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Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scandinavia, UK, USA, Ireland, gay, LGBT, LGBTI, Denmark, Norway, Sweden
Australia, Ireland, New Zealand, Scandinavia, UK, USA, Ireland, gay, LGBT, LGBTI, Denmark, Norway, Sweden

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Dear Google,

We are writing to you since your team hiding behind no reply email addresses where the accused can't defend it self against your accusations. You don't explain your self just throws out accusations and we are tired of it.

We know that you have dark ages policy - we are bit tired to see your judgmental email with accusations with no explanations.

You got one moral policies for your self and completely different for not Google. We think you should live up to what you expect others to live up to and promise you - you have a long long long ride a head of you - before you can consider your self as purest of the all.

We wonder if your team are using their own prejudice to inflict on us. We don't want it.

Facebook has never ever contact us with the kind of stuff your team does - so if you don't want anyone to use Google + - just keep on doing what you doing - you are very good at it. If not your tone and behaviour needs to change fast. We call it common sense maybe you have hear about it before if not just Google it !

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Wiktoria with As I Lay Me Down and Jon Henrik Fjällgren feat. Aninia with "En värld full av strider (Eatneme gusnie jeenh dåaroeh)" went straight to the finals of the fourth race in Skellefteå.

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What's new on Dekkoo (February 2017)

Dekkoo highlights in February from Des/Esperando to Dropping the Soap in March.

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Trump’s Attack on Trans Students has International Impact

In the past 48 hours, the world was reminded in three gruesome incidents that transgender people are subjected to violence and discrimination every day.

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TLDEF Statement Regarding Removal of Federal Guidance That Protects Transgender Children

The Trump Administration has withdrawn two letters providing guidance to schools across the nation about transgender student protections under Title IX of the Education Amendments of 1972.

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Presidential Attack on Transgender Students “Shameful”

Yesterday, Victory Institute condemned the administration of Donald Trump for rescinding Department of Education and Department of Justice guidance protecting transgender students from discrimination in schools. In response, President & CEO Aisha C.…

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Astraea Denounces the Administration's Recent Actions and Targeting of Undocumented People

This Administration’s criminalisation of undocumented migrants is unconscionable.

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TLDEF Fights for Wrongfully Fired Professor at Fifth Circuit

Transgender Legal Defense & Education Fund has asked the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit to reconsider its dismissal of TLDEF’s appeal on behalf of an English Professor who was fired from from her teaching position on the basis of her sex.

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Today, this administration moved to rescind federal guidance barring discrimination against transgender students and ensuring they have access to the restroom consistent with their gender identity.

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Finland to Allow Same-Sex Marriage As of March 1, 2017

As of March 1, Finland will allow same-sex couples to marry, bringing to thirteen the number of European countries with marriage equality laws.
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