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Mz Maau
Neon gods of pain, expert chibi necromancer liches, and Prince(sses) of Awkward live inside my head. Plus a little drunk man on a bench.
Neon gods of pain, expert chibi necromancer liches, and Prince(sses) of Awkward live inside my head. Plus a little drunk man on a bench.

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This, this is just amazing.
"In these videos, Mastanamma dispenses her culinary wisdom as others observe in awe. Flickers of her personal life, and the hardships she’s endured in the past century, occasionally make their way into her videos: She was married at 11, quickly became mother of five children (only one of whom survives today), and was widowed at age 22, never marrying again. Throughout this, she hasn't stopped cooking."

OK, adding this to my queue asap.

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Dave Matthews​ is flying us to SLC. Heh heh heh.

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Dear Universe:

Fuck off.
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#PSA - cartoonist for sale at CE, presumably going to the highest bidder, ask about the reserve before bidding though. :)
I'm Booth C04 in BMO bldg @ #calgaryexpo.
Drawing comics instead of sleeping or getting ready for the Calgary Expo later today. 

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Tribble (and yes, most cats) in a nutshell.

(Thanks, +Hari Bhanu​)

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I think this is a clear arguement​ for the superiority of boxer briefs. 

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Well then. This is dangerous. ;) ✌💖
I have a Shapeways storefront at where I sell 3D printed Jewelry. They print the items in wax, and then cast them in anything from steel to 18k gold!

It's mostly Ultima-themed pendants, but there's also unabashed pandering to the steampunk crowd, and a couple of Porcelain items.

More stuff coming soon.

(Photo Credit: Stile Teckel)


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Ella was a blessing to life in general, but her music has definitely been a major impact for me. I'm terribly glad she existed in a time I got to be exposed to her.
Today is Ella Fitzgerald's 100th birthday, and I had wanted to write up a post about her and how much she's meant to me -- not just as a musician, but as a kickass young woman who knew what she wanted in life and went out and made it happen.

But I've been busy with other projects and so I'll just remind you all of this great book I reviewed a while back. It's one of my favorite picture books I've read recently, and I think it perfectly captures the cadence of her life.

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Oh. ✌💖
(Click link below for recipe.)

It's such a perfectly gorgeous Spring day out there that sharing something light, healthful and refreshing seems fitting. :)


#cucumber #tomato #lemon #salad #recipes #eatmoreveg #cookpad

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Thanks, +Adam Boenig​. ✌💖
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