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I applaud the men and women that are making awesome happen everyday on such a small budget.
The main problem in our country is that it seems that we only attack and never listen. just look at how the media allways looks for and promotes the negative. Exploring is a positive so they do not promote it ! war is a negative so they love it ! ( Just think if Nasa could patent all of the things that the industry has invented. They would be filthy rich ! Our government would then rob them.
they invented the visco-elastic foam we know use in everything we sleep on. Tempurpedic took the formula that NASA came up with and turned it into TEMPUR foam. They are making money hand over fist now.
How are you going to convince people who don't want you to find out fundamental truths about the universe because they clash with their fixed, fragile beliefs? What do yo do when such people get voted in to power?
One thing you could do is convince the economists that the only way they can have some resembling their system of infinite growth in a finite world is to leave it.
If NASA can explain the universe who would need holy books. Therefore who would need holy people to "explain" the holy books to the wealthy congregations...
We're still waiting on the Neutrino race results lol. But I completely agree. There's no reason to exclude any God from science. Pantheists (they themselves debate if it's a religion though) believe the universe IS God. But anyway.... I doubt if the funding cuts are due to any belief system of those in power. It probably just comes down to re-elections. Most Americans don't care about Nasa. Sad but true. So taking money from there and giving it to your electorate, then making a speech on how much you did for them gets you re-elected.
I have a questions!

How much has the Iraqi War cost us in the last 10 years?
How much would it cost to get to Mars?

Are the same or close?
I just looked it up.

Trip to Mars = 7 Billion
Iraq War so far = 1.285 Trillion

What does everyone think about that one?
+Hippie Butter One of our science leaders at Goddard last year put the cost in terms of International Space Station units - a made up figure that equates to the investment we've put into the ISS.

His assessment, if I remember it correctly, was about 37 ISS units - unless we make quantum-shift advancements in propulsion, materials, power, etc. (originally projected to cost $14 billion US - + other nation's contributions ...
If only money spent on war were to be used for space exploration, we would found the theory of everything.
how bout N.A.S.A. turns space over to the private sector like it should have done 30 years ago. yes this was the deal however uncle sam saw fit to again take money and a higher standard of living from us the american people.
all the jets and other awesome stuff we have now we could have had 15 years ago if the government just did its job and kept its cotton pickin fingers out of our money.

also welfare etc is really really bad for america
please don't take me to be a callous uncaring monster. i do care but government is not the answer
Ronald Reagan once said "Government exists to protect us from each other. Where government has gone beyond its limits is in deciding to protect us from ourselves."

it is not the governments prerogative to deal out our hard earned money to anyone else welfare and government provided health care IS KILLING this great nation. this is why there is charity

"The problem with socialism is that eventually you run out of other people's money to spend."-Margret Thatcher
+Beroiliger Mohrotar If NASA had turned over space to the private sector, we would have lost massive amounts of scientific research and new technologies, because space exploration is not something you make a profit on, unless the government is paying for it. NASA also inspires students to really participate in STEM education which is the key to Americas strategic position in the future.
Why doesn't the government invest the same percentage in private sector aerospace? If their goal is to privatize space why not make some return on it? Maybe they already do, please correct me if I'm wrong. (Oh and just for the record I think NASA's budget should be more than that)
The point I was attempting to make is that government should concern itself with outside threats and criminal activity inside our borders and that is it.
No involvement in anything else whatsoever
not space not gas not cars zip zilch nada none. they need to get their fingers out of my slice of the pie
and everyone else's for that matter.
Nerdfighteria and +NASA. Deacreasing mean world suck by increasing awesomeness. We need the William Herschel Telescope. It would be a gran milestone, and probably, like the HST, discover more then we could imagine. +Hank Green
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