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Homeschool Record Keeping Made Easy
Homeschool Record Keeping Made Easy
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Let your young kids click "done" on the Planbook. Gives them a sense of #accomplishment #homeschool #tracking

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A Change In Lesson Plans – Part 5 – Complete Lessons By Certain Date

#Student login alerts auto-cleared once you update a lesson after they do. #saveTime #homeschoolorganization

The #calendar can filter by activity type (appointment, lesson, etc.). #familycalendar #homeschooling #tracking

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A Change In Lesson Plans – Part 4 – Working Ahead -   Real World Examples of Reschedule Tool in Action This is the fourth part in a multi-post series of blogs relating to the Reschedule Tool. As the blogs are released, their respective links will become active. Overview Sickness, Hospitalizations, and Other Unplanned Absences Miss One Day, Double Up on the Next Day Working Ahead Complete Lessons By Certain Date Creating a Gap   Working Ahead Sometimes our kids work way ahead in their lesson...

When multiple students have the same activity on the #calendar, the color will display as black. #homeschool #organization

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Great tips to accomplish your goals - Are you one of those people who resolves to lose that twenty pounds then quits after losing two? Or do you promise to organize your desk weekly and wind up cleaning it every six months? Do you finish the goals you set for yourself or do you fall short? The first question you need to ask yourself (if you wish to stop this trend) is “Why?” Why don’t you finish what you said you would? Once you find out the reason why, you can work better on tackling it. I...

Give your student responsibilities. Create a student login. Go to My Homeschool > Setup > Students. You can control their access too!

The #calendar can filter by student or activity! #homeschoolorganization #organize

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5 Great Tips To Remember When Planning Your School Year with Little Ones
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