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The Ultimate Team, Project and Task Management Tool In the Cloud
The Ultimate Team, Project and Task Management Tool In the Cloud

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MyTeamPlan is project management software, built by project managers for project managers.

My Team Plan helps ensure that goals can be easily prioritized and tackled.

The software’s clutter-free design makes it easy to learn quickly and a pleasure to use. As managers work through their latest projects, they can easily give assignments to members of their team. Team members can then arrange their tasks physically according to the level of priority. This makes the question of “what should I do next?” a thing of the past.

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My Team Plan is designed with an easy-to-use interface that helps keep team members on top of individual tasks within any major project. With its navigable design and the ability to assign and track team member’s tasks, this software makes keeping track of the big picture simple. It is designed by Project Managers, for Project Managers, and is sure to become a staple of businesses big and small.

With features including document storage and a consolidated file index, communication becomes a breeze.
Project Managers can easily find any files they may need during the course of the project with the click of the mouse.

Whether you manage a team of three or thirty, My Team Plan has all the features you need to make handling even large projects a breeze. See the big picture by focusing on the individual pieces that lead to a project’s completion.
No more wasting time with long meetings and email threads. No more confusing group software or apps that jumble individual voices.

Now, you can share everything your team members need to know with this software that’s sure to change the nature of project management.
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