer, dust-free images.
I believe they are just testing the camera at this point to make sure it is operating. The real work begins in a week or so when they have completed a software change to the computers.
+David Beaumont There are test targets within the camera's field with calibrated colors. Probably not calibrated against them yet for this picture, though.
Time to update the EXIF standard to support planets other than Earth!
Do they have videos of the landing available yet?
It's a dry dusty planet. Not a very nice place really.
man... every so often it hits me that that's a freaking picture taken on Mars. 
Picture of the Earth? Not sure Curiosity has camera with ability to zoom enought so there would be more than a white dot on a black sky...
Loving it and can't wait for more pics! This is fascinating!!!
I kind of half suspected that the first color image would be of a creature smiling at the camera
The dust is in the air also. You wouldn't want to be there in a real dust storm.
What a discovery! The next couple of days Curiosity will deliver us more excitement that we can never imagine...
I hope to see  more dust free pictures
... worth a few billion? Definitely!
That's so neat!  Any particular reason to leave the dust cover closed for that amount of time?
awesome. when can we expect some high res images?
Brilliant image. Such an amazing job done by NASA and the MSL team to land in Mars, let alone by the skycrane method.

Just imagine what we could accomplish, create, and innovate if we could convince the government and populace to actually fund NASA (their 2011 budget is only 0.5% of the federal budget, and 2012 will be even less).
i think curiosity will stay in Mars for 2 years while investigation progress
+Adrian Rodriguez I think it was only equates to around $7 per person (US only) that it cost to put it up there... so I guess it isn't too bad...
Fantastic guys! Great job! Looking forward to seeing so much more!
DAMN! I thought it was a picture of my backyard for a second...
Very Cool pictures so far...   Can't wait to see more.
I just can´t stop feeling that all the global and historic intelligence of humankind is so happy right now.

No puedo dejar de sentir que la inteligencia global e historica de la humanidad es tan feliz en este momento.
WOW.. Saw a presentation of how they were going land the rover on the surface. Absolutely unbelievable.
I paid $10 to pretend to be watching Martian landscapes in John Carter. Paying $7 to see  the actual thing doesn't seem like a bad deal to me.
I think I've really been there! Looks familiar
Terrific!! Waiting patiently for more pics and video, well at least I'm trying to!!
Really good tilted image. Can you hire an engineering temp that can crop a photograph?
looks like atacama in chile
It is stunning what NASA have done here.  Science fiction if I didn't know better.
J Krah
+robert cox earths future? what in the world does that mean? Mars is a giant dusty rock. 
Assuming you are in one of the highest tax brackets you paid about $22.80.  As for it being stupid, it is a known fact that our space missions lead to new industry, inventions and commerce.  It still would be cool to see Marvin though...:)
This is a view from another Mars ppl. Absorb that fact. Bathe in it. 
J Krah
+DuPage Angler can you give some examples of new industry? Just curious...
I stayed up jus to see the first colour image of another world.AMAZING!!!!
the little green men must be hiding, waiting for the right moment....
Curiosity needs a wash. Any volunteers?
+Jay Saldana If you read the post you'd know that it's still in its "stow" position where it was placed to keep it safe while they landed the thing. In about a week they plan to deploy the arm, and pop the dust cap. This will re-orient the camera properly and make it a lot less dusty.
Jabba the Hutt's front garden......
Who are you, +Adrian Rodriguez , to "waste" "your" money? Short sighted and more than a tad narcissistic, apparently.
"For the amount of money I paid in taxes....."

I think I read somewhere that it breaks down to each adult citizen paying about 8 dollars to fund this mission.  Of course, power lies with those who manipulate the statistics so who knows but if this stat is true, they can have my 8 bucks.
no me gusta, esperaba mas!!!! pero felicitaciones a los que trabajan en esto y hacen esto posible!
+Adrian Rodriguez that's a false dichotomy that has been around for ages. it used to be "if they can put a man on the moon why can't they... <fix some social problem>". The first is that the amount of money spent on going to the moon/going to Mars etc. doesn't matter up a piss hole in the snow. Any social problems such as hungry children needs a couple of orders of magnitude more funding to make a dent in the problem. Second, technological problems are easy. We are more likely to put a city on Mars than we are to convince the tea party to stop wrecking the US economy, stripping corporations of their personhood, or implementing single-payer universal healthcare.

so, if my share is seven bucks, I give it gladly, hell, I would put in 30 or 40 of my bucks if I could stop funding corporate welfare and the war machine.
Why did Martian water gone why?
Water have soaked into the graund?
In India, we have a tradition where young graduates 'gift' their first salary to their parents. I think my second salary is going as a donation to NASA. (But will NASA care? Do they accept donations?)
I'm not so sure there aren't some ets in the picture specifically 3 objects 2 in sky and one on ground directly in front of Rover. Zoom in all the way
Curiosity should have a robotic arm with a brush to clean his camera's dust cover
+Jay Saldana that camera mounted on an amazing robotic arm, currently stowed. Why make such ignorant comments?
Get a sense of humor asshole @Alex Ford 
I heard curiosity has a twitter account. 
They sent a robot on mars with 2megapixel cam
I can't believe you would complain about image quality.  this is AWESOME!
I wish Mars were made of Alumina (Aluminum Oxide). 
I'm wondering if they'll be able to send curiosity into caverns to explore those. Now that would be cool to see
ooh ! I think I saw an alien ... ah no it's just my imagination :P
Next mission should be to push a trillion ton ice asteroid from the Saturn rings onto the surface of Mars.  Let's terraform that place and start parceling it out; I want a low-grav Martian condo with a million acres and a decent view!
And to think, this picture comes all the way from that tiny red dot in our night sky. I hope we find whatever we are looking for on that chunk of rock. Go NASA and Curiosity!
It's on MARS! People are so programmed to want everything now and have no appreciation of what this required to accomplish...they just want to have THEIR needs fulfilled immediately. Just take a second and absorb what it took to get to this point in this mission, it's quite extraordinary! Enjoy it...
If that's a sample of the camera quality, the mission is a failure.
hope the pics get better
Just out of curiosity i am intrested to know when NASA will release stereoscopic left and right views taken by Curiosity. 3D footage taken by Spirit and Opportunity were like portals to Mars from Earth.
Wonderful....God is the Greatest.
+Ken Starks Only about 1 in 2 American adults pay actual income taxes. So if the average cost of this project is around $8 per adult, that should be more like $16 per PAYING adult. I'm glad my $16 went to advance science. Now, Marvin, time for your close-up!
I still feel amazed and just overwhelmed that the pictures I've seen are actually from another planet. It's just too awesome to fully comprehend.
why don't they call it the orange planet
That is not a still picture that is a video snap shot and I can tell by the capture resolution and it's data formation, also you can see specs on the lens that have a blueish hue to them which also indicate video footage.
One things that concerns me is the angle of the photo. could the lens have been damage or knocked on an angle or is curiosity peeping up from the crater?
I wanna be a space scientist in future.
There's still a lot more to be discovered. I am always curious to know more... Good job, NASA.
Instagram earth filter on mars
Looks just like L.A. on a summer afternoon! Hmm, maybe it is?
LuciO M
Looks like normal Los Angeles smog. 
Y Thana
Damn.... that is some awesome camera. Mars looks awesomely goldish colour ;-)
whoever decides to live on mars better live 10 years in the Az desert with no greens and be comfortable talking to mountains. 
so much technology and investment and they sent a 3MP camera?
It really is amazing how far we have come in such little time
Did they find the oil yet ?
this is the greast tep in history of man technology and the crew behind the barins of it all.....i just wanna know what the next step of achieving your goals on mars and what exciding things will u find on this planet!?
If they took a picture of earth from mars, it would look like a tiny blue dot.  Just like how Mars looks like a tiny red dot from earth.  Sorry, no hollywood giant earth in the night sky.
These baby steps in space exploration are absolutely incredible 
Looking forward for more images in the coming weeks!!
Great !good luck with the mission
Ohhh, I wonder what color our planet is from mars.
Take pictures of Phobos and Deimos: the binary moons of Mars. It will beat Skywalker's version.. But I guess they might not be aligned...?
That is amazing! And how NASA makes all there abbreviations sayable is a complete mystery to me.
should think about a cargo spaceship to carry all that gold!!
Boring.... Show me some aliens and I'll be impressed.
Never knew it had a laser weapon ;)
I wonder if the Rover has lens wipers? Does Mars come in only one color?
Coming soon to this location: Walgreen's, WalMart and a Speedway station
it was probably in the middle of a dust devil:)
i th ink it is a b ewtifull view.i just wonder if would be posible to live there?
It's look like this photo is fake, like the other ones from Moon who  have been obviously staged. 
This blows my mind. A picture from another planet! And a bunch of posts from obvious illiterates. How did you guys learn to write without also learning to read?
that is not a real photo is it
+Toby Dingle Why would it need more? It's not as if anybody is going there to pick up the fotos, so the only thing necessary is to have enough memory to store them before they get sent to earth, after that you can delete them again to take more pictures.
Looking like a pic from any other galaxy.
Jeff L
Oh wow! This makes me want to watch star wars again! Love it!!
+Toby Dingle They need to use storage that can withstand extreme temperatures on Mars, shock and vibration, and radiation in space and on Mars where it's not protected by a magnetic field. That was also the reason why early space probes used a HDD as main memory instead of the much faster RAM, when they did not have hardened RAM.

That said, being a photographer, unless the aperture is really small, that looks like dirt on the sensor (without lp/ir-filter) to me, not on the lens cover.
I'm no american, but if I were I'd say that it's $7 well spent! 
Looks like Lubbock, Texas in March.  Every year. 
a picture of hills - a sepia effect - let's call it Mars !
After watching the live stream and 7 minutes of terror I am in awe of what we are capable of. NASA and the other countries space organizations should be very proud of what has been accomplished. This has been a great week in science and engineering!
Knowing that is another planet! How eerie
this that the best they can do ?
Looks so much like the deserts of Califorinia.
I would so rather be in Mars than Earth right now.
The most expensive picture ever ! what a waste, unless you are lying to yourself thinking its good for mankind,going to the moon sure was cost effecient,NOT!!!!
Wow, I can see my house from here ;)
How long until it can Instagram?
@ Guille
Nah, there's no atmosphere
; )
People, we have our first interplanetary photographer on g+, give him a warm welcome
That is soooooo cool!!!
Everyone is talking about the look of the picture, I'm amazed we can receive photos from Mars! Considering my satellite won't let me watch football if it is raining too much, this photo is pretty awesome! 
Awesome. Patiently waiting for 15 foot tall Martians with four arms, to step in to view. ;-)
I can't wait until something scurries by the camera.
OK +NASA  in 2012 when a phone has 41 megapixel camera you have the worst images in the universe
It's amazing what the human race can accomplish. Congrats NASA! This is pure awesomeness.
Can your 41 megapixel camera take a close-up picture of ANOTHER PLANET?
+Todor Velichkov ..that camera must have also very good signal on that bluetooth that even after 220 millions km of distance u still got all 41mpix :P
aliens? you gotta see on earth soon. and you know we are moving away.
Everyone please read the post above before commenting, otherwise you look like a tool.

Further, this is the very first color picture with the arm stowed and the dust cover on.  This rover will be taking a lot of pictures at much higher quality for a long time, so when you're critical and bitch about how much this picture cost you, again, you look like a tool.

Don't be a tool.
Google Earth has already mapped Mars. And the Moon. And the sky. View/Explore.
No Seth, you are the tool.  There is zero point for us to put a robot on Mars. Nor for it to take pictures. We are not going to ever inhabit that planet, as it will not sustain us. It is a huge waste of money. Just like most everything else our Govt spends money on.
Amazing!    Great new worlds beckon.
Hi-res will be available when they blur all the aliens.
...all in there were just 'DUSTS in the winds..
Ivan Knox, Ireland
I will make it a port of call on my journey up to the promised land when my time on earth has come. It may be well worth a visit as an over night sleep over.  
how this satellite can send images to 7crore distance ????//help please g+ scientists!
cant see any thing much what am i looking hat really
I like how NASA is finally sharing stuff with the public.
+NASA  how long does it take for images to be transmitted back to earth?
Mars is 14 light-minutes away at this point.
Cool ..i wish they find something in mars
You punks complaining that NASA is a waste of tax money should see all the other crap the US wastes money on that doesn't even benefit humanity. 
Wish we we could move to mars it has all the gasses that we need oxygen,nitrogen etc...
Desolate beauty. Yes we can (terraform)!
So exciting, the next two years are going to be filled with awesome. Thanks curiosity and NASA you do a beautiful thing
This mission cost less than $1 per person per year. That's less than the cost of a Mars candy bar. And it didn't kill any civilians, or make people from other countries want to kill us. Yeah, what a "waste."
Kudos to NASA!! Keep inspiring us and never stop reaching for the stars.
a two billion dollar digi cam with a bad resolution and black dots... you should bring it back :). no rly: good job!!
En breves estaremos de paseo por los cráteres del "planeta rojo"
I am seeing so little point now in Mars. It's a dead planet, nothing lives there, if there is/was water, who cares? It's not like we will be running outside and playing soccer there. If we have plans to colonize then we should be sending robots to start putting together buildings etc. I think this is all becoming a big waste of money. We already had a mars rover there and it took lots of pics too, nothing new in these pics at all. I think beyond landing a new rover there, there is nothing else worthwhile in all of this. If you say, oh well if there is water there then it can be habitable. Hey, if we load a space ship full of water barrels, that works too. Sorry just pointless and a waste of money. Want to colonize somewhere, go to the Moon, start small and work your way up but then that's just logic.
B had
Wow i like see more really
Anyone else think that looks like a scene from DUNE?
FRAIS!!!!Even I as an otuka think this is cool!
Amazing! Thanks to NASA for sharing this image, which is obviously not taken in The Curiosity's best settings. Instead of making us wait weeks to see perfect high res images, they are letting us see EVERYTHING! 
Most pictures of earth from mars would be daytime images pointing towards the sun. Even the best dawn and dusk images would be dim as they would record the earth as a half lit sliver. Ever seen mars in the night sky? Nothing but a bright star. But that is because mars has a larger orbit than earths, and for some half of our year is on the same side of the sun. During that period, we can look away from the sun, at night, and see the full sunlit side of mars. No such observations of earth from mars at night.
So, apparently, Mars is the secret hide-out of one of the villains from the Batman television show from the 60s?
 photos of mars....... is it a dream
Funny how people believe 9/11 was a real terrorist attack yet dispute the mars landing is indeed real. 1 minute of live data would take years to 'reproduce' if they even could. Our life is full of sinister plots without yet another conspiracy theory in the making, get educated, move on.
Naw, this is an outtake from the movie "Giant."  Rock and Liz are looking out the window of their sleeper on the way to the Riata.
That could be mars or a dusty photo at dusk of a desert right here on earth.
Interesting photo. What would someone possibly get out of faking a Mars landing?
I like to believe we the American people are the leaders in science and technilogy. But wait we are.
It's pretty amazing to think we can now see what it's like on the surface of mars.
With all this talk of looking for signs of past life on Mars, why not just drop off a load of our bacteria and see what happens! ;-)
I watch this whole thing in HD and then they give us 80's quality pictures, GTFOH Bogus
Wait a few light years & it well clear up then u can see the green people.
It is an horizon,,, what else could we expect? Actual Martians?..perhaps a mall?
yap more n clear pictures pliz!nice work by NASA.
Wouldn't it be cool if there were a large tree right in the middle of the picture? 
Hey! Get your damn heads out of the stars and bring the focus and the money back to Earth! Didn't anyone tell you we are in a global recession? What a waste.
How many seasonal transitions will see per rotation in transit ?
Who the fuck attached an iPhone on the slant lol
Gymnasts are having challenges sticking their landings. You should invite them to JPL to show em how it is done. :)
I'm really curious about Mars. This picture can fulfil my curosity to some extent. Great job NASA. Keep it up.
Simply amazing. Congratulations to the entire team for a successful journey and landing, can't wait to see what we can discover!
And all for a fraction of the cost of the bloody Olympics!
Interplanetary exploration > People running about.
It just annoys me, I hate many if not all conspiracy theories but the
stupidity of people.... "hey yooou guys whys it blurred" kind of comments
tbey skip the 2 paragraphs explaining scroll 450 comments down and act
Suggestion for better PR: Release images only after camera is in perfect state, i.e. dustcover removed.
This is just amazing!!! Still hasn't sank in... Wow... Speechless!!!

Makes the luna missions look like a walk in the park...
Love the pic, but, why ruin it with Instagram?!? Original please!!!
it's like Desert !waiting to see incredible something .thanks nasa
I love that feeling when you remove the protective dust cover from something. Enjoy dat feel, Curiosity!
Looks boring rather go to the moon so I can see the earth
Looks like curiosity uses instagram
Wait till it sends clear images and advanced explorations of the Mars soil and topography!
I read somewhere but now forget, how long does it take for the radio waves to take the image and send it back to Earth? I felt like it was pretty "quick".  I suppose I could calculate it with the speed of sound/waves etc.. but meh. I am lazy.
So we go halfway across the universe to replicate springtime in New Mexico?
was it tipping over as it took it?
Waiting for few more clean pictures
Wasteful spending on a bunch of pictures of a planet that can't support life ...
no we go a fraction of our solar system to see the surface of Mars
It's a shame they didn't get a shot of Utopia Planitia Fleet Yards on the way in. 
Another step for America 
What's the point actually.
No! Really!
To many people a meal would be more appreciable than a martian photograph. But its just a thought of a poor third world guy.
Who really care?
+Dip Mondal The world cares if you don't.  What they did was amazing and it just another step closer to having people there.
Edit: This mission cost $2.5 billion... the Summer Olympics cost $15 billion.. do you reallly think they are more important yet cost 6 times more? 
Amazing I'm guessing due to the low ish altitude hovering deploying the rover quite a dust cloud was crated by the vertical rockets can't wait to see the images once the dust cap is removed 
I think it's really good that we are finally able to see what is out there. Even though people might not agree with me. I think that it's a big step in the direction that NASA have hope to be going. Well done them.
Yes, you can get a wonderful meal for less than $1. That's what this mission cost to the people paying for it. If people were less ignorant about how the government spends our money, maybe the budget would not be such a bleeping mess.
That is so cool i think NASA has done a amazing job :) it would be even more amazing if we got the first man on the Mars!
We need some HD video and sound of Mars.
cool picture ( I'm one of the last two!!!)
love the picture but really want increased detail in the photo's
Would be great if they broadcast the video on some feed...
I heard men are from mars. We should be seeing cars, bikes, computer games etc... on mars. 
Looks like somewhere I had driven in a 9 hour covoy in Iraq!!!  I can still taste the sand !!!
Even our land cruisers use instagram.... smh
We should appreciate NASA team .... But my question is ... Is it really that important to search life on red planet 
Whats the reason, we have to send a robot to Mars, instead of an actual astronaut.
When the dust cover is removed and the camera lens gets dusty, who gets to clean camera's lens? 
$2.5 Billion machine and the damn thing can't even hold the camera level! 
wao amazing it resembles like dawn in the earth.
+Stephen Poff It does, especially during one of our dust storms. I could have taken this picture from my back porch.
Billions of dollars spent on education, and people still can't read the bleeping text that explains the bleeping picture!
+dilip mondal The space race is responsible for so many technological advances.  Weather prediction, communication, materials, both building, clothing and utility.  The reason that this earth can even support 6 billion people is a direct/indirect result of science and research that at the time seemed like a waste of money.  Who knows what this will mean for humanity, but it is definitely a step in the right direction.
I was just being facetious, meanwhile, you're just being a bleep!
+Mauricio Chavez"Please give me my money back"....
Sure thing, but FIRST you give back all the benefits space exploration and the technologies it created and furthered gave to you...
If its Dusty, then there is air. That means there is a Atmosphere. Which means that we can cultivate Oxigen Hubs.
Manny G
it looks kinda brown
I am an Education Specialist and am very interested in teaching about NASA and outer space to my students! 
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