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We're just getting started on Google+! What would you like to see on NASA's page?
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The APOD was a good start!

It would also be nice to see mission updates, launch announcements, and tweetup opportunities. Other than that, breaking science news and profiles of NASA employees would be excellent.

And Hangouts with NASA mission managers, astronauts, scientists, engineers, etc., would be awesome!
It's great to see you here!

All the good stuff.
Steven G
Aliens if possible.
Yippee... beam me up and thanks for contributing to G+
news, photos and i´d like to know about Nasa´s projects for the future.
I am going to enjoy +NASA 's post on G+. The space images will get my +1 instantly.

As per my twitter experience, following you can't be regretted.

BTW... the ideas mentioned here already are pretty cool.

+Steven G : I am also waiting for that eagerly. :P

+iggy harrison , +Bryan Currey Such hangouts will surely have many participants. Awesome!
Lots of spacy space images and maybe some science stuff. Thank you!
+Kushal Ashok Would be really funny and well-shared if they photoshopped an alien into a picture pretending to overly promote the page (hint hint +NASA) It would be in line with the "mood" on google+
Sure. I hope they take the hint. ;)
Russ M
I would love to see cool photo's and new news on discoveries from space.
Tips for younger and/or beginner astronomers.
LINKS within the posts for more indepth information.
Mars! Mars rovers. Mars exploration. Mars science. Manned Mars mission? Thoughts on Mars colonization...?
Did I mention Mars?
A DVD release date on the Real Luna landing. ;-)
How about some Astronomy 101 stuff for those of us who think it's all so cool, but overwhelming? Also, things "going on" like asteroids and eclipses :)
Hangout with an astronaut on the ISS definitely.
One thing I'd love to see, eventually, is all of the different missions, groups, facilities, and even a couple of NASA mascots like +Camilla Corona SDO in a shared circle.
I already had a NASA circle waiting! Appropriately added. Edit: just noticed the 5 page pics up above, are from the same view as my wallpaper on this computer... good choice.
Welcome on +Google+ +NASA!
What I'd love to see here are live announcements each time there is something big/live/new on NASA TV. And all the great NASA +YouTube videos embedded in posts.
A community spotlight on other space themed projects on Google+ would be great. I humbly recommend my own +Martian Soil for that.
Perhaps an analysis of what's actually happening in some of the more notable astronomical photos. Like why does the crab nebula look so absolutely amazing kinda deal
Photos of "Omicron Persei 8", for example...

...just kidding. Welcome to Google+, guys!!!! :)
I love daily pictures. Quiz type questions are great too! In addition to the standard, historical info and news postings.
I want to see your alien files !!
Oh and pictures of stuff ;)
Photos of black hole and white dwarves sound great. (:o
+NASA Just post whatever you think's relevant and I'm sure people will follow for what you are and not for what you want for your followers to be...
I'd like to see more NASA astronauts posting like +Ron Garan. He is awesome and totally "gets" what Google+ is for.
NASA and all you wonderful people that take us out there. Welcome to the next level of social media.
Please note:
The pictures section can have many albums, please get to filling them.
There is also a video section, please fill it too.
Follow us too, At the moment the limit is 5000, might I suggest you follow us on a random rotation.
Thank you.
would be fun to see more stuff about the NEO (Near Earth Object) program. articles about Apophis, and similar objects that'll pass near us in the near future.
+Tom Wright that phenomenon always fascinates me. reading the descriptions, the physics that makes my head ache. it seems awesome if there's just one photo of it. (:

how about you? what is it about space that fascintes you and makes your jaw ran off somewhere?
More pictures of the earth from space, please.
Live hangouts from space!
high resolution photos. blow my mind...
My suggestion is - divide +NASA G+ account into several streams of different topics (Earth, universe, station etc.). It´s hard to keep abreast of everything. Let your followers to choose their main topics of interest.
Nice Space pictures and no suck-up pictures of nObummer.
Tak Sun
I would like to see the different galaxy
iss video updates, pics of earth made from ISS's board
Ewe Owo
Nibiru orbit :)
First thing to come to my mind is photos. btw welcome, bienvenue
Weekly greetings from alien races?
I think that image of the day will be a good start and a schedule of the missions.
The life at NASA with some comments of people who is working.
Google+ is really good for photos and video, so I'm keen to see images from space and images of space.
A post or two a day at most. Too many posts and it becomes noisy.
Do some hangouts! And yea.... Right now, too many posts. But it makes lots of sense to build up a nice base and slow down.
Ray A
I would like to hear about what NASA is doing, such as the "big" projects. I'd also like to see those beautiful space photographs. I want to know what NASA needs and who NASA wants us to talk to for funding to keep our space program alive.
Mmm, I would like to see amazing space pictures!!!
May I suggest making separate pages for the APOD and things like that? Too much clutter means I'm not circling NASA, but would love a subset of what is provided.
Put up really cool pictures from the Hubble!
High def pics, some info about those high def pics and some info on upcoming missions.
I would love to see a separate Picture of the Day page, please. Thanks!
Lots and lots of hangouts! Some educational stuff for kids. My 3 yr old is excited about learning the planets and sings his little song all the time. Pictures!
Definitely educational stuff for all ages. Also a science fiction / science fact / section
Pictures with in depth descriptions, Future Projects, Current Projects, (Status of both). Make this the NASA main news site. :) +NASA
APOD, Project Updates, Regular updates on the Voyagers and Pioneers, especially findings from their science findings. Findings that are surprising, novel, and unexpected make for great reading. There is always a chance that any one of our many probes could reveal something we didn't expect... here's for hoping! And thanks, by the way, for being here and spreading real science. It's a nice break from !@#$ politics. :)
Pretty much just the awesome stuff that you guys are doing. Yeah that about sums it up.
Well, all updates, pictures etc. we can actually find on one of NASA's awesome web sites. G+ is great for communication. I would love to see it as a NASA's feedback pipe, with direct links from articles on other NASA's sites to corresponding post on G+.
If nobody from NASA is going to answer comments, how about turning the comments off? There are a lot of off-topic and ranty things people are saying and I personally don't care about crackpot political theories -- just show me the photos.
Sally, we are actually reading the comments and some of the suggestions have been really useful! We're still working out the best way to manage the account inside NASA, so over the next few days/weeks, you should hopefully see a lot more response to the comments directly.
So far, the pictures have been amazing. Is that really your last name? I predict this site, with its incredible pics, is going to be one of the most popular here.
i like you, 好多东西都是NASA 发现的 谢谢你们对人类航天事业的贡献。 让我们知道了很多东西。
I'd like some high res footage/pics from the hubble or of any sort of launch.
Yeah I just looked through everything - any chance you could add more media (esp high res)? I can't be the only one who'd geek out to see more of that. Even if it was a link linking to the awesome content on your page ( that'd be huge (I know I'm probably missing a ton of great content there).
Looking at what has been posted in the last 48 hours, I'd like to see a NASA feed with less content. I'm interested, but I just don't want to be inundated with so much information.

For example, I'd like to subscribe to the "Astronomy Picture of the Day". Or some subset of what NASA is involved with, such as research from unmanned space probes. Or perhaps a "NASA Highlights" page, updated once a day.
From the first 110 comments, here's a summary of what we heard you would like from the NASA Google+ page:

1. Hangout with Astronauts (in space if possible), engineers, scientists
2. More media (photos and videos), HD if possible
3. More background information about the media we post
4. Links within posts for more indepth information
5. More circles with different missions, groups, facilities, projects, etc
6. Live announcements each time there is something big/live/new on NASA TV
7. More posts
8. Fewer posts
9. More response to comments

We'll see what we can do! Any other suggestions?
Lots of live launch video with commentary!
Dear +NASA, While I really appreciate what you do, I would like to suggest that you include a title for your posts so that your readers can quickly grasp what each post is about and follow you more passionately. If you use bold face type for your titles, it will be much better. Thanks for your attention in advance. ☺
+NASA glad you are here.. I follow your official site, as well in Facebook and Twitter.. ! always amazing content for those who wants to learn more. Welcome
Yes, I'd love to join a hangout with astronauts. :)
Please please please do a livestream Google+ Hangout for launches!! It would be like the #NASATweetup (which was awesome btw) but for those who can't make it there!
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